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Ancient Greece during Times and Places of Peace became known for it’s pursuit of Knowledge. Pt.2. One such Our World Legends of a Center was the City of Alexandria. The Great Library there became the scenery for many a Discourse or Lecture. During the Times of the Hellenistic Tradition …a Hero rose within. Hero by name. Herein. His Inventive Ideas also. Also of Yore.


The Ancient Greek Traditions

brought much of their Culture into Our World. Legends

of deeds done. Historical deeds therein. Thereof

Yore Also Our

Hero. So Named.

Ideas + Inventions.

Of Yore.

was and were a main attraction therein. Therein


afore though. There was




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Approaching Delphi. Alexander the Great and his great

sized Army. Decided

to set up camp for a session with the Divine. Empire


building ran in His veins. And legs. Sword Gordian

as well. Well as

being named Alex 3rd of the Argead Dynasty. Born 356 B.C.

in the City of Pella.

He became King of Macedonia. Aged 20. Thus and so. Not


surprising his temper had not been

tempered within Our World. Legends seem to say. Also. That


’twas Zeus the Father of All Gods and not

Philip 2nd that fathered this Great One with Queen

Olympias. His Mum.


Being born of such Noble borne His upbringing was noble. Also.


as Tutor He had illustrious Aristotle teaching. Teaching


Greek Gods. Nomens. In Empires Greece and Rome.


such as Literature, Medicine, Sciences and Philosophy. Too. To

Him was given Leadership of Macedonia when Father Phil

went off. To deal. With Byzantium. Matters deepened


when Phillip 2nd

ran out of seconds to Live. Thus no more. Did

Live Phil. Not a second more. Anymore.


Thus and so. A King at 20. Alexander

With an Empire to hold. Have. Build

up also. His mission became thus. So.




Battles more to Empire expand. More,

Battles more. To become. Greater.


The Seat of Pythia sat above a Natural Gas Vent. The Priestess… The Pythia… took Her Seat… then took it All in. Then let it All out… via her mouthpiece Divine and Oral… which did so vent as well. As well this High-priestess was on a Natural High in deed… indeed. photocredit/thanks:youtube


A Great’s Quest Hairy Question…


Eventually,.. no Headloss either.

Thus and so;..

The Oracle’s Announced Advice to that Great Alex. Alexander


did so and thus query: “…Will I conquer the World.?.”

Was timely so stonily given as : “…You will be Invincible My Son…”.


Rather… servile Oratory therein.?. Perhaps.?.

One might say and yet. Yet

lest One forget this natural gassy scene. Went so

and thus. Rather…


it seems indeed. In deed.


‘Cos Alex the G.

had Her by that long and high Hair. Hair

unnaturally wrapped and bound

in One great fist. His.


Dragged her then and so through that

Divine Apollo’s lair. With lil’ ado… and great public attention.

Grabbing serenely stony Pythia by the Hair

catching Her so unaware… and a great

handful of Head Hair as well. At that.


Seat… unsuited to the great. One. Unseated

thus pious Pythia. Be. Seat


taken off in deed. Indeed

it was and so. Our World Legends

do so and say. Herein. Of Yore.

Left Unseated


by Alex. the G. Get off. Right off

in deed. Great in deed. Was




Mod. Reproduction Of A Ancient Greek Pythian Oracle Seat.

Left Of Centre.

Right up and off her Pythia Seat. She… so just left. Right

off Parnassus

Mt. Vent too. Went off. Off Alex the G. went as well. Rightly so

or well

or not. To

off Her Head. Outside that is. In deed as well. As well

this was. Outside.


Outside. Of the Temple. Not in.

In case the Gods…

got too pithed… and greatly necked



i, Shiro do so and thus. Subtly and privately,

do publicly guess. Herein.


With his Lion Handled Great Gordian chopper…

Sword. Ways now Scabbard out high as well hanging

thus and so

above. Near the Begin. Of The Pythia. Neck

in so and fact. Was so. So


yes in deed,.. indeed the Pythia gave pity and obeisance

on this Great Act. Pithily

giving in to her senses gaseous and befuddled

perhaps,.. but thus and so

holding reckless Ways back with thus and so


no neckless attack. Greatly received. Therein.


A Seat of Pythia.


Rather perhaps, not a Necklace swap,..

for a… Sword Great therein and thereof it seems.

May even have…


Pithed her pants perhaps soon too. To go anyways

as such is. Is

the Ways of Heroes and Damsels of Dreams

that is indeed. In deed.

Such goings on ongoing. On and on go.


Thus and so did that show of Greatness

Alex. went on and on

for a while more. More on


Heroes and Gods, Battles, Legends and Divine


On and On and on

and so forth. And so on. More on. Moreover


The High-Priestess Naturally got back on high…


Seat retaken soon enough

and so thus and again. For a lil’ longer.

Lived to gassily orate this and that Great Tale

Tall and True


too. To subtly or otherwise


Delphi. Ruins and Remains thereof.


appreciate the inventiveness of Hero of Alexandria

and Inventions.

Of Yore.


Think Chemistry and Elements. Early Alchemy

types and Ways as well. As well the

Natural Powers therein and thereof. Elemental Tech.


Elements of a Hero.
His Inventive Ideas also.

Using Nature… a natural choice. Heroic it seems.

Elemental as well. As well


a Hero of many firsts recorded of Yore.


Hero’s Wind Powered Organ of Music.


Including those known. Herein. Below.


The coin-operated vending machine. Dispensing… Holy Water.

The basic Steam Engine.

The Aeolipile Steam reaction Rocket.

The Wind powered Wheel. Steam Turbine. Operating a

Music Organ.

The Hydrostatic Fountain.

Hidden Spout Pouring Jugs.

A Force Pump Device (Fire-Fighting Pump).

A Syringe prototype Device.


A Fountains Mechanism Hero Style in deed.


Many Elemental Devices and linked Mechanisms

to open Temple

Doors or run Water/Fountains through. Theater


too were other Ways and uses of His

Machinery. Machinery


which used Water, Fire, Steam, Pressure, Gravity,


to do the Mechanical Actions and Work. Work

which then,


via a variety of means

then used to channel this Power vis Swingarms,

Levers, Weight into some… To


useful function. Functioning Machines oft turned into



(Music Link)


Works of Art per se.


Adaptations could be easily provided to suit

many differing Applications and Fixtures etc.


Heroic… Inventive also. Also

a select Slide-Show. Below.


A real Hero in deed.

The Hero of Alexandria. Of Yore.


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Written Research Works. By
or Of Hero.

Those known of. Do

so include: This Hero’s 12. As Below.


Automata: Detailing Machines for Temples vis Mechanical or

or Pneumatical Means/Ways(…Doors, Liquid Pouring Statues and so forth…).

Belopoeica: Details and Descriptions of War Machine Designs and Inventions.

Catoptrica: Details Hero’s Findings on Light, Reflection, Mirrors and so on.

Cheirobalistra: Details Designs and Descriptions for Catapult Type Devices.

Definitiones: Definitions/Dictionary of Maths, Geometrical Terms and Phrases.

Geometria: Further Explanation and Equations of His Metrica; Terms and Ideas.

Mechanica: Descriptions and Details for Architects. Builders. Heavy Lift Ideas.

Mensurae: Measuring Tools and Concepts via His Metrica and Stereometrica.

Metrica: Details of obtaining Volume and Surface Area. Calculations. Diverse Objects.

On the Dioptra: Details of Methods of obtaining Length. Apparatus Explained.

Pneumatica: Descriptions of Machines of Pressure. Air, Steam, Hydraulic etc.

Stereometrica: Details and Examples of obtaining 3D calculations via His Metrica.


Force Water Pump- Fire-Fight Type Device. Hero Style. Of Alexandria Ancient thereof and therein. In deed.


Be Heroic… in All that You

so do. Whether named so thus

or not. So.


Live Your Dreams.

As well. Well as indeed


Our World Legends.


Be One

In deed.




Till next…