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Bushido In Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Many. Many Have Paid. That Great.?. Sacrifice. Therein. Their Creed. That Code there. Where and Bys. Even Beyond Death. Does Lie.


Suicide In Our World. Legends

Dark. Are many. (…If You Feel Sensitivity

too. To this Topic/Subject…


Please Stop Reading. Herein. Therein

Go. As Belows.


Pyramid……… Music……… History

Poetry……… Ninja……… Ancient Science


See You. There… 😎  ) Herein


The Sword. Of Samurai.


Begins. As Belows. Shows


The Samurai in Our World. Legends

of Yore. Tell Tales. Many. Many Rules,

Regs., GuideLines those. Thereof. Applied.






Creed of the Samurai Way


Bushido. The Way of The Warrior.

By that so Nomened. The

Medieval Times, Places. In Japan. Of

Yore. A Samurai’s defining Concept/Purpose



Loyalty. To His Lord. Daimyo

so called. Then. Then this Lord could.

Order Him. Abouts, Arounds. To

do certain. Acts. Even Suicide. This, Act. Of

Hara-Kiri aka

Seppuku. Loyalty.

Beyond Death.

Where and bys;..


Hara is Life Energy. The Essence thereof. Our



Centered… Chi/Ki + so forth. Forthrightly

Was so governed per se. By

that Creed. Bushido too. To Their Ways. Means,


a proving of Courage, within. Without

as well. Well as this applied ALSO to. THE



Of Yore. Japanese Society layered, tiered.

Control per se by the Warrior Lords.

Nominal oversight Emperor, Admin.

The System built Ups. Over Times, Places.


Which. Also means, Ways these. That



those Acts any, loyal. Had added. Benefits

Thereof. There

were Circumstances and Conditions. Which bent,

not broken could. Leads an inspired,


upwardly movings. Man. Through those. Ranks.

Societal. Martial, Political. Mores. More and overs;..


Such increasing improvements:..

Of Status, Martial Reknown, Wealth increases, Land

acquired, Rice stipend increases, Imperial

Grants. Powers

per se. Overs Others. Other


though, possibly Negative. Responsibility(ies) therein.


With Powers. Come Responsibility in Our World too. To




Which. So say Many Lords… were simply

outclassed in

many of. Such Arts. Samurai

were. Thus presented. A Paradox. Conundrums

presented themselves. To Thems.


Such Elevations… thus so and diminished.

The Lord’s Powers.

Yet and so…

over Times, Places. Tweaks to the Code.


Rewarding such Virtues, Accomplishments.

Bound Both To Each. Other. Family Ties

and several other. Societal Norms. Entwined.



Basically this Elite Class/Regime/System

demanded. Loyalty. So…


had to give this Virtue. Special.

Powers. Powers Over



Life too. In to Death. Beyond. That.

Bushido Ways. Means The Lords. Be

came. Sorta’ Demi-god… ish.



Lords aboves. Samurai…

shifted SideWays. Oft

far. Aways.


Lords in Our World. Legends

so Tell Tales. Many.


Lords lord it over. The Rest. By



connecting, contracting Loyalty

as the Ultimate Virtue. This

led to Death. Mores. More

was Death bound. Bowed.


So. Death was now.

Which was then. Of Yore.

Death under the Lord’s. Control.

Forever bound. Bushido. Was. Is.


Death could be ordered. A Lordly

Command. Whenever, wherevers…

so forth. Forthrightly, left to Thems. Was.


Loyalty Beyond Death.

So. The Creed was. Set.



The Cutting Of The Belly.

Kill. ThySelf.

A complete Sacrifice. Subservience.

To The Lord.

To the Creed. Bushido


in Our World. Legends in Annals. Indicate, even

by 1180… ish. Meant Minamoto

no Yorisama whose Revolt. Faltered.

Unfaulteringly chose. This Choice.

Suicide Self. Afters.


An Ordered Aide, stricken with…

Almost every Fear… shakingly said. No

Lord, that i do not… or Words. To


that. Effect. Affecting Understandings. Minamoto

cut his Own Ways. Forward.


Swords. The USA… liberated. WW2.


So He, did it. Himself.

Through that release of Hara. His. With a

Weapon. His also. Also used


Short er Samurai Sword. Then.


Samurai Swords. Of Yore. In Pairs. So

were. So Then

Died. He Of Yore. Japan. Japan’s



War-Fan of This. Minamoto. Contains. His

Last Prose-Piece. A Haiku Type Poetry.

Which i, Shiro Translates. Hopefully :

As Belows.


“… Like A Fossil Tree

Which Has Borne Not One Blossom,

Sad has been My Life

Leaving No Fruit Behind Me…”


In the 1330’s. Of Yore.

A Kamakura Rebellion. Also

Ended a Shogunate.



General Hōjō Nakatoki, some 432 Troops.

Beaten, surrounded. Overs and whelmed too. To


this Choice. So chose.

Alls. Together.


Afters. Such an Event.

A Priest had Gravestones. For Alls. Made.

Managing also. Also to find, record

189 of Their Names.


Thereon. Grave-Stones. Stonily



seated. The Short Sword. Works. Worked

by Across. Abdomen. Then and Ups. Releasing

Hara. Alls. Ones

steely resolve. Sharply tested in Our World.

Legends Tell. Tales of


A Ritual

in Our World. Legends many

of such coordinated Commitment. Emotionally

intensely Calm. Much. Determined. Actions. Precise.

Japanese Style. Of Yore.


Evolving over Times, Places to Formalise.

A Cultural Ceremony combining

Philosophy, Religion, Society. Mores. More


Personal Freedoms overrun well as. As well



prior. A Purifying Bath.

The proper, suitably Styled Clothing.

Matching HairStyled.


Blood Splatter Towels.

Tatami Mat, Spill Sheet.

Their epic typical Alcohol.

Sake,.. a very lil’ Food. Just a Snack.


A Poem. Then there. So Writ.

Postured, Knees on Floor.

Angling slightly Forwards.


To End.

A Martial Friend. A Kaishaku. To

Head. Remove.


Suicide. Aided. if needs be. Be



this considered insane. In Our World. Legends

mere. Now. Then


a Noble Act. An Act which could Prove Loyalty,

Truth, Belief. Pay for Crimes, Redeem,

Escape. Redress those wrongs

or wronged. Mores. Acts that Apologise,


Explain. Confirm, Deny. Pressure, Protest.


Under controlled demeanor, composed. Coolly.

Orderly in Our World. Legends of



Tokugawa Tadakichi. 5 Followers. Joined Ins. That.

Sake Yoshinobu. 2 of His as aboves. Mores.


1636… a Lord. 15 Companions.

1657… Another Lord. Another 26. So

Joined. Joining


Glory from Life AND Death. Such

connections. The Practice. Banned 1660’s.

Occasional only from Nows. Then. Then


such Ideals. So ensured that. Loyalty.



Fell Freely. To Share.

Those Acts. Nobly Known.


Of Sacrifice. That

Shared. Life, Dreams, Death


as well. Well as



Next… Posted. To Be:

What’s That Name.?. Borgia.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…