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Tonight That Night. Ins Our World Legends Poetically Tellingly Told Of. Off With Stuck Reality. Ons With Cyclics, Change. Seasonally Pumpkins Symbolised. Prosed Herein Eve Hallowed So Ins. ‘Tween. This Night So Halloweened.


Tonight In So ‘Tween


That Night. This

Pumpkin Souped Ups

Poetry Prosed So Symbolises.


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That Night. Tonight That Night

In Deed. Indeed

That Night In Our World. Legends

So Tell Of Cyclic. Changes That Night. This


So ‘Tween. That Night So Hallowed Upons Us

That Night. Where Such. Things

Much Not So Seems. That Night This


When Alls. Our Childrens Become

These Changelings. Ghosts

Spectres, Beasts, Monsters. Alls So Demons

As Well. Well As

Of That Night. That Night This


Pumpkin In Our World.

Legends So Tell. That Night

Too. Tonight That Night


This Pumpkin So Dreams. That Night


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Posted So Next Too. To Be This: Hello Eve. Hallow ‘tween.



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