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In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #84. Yore So Big Of Our. Universe.


A Child: How Big.?. in that. This small voice-

A Parent: I told You,… more than a 1000 times…

arounds abouts 2000 Times…


How Big.?.

Our Universal Astronomy’s Solar System.?. Now

astronomically telescopically seen closer


also. All so largely expandings then extendings. Out

Universally furthered in Deeds. Indeed One. Hugely

systematic question so calculated rounded. Abouts

Sons and Daughters theoretically asking sized whats up.


How Big is This.?. That systematic


Distance. Our


piece of The Sky so high Space. Ours sectioned nomened

The Solar. System

named Distantly Numbered Alls overs.?. How Big.?. Our World




Legends System Solar. Tell such Matters Size matters. Sizing

Them then for Your. Lil’ Ones largely means comparatively.

Speakings those ways too. To go. With

much concerns ups. In such Matters Adding. Ups, down

in Higher

Mathematics, Sciences, Science Fiction. Study, School

well as. As well begins herein


Quirky Quotes Quaintly. Done

#84. Yore So Big Of Our.

Universe ending so ups. With

Nomens so named as Distant Measures. Measuring


Distance in inches/cm’s meaningless at these. Those far

scales so weighing ups mores. Moreovers underlying

true Mathematic. Calculations calculated ins miles/km’s

per se. Sayings so forth. Forthrightly left


Universally behinds applied upfront so become. Meaningless

well as. As well

very high. Skying skewed Numbers ups. High

in Space. Universes so further. Outs there

roll ons. Rolling Their Planets thereabouts arounds

so outs in. Spaces we nomen Space. Deep named


spacings, steppings outs Space is a lot of. Space

so distantly req’d for. Such closing Large Numbers out

There. Here



Science boffins and Calculators have great. Difficulty. Showing

ups so many

Numbers in that. Thus this need for those. These

speedier ways. Means


Astronomical Units of Measure in Deeds. Indeed

so applied. Applyings spaced outs Space now.

Overs the colossal distances so covered. Ups


with applicable ease too. To handle mammoths. Measures

also. All so

bys allotings our first Number One too. One to

that Spaced Distance so ‘tween

this Our World. Planet + that

Our Sun Times, Places too = One. One = Earth to

Sun. One Distance one learns abbrev’d


AU so thus = One = some Yore was approx.

93,000,000 Miles = 150,000,000 Km’s. Aways now = 1

Our First AU. Done AU. One Done Our Earth too. To Distance

of Our distant shiny. Orb,..


Our Sun = 1 AU. One away.



Ways proceeding means towards. Universally

into so leads onto. To now. Then

such belows much aboves. Numbers gamely samed

so calculated as comparitives. Comparing then

Distance Size

in Our World’s Solar System…


Our Mars so 1.5 AU from. Our Sun.

Our Planet Jupiter now = 5 AU ish Sizeish Distanced.

Pluto Our Most Distant Known Planet…

now = 39 AU

froms Our Sun. Yore


nomened Measure so was. 3.65 Billion Miles/5.9 Billion Km’s

= 3,650,000,000/5,900,000,000 = 39 now


AU. 39

So ‘tween Pluto. Sun

sums ups futher applied too. Applying further outs in



Distance to Our most. Distant System Solar

Spaces Object this. That objectively so nomened  Sedna


= now AU 960. One


simpler expanding Number Series for One. Solar

System Size = Diameter = 1920 AU

= 28,500,000,000 Km’s pre AU

in Our World. Legends Tell a belows thus


Summary: Of above Numbers Approx. Sorted. Numbered

Nomened in Astronomical Units: Thus this that approximates:


… AU 1 = Our Earth To Sun.

AU 1.5 = Our Mars To Sun.

AU 5 = Our Jupiter To Sun.

AU 39 = Our Pluto To Sun…

AU 960 = Most Distant Object To Sun.

AU 1920 = How Big System Solar


Diametrically. Typically then Sized. Ups now

How Big.?.

goes approx. 2000 Times.

Distance of Sun too. To Our World. Legends topically


… Mathematical Harmonic suggest 2160 perhaps closer too. To

All so mayhaps arounds abouts hereto. There also diametered

Our Solar System. Herein



radiatings itself times too. To

turn. Ups next thus so You. Facing +

Finding Pi Slices In Yore. Faces.