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Hard Workings In Deeds Cellular. Celling In Our World. Legends Tell No Lightweight Is One Oft. Of Yore. Heavyweight Electrolyte Magnesium. Magnificently Alighting Ways Means Pure Mineral. Power Contributing Arounds Our Bodies, Minds Abouts. Elementary Indeed Our Magnesium Roles. On. Herein Ours So Writ. Up Elementally Yores.



Elementally Our Body is


so magnificent Yore. Fire. Sparks

of/to/in those bundled oft. Of Our Nerves. Thereto

these inners Synapses. Firing those

within Our. Cells is Yore Magnesium. Vital Mineral

Electrolyte heavyweight Power Up. Powered lightly +


deeply Mineralised




by Mineral Magnesium. Cells so will excel. Power


by actions so well aiding. Waters to scour lightly

within so out. Inner Toxins + unwanted darkly

in inner nooks + crannies. Cellular


Means Magnesium Lights Those

Electrolyte Ways

Out. Means ways within, Magnesium Minerals/Salts so

pleasingly. Lightly

binds thereof. To Heavy Metals. One there then. That


shows, escorts them. Out.





Production + Processing of Vitamins. Magnesium so thereto. To

Production + Processing of Hormones. Magnesium there so

necessary too. To this Our Antioxidant Production + that so

productive. Cellular/Membrane Electrical. Potential

Balance, Storage. Magnesium a self-starter therein. Ending


ups here such vital Workings. Out in much 300+ Ways. Means

also All arounds abouts +

overs. Our Health/Bodily Requirements. Requiring Magnesium


arounds abouts for Protein Synthesis, Inner Bio-Chemical.

Reactions Muscle Motions, Teeth, Bone, Joint Works, Blood

Sugars Balancing so acts well as. Actually as well


Add well,.. liberally Dietswise too. To be an Addin also. All so



Magnesium so involved. Deeply in Inflammation. Issues. Issuing

Magnesium a vital place in. Our inner Cellular Mg-ATP. So

lighting Our vitality


upon many Our Inner. Electrolyte Exchange

Mechanisms. Magnesium

light + simple. Simply a must have. Having

lightly mores. Moreovers + overs of aboves those. May Help


Our Magnesium belows in continually grow. Within. Without

a doubt next so too. To 13/2: Be One


Machine Man. Mania.