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Well Yore In Our World. Legends Tell Sharply Oft. Of Great Pointings Sharp. Points In Deeds Too. To Our Legendary Look At Our Yore Japans Smithing Ways. Means Mastersmith Masazane’s Great Spears Get One Plus. Plus One Sword That Is. That Is This Part Indeed. In Deeds Two Of One Masters. Works That So Worked. Well. Great.


Sword + Spears. Greatly


therein points be. Sparingly

Yore Part One. To 3 Great Spears. Our Japan.

Yore Part Two. Now sharply



Our One Plus Sword

so begins. Ending ups so Our Yore

MasterSmith Masazane Fujiwara

was more than. Nomened masterly

one Great. Spear Maker. Making namely

one Great Trio GreatSpears + Our


The Boar-Cutter. The

Sword Inokiri. In deeds


Sword + Spears.. Sword + that. This B. Spears. Great.



Travels, Travails. Tragedies + Trials

by Fire so oft. Of Our Yore Swords so retold. So


much such finely. Wrought Blacksmith manufactures +

Historical importance. Pieces so undone. Done

a lots by Fires some. 75+ Lost Swords overs

Our Times, Places. Placings

listed in one Our Annals/Chronicles well as. As well


noted in Our The Kyoho this includes

Swords that. So were overs 1000 Years oft. Of Agings

that is. That is


75+ Lost into. To only be Our World. Legends. Legends


tell exciting. Tales of Boaring tail ends. One beginnings




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so tell MasterSmith Masazane traveled oft. Of +

when in Training. Apprenticeships + Study

of Blacksmithing Arts. Kyoto, Nara, Yoshida. Odawara +

Edo alongs arounds abouts. Japans easterly sides. Aside


Travelings with Other Mastersmiths as well. Well as

Eisho Master Heianjo Nagayoshi 平安城長吉 so forth. Forthrightly

left Times, Places much. Such


in the Ise. Province workings to experience gather. Together

with renowned Master-Smith Muramasa 村正. Furthermores


In Deeds Sword. Works By Muramasa. MasterSmith Indeed.


one ruler of the near-bys coast-based. Castle Yoshida, One

酒井忠次 Sakai Tadatsugu (…1527-96…) who was. So One

oft. Of Our The Four. Tokugawa Guardians 徳川四天王

was not so now. One

wildly bored. One Wild Boar


barred His. Path. Passing

such unwanted attentions as Tusks. So

flayed arounds abouts required a lil’. More. Moreovers

undergrowth overgrown allowed only a lil’. Swinging

room for defensive Weaponry here. There Our Castellan

unerringly swept His latest Masazane. Sword

sweeping Boar well aways. Means ways


one, well worked Blade so worked well. Well

done in deeds. Indeed


Indeed Masazane’s Mastersmithings Works. Worked Well In Deeds.


wildly Our Boar ended. Ups so well done also. All so

agreed plated so well. Aboves Tale belows imaged

too. To see


Done well,?. Well done

Boar steak-

so yes please.!. Pleased


Worked Well. Well Done.


in appreciations Our Castled Chief oft. Of

The Castle Ise Provinced there. There chose

a wild. New unboring

nomen for His. New Boaring

Slicer of fame.


Famously named now + hence. Forth

so Our 猪切 = Inoshishi-giri =


Inokiri = the Boar. Cutter of Masazane. One name


that is. Is that now engraved on. This Sword/Blade Tang

or handle to commemorate that is. This on Our Boaring Wild

Event. Eventually


Our Inokiri. Yore Mastersmiths Masazane’s. Masterpiece Cutter Oft. Of Boars.


In Our World. Legends tell so

for those. These with an moreish not boreish

interest topically. One

Mod. Reprint of


The Kyoho Meibutsu Cho

is so within found. In Token Meibutsu Cho 刀剣名物帳

bys Tsujimoto Tadao… 1970. Thus



next so hammering pointings in. Out on 22/9:

Quirky Quotes #9.