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Writing, spinning with Word-Play, telling Tales Tall, True. Is. What i, Shiro so, herein do. Try. Do try, to tell and pass on these of Our World. Legends from Our Ancient Ancestors. To You. Pt.1 For You now. Now for All. To read. My NDE Tales. Begins. At Careers END. I Dream of Ninja. That is in deed. This Tale. The Legend of Kunoichi Kawasaki, Shiro, Ninpo mix in. Within. Herein. Now. From i, Shiro. To You. There. Crashed Out. Begins.



Career. A vocation, calling and/or choice.

Work n Play. Both mixed in combo.


A Hope or Fancy, a Love, a Natural Talent, a Dream.

One or many. Choices therein, thereof as well. Well as

more than just a Job.

A Career.


With a Birthday fast approaching (…Nov. 25th…);

a Triple Treat of Posts will now. Ensue.

As an Intro, Background and Explanation of


the i, Shiro Persona. Within. For You.



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Ways to Share a lil’ more. Of this and that. That

which leads me to so writ.

Leads me to so thus and use.


Ways With Words.

A Career. 

Crashed Out

revealed. Herein. Now. As well. Well as only



Once i, Shiro, have ended so a Career.

Just Once. Only.


Once. When 39.

Once in 2002.


Just Once. Then.

Back then



as i, Shiro bounced, tumbled, rolled, many more than once

across this and that Roadways. Still and till, i hit that end. The Gutter.

The end

of the Road- still so called. -Ways. Hard. There. Laying still.


A minute or so. Later.

Having spent quite enough Times and Places. There. I


then stood up. To move on then and there. Back to

The Kunoichi.



sat back down. Again. Still. In

the Gutter. There. Though upon there now. Now too. To The Kunoichi

i drew. My Eyes. Just Eyes. All



else was starrily unfocused, lightly unreal,

a dark, patchy and smoky blur of kaleidoscope images

in this so scattered shifting recall

and my Memory. There. Still.


I sat. In the Gutter. Still there. Though slightly angled to

get that now so really important long View. Before me. Still. Now. Of

The Kunoichi Kawasaki.

Of the Real. What was Real


and before me. Then.

That was and is. An


end. Then. Also. To Life Dreams. A Career. Just now.

In the Gutter. There. Lay stilled. Then. In 2002. To



describe it so. Waxing and Writ sentimentally now. Now. Not

then. Then

as i sat. Still. I raved. Raved in side so raged, seethed,

tore strips out of me,






Even those Grand-Mothers. Who with Age so experienced of Life as a

Widow. Who

with only Memories. That remain. Who

have left in their Lives. Only a now empty Home. A now stalled stilled

Car. From and of

their Dream Lover. Now. Long Gone. Those. Those who still. Still


drive those stately and white Mercs. Unbending, so stalled. Then. Still. Till

that decision was and is made. That choice which so agreed in conflict.

With Mine.


That choice to show too. To realise the impossible. Impossibility of Two

objects. Sharing both Same Spaces and Times. That choice of


that and those unexpected movements. Back. Straight and too Fast. So

In Reverse,.. then too. To and though. Afore stalled. To,.. now,


over and so through. All over. In speed in deed. To

and through.


The Kunoichi.

The Kunoichi Kawasaki.


Over and through.


Now too. Still. To and fro on





The Kunoichi. Even She. I



so not spared.

The Rage.

This so red rant of Hows and Whys. Into that White She so Flew.

Into the White. Turning Red into that. Of Mind. Mine


of tragedy, anguish, despair.

Hopelessness. Without. Hope. A wrench in the Works. Of



That Hell. Within. Without clarity nor reason within,

afixing rage to Mind and Body. Within so. Without care of fine thought as

well. Well


as i, Shiro. So



raged, so in meandering mental madness of the how come, what

ifs and why nots. Coulds

and woulds. Not or be so. All so

bared and laid out. There. Hows and Whys. In that

and those Real. Ways.


With shattered and mis-shapen Helmet buckled, twisting so. In

my buckled, broken Hands. As Mind

twisted so too. To buckling in, giving in. Broken. Approaching

to that lack of Light. Real


and close to. To so approach that Dark Light,

those and these dark Ways of

bending and shaping Emotions mixed into Words so blackened,

strengthened into

deep and might that curse and rebound, resound within to reach. That

and those far reaching Inner depths, so far. Far gone. The

madness. Within. That Rage.


Of Being.

I was One. Then.


That raved.

At what i saw. In

the Real. Just.



Laying there.


The Kunoichi.

The Kunoichi Kawasaki.


Lay Bared.



With every bone… that i had so not bared nor broken. Joining in. Enjoying

that so futility. Of. Trying

to resist. To thus and so. Deny. Deny that. What i saw. Saw


before me. In

that and this, The Real. World of Highways and byways. That Road of Lost

Dreams. Dreams of that Boulevard. That Lay.




Kunoichi. Lay

bare. Bared



too. To and then. Now. To Ask. Of You.



To so and feel more than free. To Share.

That which You so do.


A Career,… A Job… just Work.?.

A Dream… or less than. That.


What is it… That You,.. besides WordPressing,

do so too.?. To



then. Now. What is so Writ. Herein as well. Well as this. The



Which is… then. Now. Therein. To be… as below. Soon. Pt.2

of the Birthday Triple. Treating


56 Questions. In Our World. Legends Let Loose.

Lay bared. In deed. Then.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Live Your Dreams.

Dare to bare. Thems

in deed.



Till next…


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.