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Updates In Our World. Legends Mapped Outs Tell Of Change. Changing Ice Age Too. To Our Not So Icy Age Ways. Means Maps Update Times, Places. This Admiral. That in Deed. Indeed Alls Hands Ons. Maps Herein. Your Maps. Of Yore. Updated Admirably.



Bys 1513.?. ish…


Surrounded arounds abouts. With Maps

so ex-Pirate, Adventurer. Now

Admiral Piri (Reis). So

pondered Means ‘n’ Ways.


Piri Ibn Haji Memmed.

The Title/Nomen Reis means. So Admiral.

So Updatings too. To

boot. Anew in the end. Since


At that End. Of an Ice Age. Ago



somewheres ‘tween 10-15,000 Years


of Yore. Our Landscape Features


Explored, Begins of Mapped Outs. Includings

New Polar Regions. So emerged over Times, Places

in Deeds. Indeed Poles so immersed. Ins Ice. Icy


Waste/Landscapes reshaped as. Else

wheres much so moved, raised. Such

as those


The Alps, The Himalayas. Mores. Moreovers




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unmapped Discoveries a menace too. To

Then Times,

Places… Maritime Mappings. So


Your Maps. Of Yore,

Updated Admirably

may so assist. There. Therein


Then Great Library/Caliphate Collection/Archives This

Admiral. So pondered


within. Upon Those Maps. So

held there. Thinking


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Ancient. Maps So Covers Much. Such Of The Known. World Then.


much ons The Original Maps for. Such


highly valued. He then

so mapped. Outs long of Yore. Thus


onto. Parchment of Gazelle Skin

Showing a Series of Coastlines

of amazing. Details in Deed. Indeed Admiral

Piri that is. Is that


so nomened. Begans well as. As well

thus joined, spliced, reconciled.  Update

Maps. Into 1. Map

Compile an Hopefully accurate up-to-date

per se. Worldly Atlas Updated


World Map… Current Edition.


Btw’s;.. (…1470-1554…) Piri went ons too. To

organise a Collection of some 210 Maps

known. As The Bahriye. Later years

become embroiled. Ins Geopolitics. Then


be later Executed. For Treason. Of Yore


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1/20 Section Off. Of The Piri Reis assembled. Map Of The World. 1513.



Global Tech. So… Say…

By The Early. 1500’s… ish…


were still quite oft ins. Scales Differing

mapped outs Versions

Perspectives requiring Conversions/Adaptions… MANY

Maps produced by Thens Times,

Places. Many Maritimes. Maritimers


Adventurers many well as. As well

Traders, Explorers, Treasure Fleets, Military


froms Alls. Overs Our World. Legends



Chinese, European, African, Indian. Mores. Moreovers

had contributed too. So with

Longitude, Latitude,

Speeds, Travel Distances Tech. So Improved


so. Maps. So

too. One from this. Admiral… So

eventually Collected/Archived within. The

Sultan’s Palace, Constantinople. Thus



Piri Reis amongst a growing group

going. Global

of Cartographers

Mapping Our World in


Our World. Legends Tell Others




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Our World Mappers Europeans 1500’s-

1800’s ish… include

so Nomens. Names so as:


Juan de la Cosa (1500)

Cantino (1502)

Caverio (c. 1505)

Ruysch (1507)

Waldseemüller and Ringmann (1507)

Piri Reis (1513)

Pietro Coppo  (1520)

Diogo Ribeiro (1527)

Mercator (1569)

Abraham Ortelius (1570)

Heinrich Bünting (1581)

Matteo Ricci (1602)

Hendrik Hondius (1630)

Nicolaes Visscher (1658)

Gerard van Schagen’s (1689)


Samuel Dunn’s (1794). So done


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wherebys Several Olden Maps contains similar. Details

of Coastlines.?. changed, moved, vanished… some

perhaps guessed ats or… imaginary.???… yet

in most Places, Times

accurate enough too. To show those other


Natural. Wonders, Wildlife

in The Real in Our World. Continental


Inland Features. That stand out. In

many now


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Timelessly Mapped. Maps Of Yore

Geography was only One. Aspect

by Your. Tireless Ancient Ancestors

Applied Knowledge, Artistry. So


well as shaping, sharing Our World.


Legends too

were oft. Put ons

those Maps Of Yore. Admired


In Next A to Z in Our World. Letter #O.


so there. So

Yours. So