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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #O. Overs The Tops. Walk.


Morbid Obesity is an Eating. Art of excess. Portion

control remains uncontrolled. Uncontrollable

Allergies, Body System BreakDowns do. Exist,

persist. In SOME of Us too. To

bring Ons. Forms of Obesity. This. Is not


abouts that, Thems. At Alls. All Others

in the.

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Overs

The Top. Weight

of this.

The Letter. #O.

A... Walk-Thru’


Below. So shows.



In Our World. Legends

of the Sciences. So Tell. Tales

of Body Fats. So good, required, necessary. In

Moderations that is. That is Vital

well as. As well


growing. Ups in the 1960’s. In Australia. So

helped there. The control. Of Obesity.


As Children of Migrants. Then barely Adults

them. Selves. Self


oversFeeding was never. An issue. ‘Cept…

whens the Areas...

Local naturally grown per se. Say



Fruit/Nut Trees. So bloomed. Outs. Chewed also. Also

on Weeds, Grasses, Leaves, Cacti, Berries. Knowledge

in Our World. Legends of Caution, Check, Safety

gained off. Parents, Elders. Those Growers



Kicked Mushrooms. From their Place. Most Times

They’re a Lil Bluh. So Raw. Most Times-



We were. Poor. Walked everywhere,

arounds, abouts. Ups

downs. ‘Tweens too. To School, Friends,

Shops, Parks, Ovals. The Lake.

To where Our Lives. So led then. There


At Times, Places. We ran. Then walked. Mores.

Some had Bikes. Ride alongs the Ways. Means

lotsa’ circling backs to the Group. Fast, slow.


Many changes, ups.

Exercised HeavyOccasionally.

Only whens Req’d. Requirements




Climbed Trees, Ran ups. Down Hills as best could. Joined

Ins. Park Sports, Bat, Balls. Our Weapons of choice. One

of my Brothers. Younger. Took a Cricket Bat too. To

the CheekBones. When Wicket-Keeping also. Too


close. To be Sleeping like babes. That Night.


Stitched Ups. Back again. The next Day

well as. As well

again mores. Play, Times. Places



explored, Our Exercise. Our

Metabolism sky high. We too. High

on Life, Oxygenated

Shore Winds, Forest Trails and yonder

Hills. Where we. So


walked in Our World. Legends Tell. Nature’s

Tales, Tails

of Creatures so glimpsed, chased. Rarely

caught. Out

of Breath we Breathe. Go Ons. Going


on about Obesity. Nowadays. There so

Processing. Many Foody Factors. So too. To

blame. Society, LifeStyles. So

seems Science


Links to Depression, Loneliness. Low

Self-esteem. Mores. Such- Dis of ease.


Start Young, endure.

Motivation, persistence. Those

Keys. There. Herein



Our Bodies… may not yets. Be Temples. Yet our-

even Yours.


Houses of Skin, Bones. Need a firmly

flexible Foundation.

Day by Days. Brick bys Brick. Walk

One steps. At Times, Places. Will


soon lead. To Mores than enough

too. To


Live Thems. Dreams of Yours.

Simply Enjoyed. So