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Nature provides expressions of Life for all environs.The size and nature of the Waters on Earth ensures a wide variety therein. Our World Legends of the Sciences and Underwater Photography go deep indeed to bring these out of the Blue. Peculiar shapes and forms bringing Life even in the dimmest depths. Join Shiro in a seek and search that dives deep to bring back… these pics. Deep Sea Creatures. The Slide-shows.


Whilst contemplating research into Blindness and the

applicable Martial Arts Training Methods (…=click=…)

that NINPO Students can utilise,..


…the idea of Life in Darkness was brought to… light.

Our Deep Blue Seas and Oceans atypical (click).


Though comprising some 60+% of our Earth’s Living Spaces

the Sunlight cannot illuminate such depths.

Light dims dramatically after some 200 mtrs and is gone by


Conditions of Pressure, Temperature and Sustenance vary

greatly there (click).


Hazards to Life indeed it seems.




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Yet producing an environ quite capable of supporting a myriad of Life-forms;..

… even those evanescent…


Creatures Of The Deep Blue.

The Slide-shows…

… will showcase a few;..

…of those in the Deep and Dark… Blue.


Such as this and these…


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The vast majority of the Marine Life is in the upper zone…

the photic…

…where the Light is… too.

Light and accompanying food sources control the distribution

of said Life.


The Marine Creatures that live and foray in the deepest

reaches have and present remarkable features (click).

Illuminescence, reduced Mass and peculiar body structures,

slow growth and metabolism, long feelers, teeth, jaw

and so on (click).

Long Lived… too it seems.


Very large sized Predators are practically non-existent.

The Food-chain here will not support such.


Reproduction an issue… too.

Suitable mates are oft… unseen in such waters.

Several deep-sea fish,.. such as the Tripod or Lizard develop both

sexed Organs for self impregnation/fertilisation… if so required.


Life… goes on… deep in this deep indeed.



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A rich and diverse series of Life-forms has become the norm.

Even in the watery deep blue.

For many years we knew not.


The advent of Technology to penetrate such darkness has been

a boon for discovery.


Millions of Life-forms known of… and still counting…

Mother Nature indeed,.. in deed and in fact… too.

Herein also.


The Deep Blue.



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Till next…


Art of the Deep… Blue.