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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #I. Ifrit. A Genie No Bottle. Bottles Ups.


In Our World. Legends Tell so Tales

that Ifrit’s World. Is on Fire. Fiery

Ifrit well known to those. Gamers Of

that Final Fantasy. Series. Seriously


know this One. One Special Attacker

in Deed. Indeed nomened after that.

Djinn (Genie) King. The


Djinn Ifrit. Fire Elemental

Master. Thereof. Therein


Created Bys. Divine Smokeless Fire. Herein


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The Djinn are of. Those Fallen Rebel Angels.

Named Others Places, Times

as Tengu, Watchers, Phoenix, Omyang, Garuda

Fire-Bird, Nefilim, Moth-man so


forth. Forthrightly Mutant Winged Beings. Being

One. Such. Much Control

of Elemental Fire. Ifrit so has. Having

been considered malevolent with Lil’. Mercy

too. To those Souls. Unbalanced. Balancing


Elemental Fire

within. The Meditational Cave. Of Fire.


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Fire accepting with no. Despair there. There so

in Deed. Indeed becomings this. That Fire so Self. Self

immolating within. No harms done. Doing such

The Elemental Fire encompasses much. Mores. Than


the Physical Burn. Flames of yearnings,

desires. For Alls that so. Consumes

You. Ifrit also. Also


with acceptance that You. Are. One

All One with All that is. Is that

acceptance of Good, Evil. Within Alls. Of

Us. Alls.


The capacities within Mind. Yours, Mine, Ifrits

is simple. Choice. Yours there. Therein

too. To Fire Ups. Inner Wisdoms. Wise

King. Solomon commanded Ifrit too. To


fetch and carry. Backs this. That Throne of

that. Queen of Sheba. Of Yore that be. Then


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Prayer intervened and did. That Act. First

in Our World. Legends so Tell. Tales

that afters Our Ending has begun. The Ifrit

will still. Remain. Eternal Elemental


Fires. Burnt Outs. Not at alls

in deed. Indeed

with such as HollyWoods assistance,

insertions. Inserting Thems into. To Our

World. Legends of Movie Styled Entertrainments…

(...NO… Mispellings. There...).


Entertaining Ideas of

The Ifrit.


many. Much fired ups. Within that. This



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so compounded bys. The ambiguity

of Original Sources as too. To

the exact meanings. Of The

Nomen. Ifrit


in Our World. Legends so Tell. Born

Fore borne. Longs afore. Us.

The Nomen Ifrit simply. Means...


Strong One… One

with many in Deed. Indeed

Powers of Strength, Sureness,

Quickness. Invisibility

as well. Well as...


Does Fire so too. To

be in Our World. Legends

so be. So Fiery well as. As well


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White-Horned Black-Skinned King-of-the-Djinns. Note the… Winged Tengu and Wisdom Serpent in background in Deed.


Fired Aboves. Was So Unbottled

as Belows:

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Ifrit. A

Genie No Bottle. Bottles


The Letter. #I. Ifrit Of The. Inferno


in Our World. Legends

of those


Elemental Eternals. Divine.