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The Classics in Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Of Yore. A New Ongoing Series. Daily. One. On those ‘tween Days of the Usual every 3rd Day Post Schedule. Short n Sharp Info Bytes. Sweets or Others Wise. Classics. All. #23 Movie Lore. Broke. The Law.


Herein. As Belows. Shows

Dedications. To One too. To

My Daughter as well. Well as

Alls. Those who are Fans. Of Actor.


Johnny Depp.


Wherebys, Trivia. Shows

Movie Lore Broke. The Law.


Of Yore. A Lil’.


Simply Entertaining. To Entertain

The Almost. Daily

Random Classic #23.

With such

Flights. Of fancy. Fancy


Characters of such shallow Depths. Of

Character. Are

common. Commonly



portrayed. So greatly. Johnny

Depp in those Pirates of the Caribbean

Series. Of Movies. Fans Trivialise not. His


Character. The Captain Jack. Sparrow. But

who so. So knows also. Also


That flighty fervent Character. Fanly. So

based. Not so trivially. Ons.?. The nomen

Jack, Sparrow.?.. There




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find stonily in History. In Our World. Legends

of Crime, subsequent. Incarcerations.

On that. Rock.


The Rock.

So nick-nomened. There.

Alcatraz. Island thereof. There


a Prison par excellence per se.

Said to be.

Built. To keep. Prisoners. There

as well. Well as


Escapes.?. Escapes from There.?. To

where.?. So few in deed. Indeed

even that. One


Jack, Sparrow. So was there. Caught


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Upon that. Rock. There as well. Well as

The Rock.

That Rock. Which bore. That

Prisoner Captive. The BirdMan of Alcatraz


so nomened. The BirdMan in Our World. Legends

Tell. Tales of Isolation, Solitaired. Alone. Upon

That. Rock There. The Rock. That


bore captive. To a long bored Captive. Who.

Thus so. Caught. So Captured. That

First. Bird. There. Then


Turning Wild into Company. The CompanionShips.

Of Captureds. Captives. Man, Bird. A



Sparrow. Jack

so called. So Captured and Nomened

By That. Otherswise Captive. The

BirdMan. Himself. His First. There

too. To thereof


That Rock. So there then. Then now


…For those. Interested. Of thereof. Of such

Actor. Trivia. Much

During this. Seek and Search. Herein

Of Their. Characters. Developments. In

The Real. World. Worldly


Johnny Depp. Marilyn (…Brian Hugh Warner...) Manson.


Are Good Friends’s. Pals in Our World also. Also

In Our World, Legends of an Actor.

Johnny, also Owns. A VineYard. In Our World



Legends. So Tell. That. Therein. No

Flights of. Fancy That. There. Thus

You too. To


Act Outs. Those Dreams.


In The Real. In Our World.




So Live. Theirs.