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How Much In Such Our World. Legends Tell So Can One Or. Two Poles Bear So Bare So. Bearing Gravity Borne Poles. Gravely Bared Poles So Bearishly Moved Ons. So Pole Elsewhere Born Once Upon Times. Places Many Places In Perspective Too. To Two Places That Is. Is That Lost Questions So Where. Are Yore Old So. Poles So Now + What. Were Our Pointed New. Poles Then Stick Ats Herein So Writ.


Had You seen the. Light

so therein One. Galaxy herein then


far ways means not so. Much such

5-6+ so Light. Years. Aways means in deeds

some good Yore Times ago. Indeed once lit


upons Times. Places 12-15,000 Years. So


then thus Yores then. Ago

there was that here. There this one. Explosion

cosmically universed one nomened


Nebulae. Novae in the named Our Galaxy/System

next. Doors

lightly burst so opened too. To starringly heavily

such much outsiders so

in + to Ours too. To receive so into these. Those


inner shatterings newly Novae then

blown. Apart. So

Collateral Damage we became so. A part. Apart




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lit + exploded by Star. Bits inwards

streamed lightly Universally


so headed our. Ways means bits our ways

that were so. Flung scattered mayhaps

perhaps Solar Systemed arounds. Abouts

our nearbys Yore cosmic fire. Ups + turns

our. World ups + overs chain. Reacting natural

disasters disastrously so into. To

Yore Freezing Our

World. Legends

Pole Position


so tellingly changed. So

Posits so 12-15,000 years ago these. Those

Novae remnants movings thus so thru’. Space

exploded into OUR cosmics spaces so. Entered

Our Solar

System Spaced. Our systematic spatial



Ice. Age so spacily speciously began. Endings



one Golden Aged Our World. Legends tell


massive destruction + extinctions so. Occurred

repeatedly durings

so Our Yore. Earth then so spatially Spaceswise +

Landswise so over. Turned one 360 Orbit/Year

into. To one 365¼ now. Then Earths Tilt


thus moved. Waters, Lands + so forth. So forthrightly

left otherwise quakings consistent. Rumbling

our young. Mountains movings ups downing +

our. Sky rearrangings New Sun/Moon positions.?.

So movementswise disasterfull

any then arounds. Abouts previous Our. Homes +

Settlements. Cosmic


Cometary/Novaed Tail.?. Tales

told Swarmsalikes so destroyed. Part our

yore. World



rangings + ragings Fires, Famines. Plagues

soon followed so forth. So forthrightly left


much such. Many

many mountains volcanically. Eruptings that


then… Later in our world. Legends

tell Literary Scienced nuanced led

ons Prof. Charles Hapgood + Albert. Einstein so



theorised… Our Earth’s Crustal Displacement

can/was so unstable globally theorised to be. One

beings so Largescaled Crustally Moved

froms (then)norm possie per se +

sayings. Earths

Lands Crustwise became. Otherwise Slide

Islands. Slide


abled becomings so under mores. Moreovers

Waters now then Mud remains. Remainings




underlying overarching Crustal glide Crustal. Slide

movements skimmings aways arounds. Abouts

at Times that is. Places is that… Then movingly

those Lands. Scaped glaciated ALREADY so

then.?. were

probably the old

Pole. Position

changings as then.?. Now movements at


such a largescale continents. Skim + movement

meant ways.?. So with new Sun, Moon, Planetary

relative anew. Positions +

up to 30° displacement from our. Yore

previous position… eg. Our new now


South Pole was then some Land.?. 30° higher

per se. Sayings

say arounds abouts Yore lower/mid


in. Our Temperate zones etc etc.?. So.?.


Indeed Our Antarctica So. Yores In Deeds.?.



(… One 30° Earth placed displacement goings

somewhats global… So

would also explain what

this. That Yore Egypt Great Pyramid now.?. 30°

offset oft. Of


Our Yore Osiris alignments as well. Well as

provide proper context for why previously. Yores

Egypt so was the center of the world. With

its two parts Lower. Egypt

one so Upper. Egypt above so. Below one


equator per se. Sayings…) Disasters

persisted global goings as one side oft. Of

our Planet’s


Several. Island/Continents mass slid + skimmed

so moved. Poles so



Indeed Yore Atlantis So. Sink Or… Our Skim Swim In Deeds.


rearranged… so… Old Poles = Two Lands freed… 2

others frozen in times into. To our now… new

Poles… Places thus 12-15,000 Yeared

thence. Placed hence


in our world. Legends tell this so just. Ice

that thus Polar NOW whilst also. All so

note Are BOTH New. Poles may contain

the then traces oft. Of Our previous Yore

settlements… Our movingly skimmed


Antarctica Island Continent New South. Pole

so is. Was so app. 30° further ups then.!. Now then = ?

Continental Temperate Islanded so Yore. Our




Our Now Residents Oft. Of Yores Atlantis.?.


so there.?. Herein next on 15/6:

Quirky Quotes #47.