Reflections On Creeks, Blue Sky and Onion Rings In My Socks…

The early Morn Sun lights the way to warmth. Usually. Though facing a Creek and with Blue Skies above… and FEELING slightly “off” and bones still chilly,.. i,Shiro loaded up on herbs… and chilli. Then… wax on about winter warmers it seems indeed.



Tis early morn in sth.aust. as I;  DREAMNINJA SHIRO face the Creek opposite our house. The sky is clear, light and bright blue-the Sun just topping the houses in the foot hills eastward.

Everything is warm cept me.

FEELING slightly “off” SHIRO loaded up on herbs…

ready for some…








My morn cuppa: GREEN TEA has CAYENNE , LEMON and HONEY.

My Ears and back of Throat are coated with ONION JUICE.


RAW THIN SLICES OF ONION=ONION RINGS…several are tucked in my socks beneath my soles, in skin contact.






Contemplating HERBS, the NINJA’s KNOWLEDGE may be of interest. As with several other MARTIAL ARTS there are “the CHINESE CONNECTIONs” in our CLAN’s LINEAGE.Chinese Medicinal scrolls detail a long and varied approach to HERBAL MEDICINE.






Typical of their recipes are the  examples below:

MILD SEDATIVE: borax/amber/cinnabar/pearl/costus root/tuckahoe fungus =                                                                                                                     AN  SHEN  JING  NAO  FANG=Soothe,calm;body,mind & spirit. Used mainly in Ceremonies and Meditation.Taken with mix of Water & sweet Rice Wine.

IMMUNE SYS.BOOSTER  : ginseng root/fresh deer antler =       LU RONG REN SHEN JIU = strengthen bones &  sinew, liver, kidneys & blood sys. Usually taken in a Medicinal Wine mix.

BLOOD TONIC : lovage root/tang-kuei root/wine cooked foxglove root/white peony root = SI  WU  TANG  = 4 SUBSTANCE DECOCTION = Blood sys. tonic and pain relief. Taken in a wine decoction-quik to boil, very lo simmer,cool in pot and strained. taken at room temp.



Two more hints needed before i go and refill my tea.

I’ve omitted the proportions -IF U WANT TO TRY=CONSULT AN EXPERT.


Things tend TO GET A BIT JUICY!!!






Till next…


10 thoughts on “Reflections On Creeks, Blue Sky and Onion Rings In My Socks…

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