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Featured Image Of A Painting Of The Great Tidal Wave Off Kanagawa.

Meanings… mean Everything in Our World. Legends from the Philosophies of Elementary Natures. Herein. The Elements. Ways, Whats, Hows, Whys and so on. On and in many Subjects so applied. Elementary Explanations. Essential Essence.


Philosophies, Traditions, Martial Arts, Anime, Gaming-

Alls oft encourage the use of Elemental Topics,

Training and Memory Aids. Concepts that Symbolise Aspects

thereof. Therein as well.

Well as Helping to promote Understanding

of the Inner Workings and Theories within,.. The ELEMENTS


can oft be a useful Tool per se. In The Real.

For Everyone. To use.


Such with the

Elementary 101.

Elements. Essential



is and now…

i, Shiro’s POV. Herein. As Belows. Begins:


A Set Of Five. Elements. Wood, Fire, Earth, Void, Water.



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The Elements so nomened/named.


Cosmological, Philosophical, Societal, Martial.


Many, most of the such Researched

in Our World. Legends

within utilise the Concept of The


Elements 5.

As Belows. ( A GO-DAI…)


Japanese Nomen: The 5 (…Go…) Great Ones… (…-Dai…).









The 5 are oft used in Sets/Pairs/Triples.

To highlight differences amongst sameness.

Whilst Many Understand that there are Two

Sides to every story…


In the Real… oft 3. Sides.




Health Effects and so on.

Yours/Others/Mine… POV’s for example.

Up/Centred/Down… Directions etc.


The 5 Elements move freely within the ” Sides

dependent on… POV.

This may be better understood with a

Basic Combat Fight Scenario.


E.g. Attacker surprise frontal Technique/Punch/Kick,

then attempting to Grab/Hold You = Fire…

then Earth.


You Evade the frontal, then distract by calling over

imaginary friends and Run = Wind… then Void.



You evade, then crash back in to finish. = In Water.



The Elements are thus and so… Fluid, Flowing from One

to the next or Other etc… dependent on Your Reaction,


and such combos. Therein.


Elements can be linked with… Anything actually.

Emotions, Actions, Reactions, Objects, POV’s.


When Angry… Fiery.

When Calm… Earthy.

When Indecisive… Windy.

When Cunning… In The Void.

When Give and Taking… Watery.


Most and Many are Combos.

Moving perhaps from One to Next and along.


Fluid, responsive.



Elements of The


The Godai is represented in the Real; 3-Dimensionally

with The Gorintou


A Pile of Shapes piled. Ups.


Well and sewn well arounds, abouts Temples, Forests

and Others

Places in Japan.




A 5-Tiered Geometric Stack similar in concept to The

Totem Poles.

A Universal Styled Expression.

Usually Stone Carved/Shaped.


Cube, Sphere, Pyramid, Crescent, Jewel.

Earth,.. Water,.. Fire,……… Wind,…… Void.


As Aboves. Below. Image. Shows. That, There.



Earth : Chi, Tsuchi


Water : Sui, Mizu


Fire : Ka, Hi


Wind : Fū, Kaze


Void : Kū, Sora



Within Martial Trainings The Godai Elements are Prompts,

Code for a certain Style. Of Response.

A Guide.


This in relation to Mental Moods AND

Physical Actions/Options taken.



Elementary Elements

Such influences, over Times, Places, Trainings,

allows One to access Other Ways to open up

when dealing within Issues, Physical, Mental.


Cool ourselves down when Hot under that Collar.

Warm us up when Words seem so Cold.

Or… Let Nature take it’s Course.


Options. Mores.


Most Instructors that i, Shiro have worked with

are not rigid in the Application

and Understandings of these Elements.

A Model, Style Of Approach.


A General Guide. To Things per se.

Of Possibilities, Ways, Means.



An Overview, Overall Strategy Outlook.

Other Ways, Means of Viewing. Things.

Emotional Awareness may further Develop

leading to a more”… Natural…” You.


A Lil’ Playful.

Full of Life. Creative. Skillful.



You… naturally.



Elementary Elements:

So Writ.


  •  Chi. The Earth.

Solid. Hard. Stable.

Resistance. Unbothered Confidence.

Physical Calm Awareness. Sureness.


  • Sui. The Water.

Fluid. Flexible. Freely Flowing.

Adaptability. Defensiveness.

Physical Flexibility. Give and Take.


  • Ka. The Fire.

Forceful. Direct. Overwhelming, Spirited.

Motivated. Passionate, Committed.

Physical Energetic. Consuming.


  • Fū. The Wind.

Evasive. Free Moving. Out of Reach, Turning.

Carefree, Stress Free. Creating Space/Distance.

Physical Compassion. Freedom, Open-Minded.


  • Kū. The Void.

Creative. Inventive. Everywhere/Nowhere.

Natural. Mindfulness/No-Mind.

Physical Spontaneity. Spirited Wisdom.


The Void… is not actually. Void.


This Term, for many Western, is oft bewildering.

The Term Void… is not really. What IT IS.




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Creativeness… perhaps closer to Meaning.


The Void is Formless, Creative Expression.

Thinkings unthought, Communicating Mental,

Emotions and Physical…



When You laugh in the face of danger…

AND Everyone laughs alongs. Spontaneous

not sarcastic.


When You Communicate and diffuse Danger.

When You smile and become Friends

after that Drink Spillage.



When Emotions run High… You Run Aways, Not. Or

Come Back.

When You Surprise, Distract, Bemuse, Bewilder.

When Lies, Truth… Have No Meanings, Ways.


When No-One…

Not Even You… is in Control Mode.

No Reasons.


Just Go with such Flow. Self-Expressing.

No Fear.

Letting go of Rhyme, Reason.

When You… are Creative.

Impulsive. Natural.


The Void. The Fullness.


You are. Then



Feel those Elements. To




Thoughts, Ideas, Events

In The Real. Or Mind.

Times, Places of Concern, Drama,



Whereby acting…

Elementally… Then



Did Things You. So Change.

In Our World. Legends


Ancient Arc Lighting vis Battery. Of Yore In Our World… Legends so Tell In and Of Egypt, Greece, Sumer, Pyramids, Early Light-Houses. Mores. Herein as well. Clicks Aways. For That.


Next… To Be:

Long Arctic Trek. Caribou’s Mega-Marathon.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is

A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…