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Featured Image Of A Young Women Biting Down On A Book.

In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #76. Eat Simply. Simply Eat. Indeed One Four Pointed Tips. Set Rounded Abouts Stomached in Deed.


Foods, Health, Nutrition, Diet.

Stomach relatings


Research digested herein Our World.

Legends Tell long Tales of Times, Places looking ups.

Swallowing Data small + large. Intestines downed

in/of Our Bowels. Yours

so in also. All so


down taking Notes. Note You this. That

i, Shiro am NOT. A Medical Pro nor is this. That

Medical Advice… just some of Thems. Rambling

Thoughts arounds abouts


so Stomach rumbled System. Systematically

collected. Seek collectively Your individual


Health Advisors. Advices




PRIORS for clarifications. On clarifyings so clear up then

anys. Murky Stomaching aboves issues lurkings. Prior

perusing Belows Data if anys use too. To You.


Our Nutrition: Applying common senses. Approach

Digestion System Systematically too. To See

so this aboves Writ. Heady Bowelled Stuff that

bellows below


well as. As well


Image Chart Showing Stomach Components And Processes Of Digestion.

In Deeds Stomach. This, That Processed Indeed.


such Health Advisors oft advise

Eat Simply. Simply Eat


seems so considerate thereof. Our Stomach Systems.

Systematically therein

thus We should so. Not Eat Large at Late Times. Places

huge stresses on a System that’s ready. For Bed. Bed

lying Position truthfully is so out of. Position

You so ate. In, whilst within. You…


Your Stomach may have mores morning. Dis of ease

achings sickly so

in Deed too. To grumble. Arounds abouts then. Now

One Four Pointed Tips too. To set off


Our System. Your Stomach whens Digestings. Is quite high.

In Acidity so…

  • … Would digest thru’ differing Foods… at differings


… so try

Simply eat Simpler Foods first, Complex AFTERs them. Then note


  • … Digestive Rates also affected by Liquids added. Intaken

bys. You within. Diluted Stomach Acids take. Make

so Yours Digestion so. So Systematically longer.?. Still

… thus try

Avoid Waterings down Your Stomachs. Acidity. Levels

when Eating. Liquid


Image Of Several Fruits With A Banana Opened Revealing A Salami Inside.

In Deeds In. Foodstuff. Stuffed Nutrients Mores Indeed.


Image Of A Selection Of Five Smoothie Glassfuls With Ingredient Pieces Decorating.

In Deeds Much Smoothed Outs. Indeed Such In. There.


levellings if You drink.?.

Acidic Dinks/Waters.?. howevers per se. Highs acidity higher

may then helps/boost Your Acidity’s Digestion.?. Capabilities


Systematically such Factors arise much. For Your

Nutrient gatherings consideration. Consider


your stomach a System. Treat accordingly. Accord Times, Places

for a

  • … Drink Waters Longish AFORE Meals.?. 1/2 hr afore.?. Drink

Waters/Drinks sparingly WITH Meals… With Meals

… so try

Perhaps With Meals add lil’ Wines/Lemon Waters/Vinegar Waters-

Other Acidic Drinks if suited.?. Whilst ensuring LATER too. To


  • … Drink Waters Long AFTER Meals…

Allows enoughs ongoings Digestive Times, Places needed

In Deeds. Indeed enabling fuller Metabolism…

… so try

Allowing Times, Places Food Processing. Nutrients release

systematically so forth. Forthrightly

Waters/Drinks left app. 1 1/2 Hrs.?. After Meals. So

that then flushing also. After


Digestion System phases All so

Fini. Finishing


Image Of Blue Sky Seas With A Michael Pollan Quote.

Indeed In Deeds. In.


Next Ups. Herein Down

so Writ Still

Checking This. That Inventory. Stele.


Btw’s the aboves. Post

data group thinked with several.

Co-workers with IBS Type Medical Issues

who cared to share their Tips on Fixes. What’s

Workings For Them…

Please seek. Your Health Advisors. Advice


priors too. To ANY such. Much Changes.

Feel Free Within Too. To Share Any Of Your.


Trouble shootings Tips For Tummy Troublings

Within. You.