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Indeed Tall Pinings Aways In Our World. Legends Tell Pines Treed. Tall Tales On Isles Oft. Of Yore Pines. Leaves Left Rightly Islanded On. One Ours Pine Island With 400. Mounds Islanded As Well. Well As Grounded In Mounded In Deeds. So Highly Compounded By Our So. Very Yore Datings Unmatchings. Matching Mounds + Pines Ends Beginnings. Herein.


Isle of Pines ends


ups with high Pines. Beginning one so Dual. Mystery

groundings in

Mounds Oft On Isle. Of Pines

Often Off


shored nearbys Pine Trees.?. Here well as there

on. Our named Yore Pine Isle. Kunie

now so called. Nomened Our Pinings so grows.?.

Araucaria cooki .?. Yore Pine Trees.?.


How.?. When so forth. Forthrightly Who

left Our Yore Pines. Treed here +

there on Isle. Pined.?.



See Botanically Pines physically be,..

from/are on. Nowhere.?.

seeings close at. Alls. All


otherswise Pines be standing many. Fathoms such

much aways. Means such incongrous so much

already. Readily

seen are those. These stands of Pines standing

on. Pine Isle thereof. They

stand in tall stands bordering.?./protecting.?.

many several Hundreds.?. earthbound-


Tumuli/Mounds/Lumps + earthy bumps.?. So


piled on Our Yore Pine. Isle. Mounds very many are very

ungravelike. Happily so looking like.?. Support Pillars.?. or

Platform/Foundational Cylinder/Pylons/Stones.?. Mounds

cored masonry that is. Is that


amongst Our Pines. Islanded

yores now doubled so backs too. Two fronting

Mysteries too. To confronts…


Pines + Mounds. Islanded



Our This Region: Oceania,.. islands of New

Caledonia, Pacifics. Specifics, south-western

areas. So in our world. Legends tell


notorious for these. Those Weatherly abrupt Cyclonics.

Tempests, Typhoons and these like + those not. So

well liked like Them. Natural disharmonies in

Disaster prone livings zones. Zoning past



in on Mounds too. To so breezily see many

there. Thereto thereof connections.?. with All

Unknowns oft. Of


The 400+ Mounds found = Scienced. Dates

so suggestive of Ice Age endings Holocene. Others

so say Pleistocene. Some late, early others.?. Plantings

Yores Our


Pine. Trees 120+ Feet Tall in heighted. Towering

In Essence This now Place. Times really grown

in Our World. Legends tell Planters

is totally tho’. Unknown. Unaccounted attributes. So with.?.


The Tumuli Mound Builders… so same.?. perhaps.?. in

Pined + Mounded

same told Deeds.?. Indeed mayhaps tall


Indeed Our Araucaria-cookii In Deeds. Yore Pines.


Pines.?. Mystery Mounds mores. Moreovers underlying

Mounds rightly left

on. This isolated Pined Island are so many. So

One. Mystery oft too. Of another 2.?. 400+


Mounds aka nomened Tumuli aka.?. Named

as havings a “…cement core…” made

long Yore Built as well. Well as Our Yores


Pine Trees, Concrete Core Mounds.

Cylindrical Cement Column Type. Structured

there mounded ups isle. Pined on


No Man is One. Island. Isle

of Pines. No Man’s too


Yores 11-13,000 Years. Ago.?.


has yet so. Explained how-to our Ancient. Pines +

much such 11-13,000 Year. Old Cement


Cylinder/Cores.!? So Islanded in our world. Legends

roundly imaged aboves. Belows so grounded

at Ours. Yores times, places end oft. Of placing.?. so.?.

Whats else.?. 11-13,000 Years ago.?. Going

arounds abouts these. Those Times, Places.?. So.?.

in our world legends THEN… tell so oft. Of such…

one much aboves Celestial


wreckings. Hitter visitings Comet also. All so then…

our young borne. Mountains born

during in our world below. So begins of Our last.



Age + Yore Atlantis… Endings so thus + now…

astronomical with one. New Moon


in deeds. In deeds hereto thento…

the end of that. Then Yore

Golden Age when Our Year = 360 Days

in our world. Legends tell tiltings Planetary so

overs mores. Moreovers underlying rightly so


now. Our Yearly dailies 365… + ¼ too. To


Inland Pinings Arounds Abouts Tumuli Ways. Islanded.


ups then here strandings. So next indeed on

our 26/1:

Quirky Quotes #27.