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Yores In Deeds In Our World. Legends Tell Here. There So In Deeds Were. Large + Small Tribes. Monster Men Last Of Yore Hominids These. That Survived Our Ice Ages Changes. Changing Landscapes + Nomens Overs Yores Too. Our Two Aussie Named Yowies + Junjuddis. One Small One Tall. Shortlisted Herein Pointed. Outs Indeed.


In Our World. Legends tell this once


upon Yores Times, Places. Climate +

Environ such much genial mores. Moreovers

underlying rightful fully large growths. Flora + Fauna

left fawned arounds abouts in hugely greater. Portions

more generous proportions oft. Of numbers, genera +

Specie type. Mass Extinctions

changed. All that. Thus shortly that shorted. Yore Outs. In then


Times, Places long prior… + after too. To that Event. This

Yores Yowies Small + Tall.

Shortlist Ours. Now


nomened begins at. Ending Our Ice Age… well… misnamed

as it was not. Ages

at all. Also to Research find. One






Big + a smaller. One too. To

  • Our Two Aussie Tribes. Afore


Our Yore arrivings Aboriginal. Two Tribes thus

long afore European Settlers too. Two


Tribes the early Aboriginals. Warned the later Settlers of. Oft

One Giant. Other small. Monster-Men. So nomened


Yowies, Junjuddis. Two Tribes. Akin


possibly other Hominid types in our world. Legends

tell names Yeti, Alma, Sasquatch/Bigfoot mores. Moreovers

variances Small 1 mtr. too. To Giant 2-3 mtrs.

underlying truly Yore Heighted. Extremes. Giant

One, Pygmy One. Two Tribes


  • here afore others therein. Australia. So Our

Yowies + Junjuddis. Yore Wars starring


many Our Aboriginal Warriors tell in Deeds. Indeed

Yowies + such. Much



stink. Literally + really. Stink. Rich

  • sweet decomposings sour Body smell. Stench

i, Shiro has never read. Arounds

abouts Our Them. Bathing. Or

using Yores Soap. Never


does it not. Twitch

the nose. You

can smell them afore if the wind is right. Left

and right nostrils so full oft. Of it. Stinkeroos worse

than Our roos evers could. Could Be


  • the long dank. Hairy

Bodies oft. Of long

Hair norm mentioned Black, tho’

small numbers oft. Of Reports reported notably

note red/grey Haired

occasions ref’d as well. Well as this coloring

could so be. Age/Environmental related…


as per Ours. Our



sightings and confrontings. Looking

back at the belows forward writ Pointed list:

Pointedly Summarises:


  • Unlikes Otherswise as Snow bound Types Ours so

Long. Black Hair all. Overs arounds + abouts.



They Stink.



  • Hominid/Primate Body. Similar to. Our Large Apes

Yowies Tribe 2-3 mtrs Heightswise tho’ accented

differently. Strongly proportioned. Body

Torso Strong Long + Long. Arms + Larger Footprints. With


Bodily Aggressive Displays if confronted so close. Tend

  • otherswise too. To wisely too. To actively keep Their

distance. There


  • are not many. Left. Right

and lastly. Agains


They stink. A Lot. A lot oft. Of


Research into such Hominids alls overs our world. Legends

  • tell occasional. Sightings still prevail. As with many

other Yores Specie. Stilled. As with Us all,

Our One. Day


may be all. We have. All



ups in belows next on 7/7:

Yores Newton Or Our. Nasa Cannot Count.