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Spiraling High Aboves In Our World. Legends Twist Told Down. Belows , Ups We Look Too. To The Heavens To See. Spires. Churched Ups. Capstones Perched Ups Well As. As Well Outs. Of Inspired Control.


Carried loftily, They attain great heights.

Perched on high. Oft the Highest Point

of View

Closest too. To that In Our World. Legends

Nomened The Heavens. Our Skies. Aboves


atop majestic structures of Stone belows. They sit

atop verily the Cathedrals grandiose and

small well as. As well

These, the


Spires. Spiraling

Energy. Divine


or Otherswise in deed. Indeed


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so resemblings. Those

Lightning. Conductors. Currently


some. So have Pointers, Directionals

Weather Vanes, Symbols. Symbolically

the Link. So ‘tween Our World. The


Heavens too. To Symbolically

represent higher Aspirations,

Ideals. Dreams so

brought forth. Created


Lightning may wells so be. Powered

Ups that

same Ways. Means Belows


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of Yore by careful. Crafting

into Shape. So appropriate

That Arks of Covenant. So carried

by Wooden Poles.


Non-Conductive. Material

of Our World. Legends

so passed. Past

Scribings declare many.

Stray emanations off. Of this Device.


Records add That Empire. Of Yore,

The Egyptians as a Lighting

Earlier User and Tech Holder thereof. The

Source Mother Nature spiraling


energetically Natural Electricity. So Downs. Aboves


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the main Building.

Spires are Capstones

per se.

Yet not Alls so created. Equal. Inequal


Stresses, Weathering, Forces variations. Variety

of Materials esp. Wood which can

bend. Break well as. As well

In Our World. Legends


tell Tales. Of Spires so Twistings. Ins

Spired Outs


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of Masonry Control. Controlling

and maintenance of such

Warping issues. A

specialisation it seems. Seemingly


Renovations in Deed. Indeed

have lil’. Effect. Effectively

Nature, Natures of;

taking the Architects/Designers

creative applications for its Own.


Design. Destinations


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alls over Our World. Legends

cite Cities by the many. Many

Church Spires spiraling in twists. Twisted


Masonry, Wood. So under pressure. Pressured

into too. To bend around abouts ways. Means


so spiraling such Energy. Divine. Belows


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Post. So Next After Those

A To Z/Quirky Quote. So Go By:

Spec. Ops In Our World. Legends.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…