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The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic In Our World Legends. Be So Writ Sans Ink. Herein The Letter. #I. Savings Private. Ink.


The Kraken moved so up. Quick, freely

down amongst. That so cold inky. Blackness

of the Depths There

in Deed. Indeed


in Our World. Legends of Deep Blue. Seas, Ocean

Waters foam. So white on Shore. Leave


then Wave so. On mores…. Moreovers…


ignoring greyed/colored Pencil Inners, Light

Story Tellings Aboves, so aside too. To So Writ


We Alls. Need.?.

…Needed This. Ink


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wheresoevers so writ. So Ink. Follows


usually. On Paper. Cloud

IOT etc Mod. Tech so variant. Applies


usually exempt. Of Ink. Offloaded, needed

not. So when

Savings Private Ink

Supplies so Unnecessary therein. Herein


Applying that. This Following in

Our World. Legends, Tales

Origins. Thereof




  • Ingredients so. Be as Dual+ sourced too


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befores being IOT. Blotted outs to Our World. Legends

Tell of Inks, Pigments written, drawn. With

afore many, those sands. Of Yore

Time, Places. Placing in Our Inks


oft mores. Moreovers so comprise. So Ink

comprises a Colorant/Pigment, Carrier. Fluid


and fine particles also. Mix. Mixes can so include

Carbon Lampblack, Saps/Gums.

Pine Oil, Tree Sap.

Tree Bark Water Soaked, Green Vitriol, Iron Sulphate


Tannic Acid, Iron Salt, Resins. Water

based Inks use a Compound. Humectant




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well as. As well ensure stops Drying outs. In

Mod. delicate Machinery/Printers such

Special Compound Mixes. So

apply. Applied


  • Arts, Trades, Crafts. Adverts mores. Moreovers

Ancient Elders, Scribes, Artists, Poets.


Leaders, Tattooists. Media, Braggarts


in Deeds. Indeed too. To so Writ, Draw.

Used Inks


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so well within. Our Earliest

Civilisations, Communities

far, wide in Our World. Legends

tell so. Writ


  • of Production. Ink Tradings enroute Globals


China, Egypt, Europe, India

so forth. Forthrightly Ink

can well as. As well so be Inked

made Invisible in Spying Ways. Means


left largely unmentioned almost. Unseen…


Quote #42 Quoted So. Next.


Yet, so. Inks in Deeds. Indeed


leave Marks

on Our World. Legends

So Writ, So

Told. Simply


Enjoy. The

absence so herein.