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In Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Of Superstitions So Carried, Rocketed. Alongs Generations Arounds. About Friday The 13th Means Ways. Of Yore In Deed. Indeed So Starring A Bookish World. Best Seller Has The Tale Therein. Within Though Is No Context, Detail. Details Extracted. Herein, That Day Of Yore. Yours Today.


Tracking Superstitions In Our World. Legends

so gloss overs. Those Facts

that comprise then so. Hide unders


the Core Event.

Within. Without


such contexts Detail. Of

Friday. That

13th. Of Yore, Yours



that so bemuses. Amusing


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many yet tantalisingly some. One

of the Older Tales so found. Finds

the posing of what ifs.?. Inside. Mind


Mine anyways. Means i, Shiro

in Deed. Indeed

goes backs too. Into Times, Places...


with Our Modern. Calendar. Calendar



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Events are nowadays closely watched, marked

well as. As well

monitored, expected, awaited for and so

forth. Forthrightly.?. or Wrongly.?.


Of Yore.?. Our (Egyptian) Ancient Ancestors

may well have heeded such advice. Advising


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Modern Religion. Are Books. Such as

That Bible. Much ado in Therein. However


such muchness such lost also. Also

bys Translations, Edits, Versions etc

That Book

has no real dating system. So

Applied. Anyways


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bys appying Modern Calendrical Research

in Mind. Mine

Thoughts. Thinking

Of War. War

was not the answer too. To

this Pharaohs Death and destruction


of that Empire. His War... His Real

War was against.


Mother Nature, Outer Space

as well. Well as

in Our World. Legends

so tell of this. Times, Places

whens we... Our World


were. In that Tail



Of A Comet.

An End Of An Age.


The Biblical Event. So at That Parted

Red Sea.


See THAT Nomen.?. This Departed

Red Sea… for

sooth so. Why so readily then.

Reddily so Nomened.?. Readily


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now Nomened

also. Also as The Exodus Event

and so forth. Forthrightly



That Pharoah pressed forwards. His Attacks still. Till


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Mother Natures and Outer Spaces. So combined. As

The Red Sea so swept. Parted


Aways bys the passing. Of That

Comet’s Tail. Winds. Winding Tales told


The Hows, Whys. Arounds, Abouts;..

tho’ NO WHEN.?. When


Those Israelites that survived...

Their Date.?. Of Hebrews


was then.!.

…an Aviv Sabbath 14th. Thus

this leaves- Onlys those





Non-Israelites that so followed. Another

Ways, means

Calendar Type.?. Were

quite and well knowns by some. So yet

When Was This.?. Exactly.?. Exacting


Death, destruction. Alls Overs Many. Lands

such as Egypt. Of Yore. Empires


destroyed, Cultures stilled, Peoples vanished.


A Day too.

To be long memoried. A Day

nor too. To forget

… for in Our World. Legends

dated, calendar tells so. Scribed

t’was this so Egyptian. Month of Thout


... Yet and so. So was then, still. A


Fri. The-That 13th




oft told. Retold

in Our World. Legends



from History so seems. Seemingly


Once. Of Yore

a parting of many. Ways

In Egypt. That

Fri The 13th. A Today. So Was



That End.

Of An Age So There. Here



So Posted Next: ‘Tis

Be Like Leonardo. His To-Do. List Listed

In Deed. Indeed


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…