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Largely Larger Than That. This Life Our Yores Gilgamesh Was So One. Hero. One Handedly Handling One Large Lion In Our World. Legends Tell In Deeds Reignings King Gilga So Rained. Wood Chips Enstoned In One. Forest Guarded By One. Divined Bodyguard. Bodily Joining With One. Another Hero So Called. Outing Enkidu Too. To Being Beings Garden Tall. Forested Tales Axed Herein.


Once upon Yores Times. Places so Our


Summary on Egypt’s Predynastic. Digs by noted

Egyptologist Archaeology. Excavationist-

Prof. Walter B. Emery notings:

“… Anatomical Remains Of A People Whose Skulls

Were Of A Greater Size

And Whose Bodies Were Larger Than Those

Of The Natives…”

… and whose-


” … Racial Origin Of These Invaders Is Unknown

And The Route They Took

In Their Penetration Of Egypt Equally Obscure…”

… 1961 ARCHAIC EYGPT pg.39etc W.B.EMERY


whilst also. All so

“… People Allied In Type

To The Big-Headed Predynastic Egyptians

Are To Be Found Buried

In The Early Sumerian Graves Of Mesopotamia…”




Unknown Giants in our world. Legends tell


our Yore Earth Treed early. So

Yores Egypt, Sumer + so on so forth. Forthrightly

left so hugely lying in our History. Books. Trees



in Our Yores Forest. Gone. Tree


Desolation. Treed totalled such much so. Totally

struck downed Yore Trees so felled. Fallen so


arounds abouts

as far as. One afar around could. See Forestry

Giant Desolation abounded about. Yores

seeing Our


Indeed Wood. Piled In Deeds.


Giant Forest Landscape largely. Fellings


lay askewed so. Wasted so chopped giantly

Once upon. Our Times. Places Yore Sumer

Stonily Who Gilga Meshed

Our. Yore Giant Trees


in Our Yore past so passed.?. Dinosaurs + alikes

otherswise unliked Giant. Beings have passed on. Being

roundly Mothered in thus squarely. Passing by + thru’

Our Histories Natures. Largely in our Yores so our


MegaFauna, MegaFlora so heightily grew too. To

hugely Man growths Mega as well.?. Well as

Yore Giant Trees


in our world. Legends so

Sumerian + otherswise




tell Our. Gilgamesh was one Yores. Giant


descended overs

sized Hero. Our Gilgamesh so had for one. Thing

for Our Yore Feline. Kind of one


Gilgamesh so held heightily His Pet. Lion


one-handed largely alikes i, Shiro + Pet



One Lion. One-Handed. One Hero

oft. Of heightily in deeds ginormous

one handed kind so. Gilgamesh indeed thus Our


Pictures so tell One. Thousand

words in our world. Legends largely

tell lots also Yores. All so Our Gilgamesh may

at least been

so. Heighted


as beings alikes Being. Belows

Our Images. Shows one Giant


Yore How Tall As Well. Well As Gilga Mightily. Meshed.


Lionised In Deeds On The One. Hand Indeed.



Man.?. Beings arounds abouts Tall possessing

handily possible. Lion

holdings Capacity One per se. Sayings


Giant Tree Fellers so tell well as. On


Gilgamesh, Enkidu as well. Our Yores

Jack + Mothered Giantly

Nature Red Haired Giant Ones too. To

nomen 4 too. To our Yores Forestry. Tree

Desolations fore tall told so here. One largely

short answer there. To one aboves outreachings

Giant. Questionings belows


Who chopped Our

Yore Giant Trees

outs.?. In names downed in deeds. Indeed

our world legends freely tell. Them largely aboves

nomened so + mores. Moreovers hugely belows

underlying true heroics amidst Human. Despair

titanically not for any oft. Of Them Huge Heroics. They

(…+ others…), namely King

Gilgamesh, Enkidu


were so born borne this.?. That

hanumanic heighted

Our progeny/first/last Generation.?. oft. Of


Walk Alikes Giantly. Egypt In Deeds Also Yores. All So Arounds Abouts Our World. Legends.


In Deeds Yore. Shape + Sized So Giantly. Our Differings Indeed.



Arounds Abouts Wat Went. Giantly What.


one… perhaps. Many Yore interactions so ‘tween

what Our. Tall normals + One. Giant sized

titanic tall race.?. Humans overssized. Humanly largely


Gigamesh + Enkidu so inclined. Inclining hugely

upwards at greater height were these. Those Giant-Man

Race. Racing


Gilgamesh against normals produced the normal. Result

of normally normals being beaten. Enkidu

another un-normal gargantuan progeny Man/Being. He oft

drew in contests against Gilgamesh normally. Normals

normally lost too. To Our Yores Enkidu as well. Well as

in our world legends. Giants


mentioned Biblically, Aboriginals Australian Lore,

Americas, Norse. Sumer, Egypt, Masai + mores. Moreovers

ALL hugely distributings

overs arounds abouts our world. Legends tell

underlying true heights so much. Such

reached. Reaching + rocketing

outs our Yores



Indeed Yore Downed Humbwawe. Gilga Meshed Mashed With Enkidu Heroed In. Deeds.


Trees + Forests decimated. Gilgamesh + Enkidu

physically so


after earlier taking out this. That nomened Yores

Forest Trees + Tree. Hugger

Park Sentry/Security/Park Ranger/Guard named

Humbwawe one Giant also. All so

trio’d being Giants Beings. Enkidu, Gilgamesh. Both


were worn outs so tiredly wrecked. Ups

alikes Yores. Wasted huge Humbwawe +

Our Giant. Forest


as well afters. Largely then beings unwell +

sorry arounds. Abouts the mess so made hugely by

Themselves. Oversized Beings. Beings

went on their Legendary. Ways there

with so. Their Tools.?.


well as Giant Desolatings

utilised Methods so there.?. well unknown Giant

Saw. Type seen


most likely well. Lost Times, Places

as well. Well as One oft. Of a kind




sawn seeing. So shortly

chopped. So pounded outs

next writ. Herein on 27/4:

Quirky Quotes #40.