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An Article written in Response to the Socialist Party of Australia.

I was reading an article today on the Socialist Party website of the above title, and in particular the subtitle was what grabbed me: “Why is there sympathy for those fleeing Syria but contempt for refugees on Nauru?While they expose rightly the misuse of the current refugee crisis for political ends on the part of both of our major political parties, they make the mistake of accepting an incorrect concept of what true NAT is. Thus it goes on to state,

Nationalism cannot resolve the root causes of the economic and social problems faced by working class people. The capitalist system operates to enrich a tiny, wealthy elite by exploiting ordinary people and creating divisions using nationalism and racism.” (Socialist Party of Australia, Feb 5 2016)

This is where I beg to differ. What has been dubbed “nationalism” is essentially “identitarian politics” at its worst, a divisive cancer to our people, actually the very antithesis of true nationalism. True Nationalism is the furthest thing from divisive. Under the banner of the Southern Cross, a traditional Australian revolutionary symbol, I seek those who wish to stand for a unified Australia, a land where nobility is the goal regardless of where you have come from. Such a false version of “nationalism” as Reclaim Australia plays on people’s fears, as similar movements have done in our nation’s past.

First, it marries the concepts of nationalism with capitalism, which to be honest could not be the furthest thing from the truth. Capitalism is increasingly being expose for it globalistic orientation, essentially being a system by which the international bankers can keep everybody hood-winked to what is of true value, and instead keeping people convinced that their worthless, debt-based currency created out of thin air is the only means of trade. They control the international market, telling people whose currency is of greater value than others, maintaining a pecking order that works for the ultimate exploitation of both the “oppressed” and the “oppressor”.

Also it presumes that the root causes of the economic and social problems are faced only by the working classes, thus creating another divisive element – ultimately being no different to the racist “nationalist.” (This is a pit fall that genuine socialism can fall into – causing people to become enamoured with their own “class” issues, whereas genuine socialism should bring benefit to all citizens. A false kind of “socialism” can essentially plays on a similar egoistic fear that the false “nationalism” plays on, creating division and discontent. Whereas such “socialism” promotes class war and asserts that people should feel united with workers internationally rather than their fellow national citizens, the truth is that there doesn’t need to be division between workers and employers if they are all working for the same goal and everybody’s needs are being met (which is possible).

A true nationalist solution to these problems actually cuts to the root of economic and social problems in a way that benefits all – both the worker and the employer, both the farmer and the one who feeds from his labours, the manufacturer and the one who benefits from his goods.This is genuine nationalism.

A True Nationalist’s Approach to Asylum Seekers

Having covered the issue of a false conception of nationalism, let’s now address the refugee crisis. The Socialist Party here rightly exposes the use of the refugee issue as a means for propagating fear and insecurity, thus causing people to cling to those who promise them protection from their fears. There are countless examples in the media, both here and abroad, where such a picture has been graphically forced upon the masses. Meanwhile, the same powers that own the media are cutting underhanded deals internationally to essentially sell the soul of our nation into the hands of international corporate powers. “Bread and circus” have always been a key means of the pacifying and control of the public, and for now the circus has turned to a gladiatorial contest, where innocent refugees seeking asylum have been thrown to the lions in the name of manipulating people through fear and blinding them to the real threat to our national security.

Murdoch’s Manufactured Bigotry in Australia


“By posing the refugee issue as a border control issue the government has been able to whip up fear about “illegal arrivals” and rehash old tropes of immigrants flooding into the country. This serves to demonise some of the world’s most desperate people and manipulates the local population into believing refugees are a threat.”

“Both major parties now claim that keeping out refugees is about keeping Australians safe from terrorism, preventing public services from being overwhelmed and protecting ‘Australian values’. This nationalist approach helps politicians justify draconian border controls and the brutal treatment of refugees.”

These fear-mongering, divisive movements as the very opposite of nationalism and actually an enemy to the genuine spirit of our nation:

“The idea that Australians are being ‘dispossessed’ by greedy, queue jumping, unworthy refugees is false, but powerful. By creating an enemy out of the victims (refugees), and a hero out of the perpetrators (the bosses and their acolytes in the media and parliament), people direct their fear and anger over diminishing standards of living at the wrong people.

“The same nationalism used to whip up fear and hatred of refugees is used to build support for waging the wars overseas that create refugees. It is incredible the extent to which both major parties have been able to erase their own role in and responsibility for creating the conditions most refugees are fleeing.”

We do not believe that nationalism means that we will support international war profiteering, especially seeing as the ones who profit from it are mostly multinational corporations who care nothing for human lives and only for making more money out of nothing.

As far as the refugee crisis, we believe that rather than engaging in a welfare mentality that would be taxing upon our citizens, we must rather take account of our labour capacity. There is much work to be done, and anybody who is willing to put their shoulder to the work is welcome to join us. This is the principle of “positive asylum,” which allowsempathy to be exercised both towards the asylum seeker and to our people.

The Australian Freedom Party exercises a genuine nationalism – a genuine revolutionary zeal directed towards exposing and dealing with the root causes of our economic and social problems in our nation.

Let’s stand together as Australians!