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Featured Image A Lightly Snowy/Icy Dew Covered Raspberry Plant Branch Full Of Growing Fruits.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z Too. To Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Fantastic in Our World. Legends So Ripe Grow Herein. The Letter. #R. Yore Sweet Sounds. Our Raspberry.


This Mountain was so covered with The Fruits. Of Nature’s

bounty. Bounding rains Seasonally now gone. The Greens

soon had in Deed cascaded into. To Rainbows of Color so

as ripenings, flowerings. Grew All so

Symbolically overs indeed. This Mount,


Mount Ida so readily regular grew. Grecian Spring’s

Cool n Temperate. Zones,

Times, Places.

Such that Those of Yore. Our Divined Mount

Olympus brethren, so bound. Soon came


too. To The Nymph Goddess Ida‘s Domain. Dominating


Featured Topic Image A Branch Of A Raspberry Plant With Fruit At Different Stages Of Ripeness Showing Differing Colorations.


this Mount. Of Ida’s, Greenery were Berries. Evens The

White Flowered.


Raspberry Red. Thus this Rubus idaeus.

These Gods, Goddesses forsooth


so Hunger, called. Out


Featured Topic Image A Lone Raspberry Red Ripe Amongst The Greenery Of The Plant.




standings Music. Those

so musical inclined

Raspberries, The Band. So Played well as. As well

… A Hit Record… mores. Moreovers

understanding their Lyrics easily sayeth

i, Shiro. Classic

RocknRoll in Deed. Indeed herein


A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth.

Begins of

Yore Sweet Sounds. Our Raspberry




Featured Topic Image A Lone Raspberry Toothpick Skewered Plunged Into Water Quickly Bubbling Around.


Symbolically colored for Sacrifice. These

Colors, Greens, White then Red. Berries

from Domains of A Divine Nymph. Gods, Music,


…and a so put down Sound so forth. Forthrightly

left Raspberries in Our World. Legends

Tell Yums Tastings whens so. Mixed within

Chocolate. Ripe


Berries so bolstered, augmented. Those

in Our World Legends so

ornamented. Divinities of Yore. Their Diet

mounting ups such godly amounts of Goodness

within. With much

Vitamins, Minerals, Fibres, Antioxidants. High

in sweet tart Waters. Whilst

Low Calories galores so gather inside. Aboves

Mt. Ida’s Foothills. Stepped outs

those Yore Divined. Our Grecian


Gods, Goddesses + co. Berry Huntings

‘n’ Gatherings in Deed. Indeed


Featured Topic Image Of A Plate With A Pancake Raspberry Adorned Being Covered In Honey From A Wood Roller Implement.


Featured Topic Image Of Fruit Iceblocks Raspberry And Kiwi Fruit With Several Raspberries And Plant Leaves Around.


much of The Red Raspberry. Plant,

a Member of Btw The Rose. Family

such has inner added Benefits. Herbally

tender Leaves Aid. Conditions tendered of

Menstruation, Childbirth, Diarrhoea mores. Moreovers


under these Weather Symptoms of Colds, Fevers, Sore


so forth. Forthrightly left so eased. Easing

Agricultural demand on this that is. Is that

Rose-Leaf Raspberry. The R.


Rosifolius or R. Cissoides oft substituted. Now


Featured Topic Image Of A Glass Full Of Raspberry Drink With Several Raspberry, Lemon And Lime Fruit/Plant Pieces Adorning.


so sounding herein. Outs

The Raspberry. Berry


of Yore Gods Divined well as. As well

Ours so next so is #53 Quirked Quote.