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Giants in Our World. Legends. Of Yore, Hugely so Tell. Tales. Herein. Ancient Japan. Another. Big Drinker. Tested. Bested. Smashed. In Two. Parts. Part One. One Giant. Drunk. photocredit/thanks:joeleriksson


Shutendōji kept Drinking. That so Alcoholised.


酒呑童子物語Shutendōji Monogatari.

A Big. Drinker was He. Big as well. Well as

a huge Habit. Now. Then long. An Addiction. A

Giant among Men too. To His large. Ears. So

Lil’ could persuade. Him


Otherwise. Others, wise enough. Knew enough.




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Enough Drinking of such leads to fun,

Merry Mirth. Mores. Then...


leads to Issues. More, Many. Many humorless.

Senseless Acts. Lay behind. This Giant. And that

Drinker. Indeed Many in Deed. So harmed. Harms


His Ways. Means Peaceful. Day, Night.

Could not so

be attained. At Alls. Justice. Was

not prevailing. A Giant...


went Anywheres.  So Wanted. Wanted

soon enough. Was He too. To,


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for a Range. Of Crimes. Benign were few. Many

were… simply massacred. Wise Men... Had. Had

ENOUGH. A Few Brave Men. So Ups


and stepped. Tough, Martial Men. Men

Wise in these Arts. Of War. Self-Defense.


Mores. Weapons... would also. Also



be. So required. To Slay.

This Giant. That

Monster Cutter. Of Yore

was, is. So made. Back then. Then

as oft. Now. For


This Giant. Had a Crew.

Support, Followers.


Of Ruffians, Thieves, Crims of many

ill-gotten designs. Five Groups led by

greatly desperate Men. 5. Alls with designs

of their own. For greatness, Theirs. To

prevail. Such goings onto. Ons.

Arounds, Abouts. These Times, Places.


Of Yore. Japan.


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T’was, the 9th Century. Times,

Places were hard. So

Japan. Of Yore.


Master SwordSmith


Amakuni Yasutsuna, of Hōki Province. Was also Hard.

At Work that is. That is on One Plan. Planning

a Making. That is

of One Sword. Of


a New Elemental Design. Designed

LARGER than Norm. Greatly

for these. Those Not so normal

Times. Of Foes...


LARGER than. Life, normal. Back then. Then



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a Sword of unequal length. More Cutting Blade. More

Sharpened mass. Mass Destruction, GIANT-

sized thereof. Therein His ForgeShop He

so toiled. Toiled

hard, well as. As well He could. Till


Alls. Was so done. When done so a

Home. So Found. Finding

a small

Room. A Local Temple. So deposited. In

There. This cutting


Giant Sword.

Yasutsuna knew, even then. Then,

that was just a matter. Of


those Times, Places. Of Yore. To



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Awaiting The Heroes. With Giant Killing.

Abilities. Qualities…


(...For those of an Interest: Aboves. Belows. In

The Mains. So vis Writ In Our World. Legends

of Shutendōji from The Ōeyama Ekotoba

(大江山絵詞, Illustrated Story on Mt. Ōe), of

the Nanbokuchō

period (1336-1392). Now preserved in

The Itsuō Museum

(逸翁美術館, Ikeda, Ōsaka Prefecture, Japan.)



so lacking. Then. Now,

Robbers, Thieves thick, HighWays-Men

terrorised the Japanese CountrySides. Ways,

Means had to be cleared. Martially.

The Emperor


So Decreed. Imperialistically affirming too.




Big Numbers. Big.


Too many Crimes, Complaints, Curses. Had

so risen. Rising

Ups. Against such a total Tyranny. Of giant

portions. Of Terror. Terribly,

suitably terrified. The Emperor. Agreed

too. That. To


A Hero Team.

Those Giant Killers. Needed in these

Times, Places. To be so found. Found


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soon enough in Deed. Indeed

amongst. His Many Men. Martial. Back

Then. Then


As these Five Men. So walked the Path. So

opened. Sure stepped. On a Mission. Decreed

From King, Country per se. So

seems. Seemingly


a very. Martial Team. Therein.

Minamoto no Yorimitsu 源頼光

AND The Four Generals of The Shitennō 四天王.

Sakata no Kintoki 坂田公時,

Watanabe no Tsuna 渡辺綱,

Urabe no Suetake 卜部季武 and Usui Sadamitsu 碓井貞光.



So walked.

Of Yore too. To

Ōeyama. Walked. Martially. So

that Temple. Had to be. Passed. Alongs

those Ways. Means Plans falling. Into Place.


Just in Time. For that Meeting. Then. Then

Fujiwara no Yasumasa 藤原保昌

so joined. Ins.

With Them. So Six. So walked. Now.


To that Temple. Alongs those Ways. Means

too three. Others. So waited. There. Mission

support bound as well. Well as

Supply. Of Items. Three more. Men

as well. Well as. Now. Which was then.




So then Nine. Martial Men.

Had and have. So walked. There.


To Ōeyama. Of Yore. On a Mission. So

decreed. Imperially. Yorimitsu eagerly

grasped. As if. Was Alls. A Dream. In

a small room. That Templed

Blade. Giant sized.


Of SwordMasterSmith Yasutsuna. Mentioned

afore. Herein. Aboves. That GIANT Blade.

Belows the Temples arching Roofs. Housing

This. That Work so. Yet to come. Coming


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across those wise in Supply too. The Three

Men. So

gave. Three

Things. To them. Six. Vital survival. Necessities,



Three. For the Six. That had so. Walked back. Then.


A Helmet. For the wielder. Of The Blade.

Giant sized.

A Rope. To so and then. Bind that. Seized

Sized Giant.

A Special Brew. Headless Wine. Also

Giant sized


Portion thereof. Therein. Supply so

then departed. They. Those three so

wise. In Supply. So



Six. Then left. Rightly

still walked. On.

To Ōeyama. There. Then

soon enough. To be There

in Deed. Indeed in


The Giant’s Lair. House.


retreat. Place. Placed as Guests


by minions, servants supporting. That Giant.

Invited to partake. Banquet on that is. That of

this Eves. Entertainment. There. Giant’s

Lair. Within.


Where soon enough. Enough was being

drunk. Giant sized. So drunk. By that

Giant. Of Decree. Imperial. Shutendōji.



That He became quite ageeable. Agreed

He was even thirstier. Thirst perhaps quenched

by a Guests... Special Brew.?. in

Deed. Indeed


Special enough. Soon enough. Even Giants

become. Stupefied, sedated. Uncoordination

apparently follows. Soon enough. After that so


Special Brew. After that well as. As well



A Plan. Unfolded.

Then. The Giant and 5 Crew. Had

lots to do. But could do lil’ too. To stop a Six plan

unfold. Unfolding Rope and Sword. Heads

soon flew. Well Shutendojis mainly. Across

the Guest Room. Floor. So flew. Off


That imperial decreed. Giants. Shoulders. Headless

brew in deed. Indeed as each of the six

planned moves. Unfolded. Giant and 5

Crew. Outmatched. Even numbered. Drunk

as. Out moved. Outdone. Done. In.


The Giant’s. That Guest Room

then. Now


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in Our World. Legends so tell

Tales. How, what and whys-

that. This Sword

got its nick-nomen Dōjigiri



Nomen Meanings “…Dōji Cutter…” or “…Dōji Slayer…”.

Thus the Giant/Monster Cutter. So titled. Herein.


Designated as a National Treasure;.. Japan. The


Kokuhō, 国宝 Attributed as The Dōjigiri-Yasutsuna. As

a Blade. Some 80cm in length,

a curvature of some 2.75.

From a SwordMasterSmith. Of Yore. Aboves,


Belows. Images shows. Herein. In


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The Giant Cutter… The Dōjigiri.


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Next… Posted. Ups so is: Part Two too. How To.


That Swords. Giant Trail Tales.

A Legendary. GIANT Sword: Thru’.

History. Herstory as well. Well as:


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till Next…