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In Our World. Legends Of Yore Tell Of Planetary Spacey. Wars Of The Early Gods. Births Well As As Well Retold Ins. That Birth Of The. Venus A Star Heavens So Borne. So Born. Birth Of A Planet, Ancient Astronomy In Deed. Herein Indeed.


23rd March.

The Birthday of Venus. The

Planet. Venus,

The Morning/Evening Star. Planet

Venus so born.


23rd March 687 B.C. that is. Is that

so counted. Numbered ups bys Biot. Edouard



(…1803-50…) French Engineer, Author, Science

Asst. calculated. Vis the correspondings

Chinese. Chronology


in His. 1846 Catalogue general

des etoiles filantes et des autres meteores




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Thus Stargazers In Our World.

Legends Tell Of Ancient Ancestors. Astronomy

wise. Wishing

Upons too. To a Star so

borne. Heavens born. Divine


Theomachy. War Machinations

of Gods, Planets. Mores. Moreovers

At War in


those Spacey Stars. Intruders

Aboves arounds Our World. Legends

below tell

An Ancient Tale. Before

Men, Women. This


Our World/Era/Age/Epoch. Before


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then was

A Star Born

Is Borne

upons Our Solar Systems in Our

World. Legends Tell Something


firstly approached. Planet Jupiter. Enveloped.?.

Developed.?.. A Cloud…

Gathered Arounds, Abouts. Jupiter, Then


went on the move. Moving

ins further into Our Solar System.

Heading towards Our Sun.


A Cloudy Object.?.

bypassing Jupiter.?.

A Meteor/Asteroid/Comet.?.


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Approaching that Zone we now

call The Asteroid Belt


wherebys once upons a Times, Places

Now. Then so was a Planet. Electra

Planet. Which was then. Now…


So destroyed aparts. Blown


aparts.?. by this whatever had so

passed/Cloud/Comet vis Jupiter;..(… So.?.


.?.actually Planet Electra… and.?.

part of THE CLOUD.?. = Current Asteroid

Belt Planetary Remains, Remnants, Bits…

there. Now…) Then


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This Main Cloud/Comet Thing moved ons.

Towards Mars yet erratic.?.

To Mars then Venus. Then Mars

then Venus… Venus


then brushed bearded asides per


se too. To say


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this Cloud eventually…

Center focused ins. Target Nomens MARS.

War with Mars, The God. Of War


Mars, Ares, Huitzilopochtli, Tetzahuitl,

The Wolf Star. Mars

so. Now

That God Of War too. To War

So went.


…There towards Mars This Cloud so moved.

(…Thus Planet Venus is born

arounds abouts just priors here in

Our World. Legends

so say… Thus then btw’s for the

love of Venus…


saves Mars… for now then… diverts

the Clouds momentum and orbit a lil’…)


Yet so


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’twas only… a lil’ later…


Mars. Went To War. Still

In The Heavens.

With an Intruder Cloud thingy.



Mars was saturated

with Cloud Thingy


‘n’ pieces…


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almost as per Electra. Mars

inners had begun to split…

See Image above…


that “seam” goes almost ALLs way arounds,

abouts Mars planetary Ways. Means


.?. Mars Died not Destroyed…


Our Moon.?. too took a hit

for the Planetary Team

during this. War

of the Gods so seems. Seemingly

the Side facing us.?. is so also peppered


with comet/meteor/asteroid styled

Landscaping.?. akin

Asteroid belts debris.?. So


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formed from.?. (…Recappings;..)


Bypassings Jupiter;.. Cloud Comet, shattered

Planetary Electra. Asteroid Belt Remains,.. Bits.?.

Then Mars in Comet Cloud sight….

Venus diverted attention a lil… a lil

later still…


Mars then

Our Moon devastated.?. So


Our World. Legends say

Tilted well as. So Told As well.

Whens Times, Places

Our Years, Calendars went from 360…

like Degrees

in Perfect Circles/Orbits… to NOW…




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Venus et al well as as well froms. Now

noted as a Planet Pantheon

participant. Divine


Born…. so borne. Amongst The Other

Gods. Planets, Morning

Star, Evening. Star

so spotted alls arounds abouts ins ons


Our World. Legends nomenwise include

Quetzacoatl, Al-Uzza, Lucifer. Phosporus,

Athene, Anat, Inanna. Ishtar Isis, Vesperugo,..


Our Morning, Evening Star.


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Since at least. 687 B.C.


The Venus. Divine

as ins. Star Borne

to begins anew. Age


Ours. Yours



Next So May. Be Ins

A to Z in Our World. Legends Hit

‘n’ Myth. Wake. Or Nots Why.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…