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Featured Image Of A Womans Face Being Rainbow Colored By Brush.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #I. Our Iris. Eyeing Yore Messenger Of Gods In Deed.


I Bring A Message. A Message

From The Gods


As Yore Iris spoke so She arose. Our

Iris was not. A Grecian Rose

pricked with thorn so. Hid. Iris


stepped. Ups so Eyed All

Our Yore Divined or Otherswise. Personages

so presented. Represented around abouts.


as She stood. There. Their decked attention


garnered, so flowered mores. Moreovers

underlying interests deep beneath. Soiled



Image Detailing Parts Of The Eye.

Indeed Those. Eyes Deconstructed In Deed.


Divine slight Garments. Iris

centrally steely stared. At Heads still


of Her. Sight that is. Central


Is That in Our

World Legends Iris so nomened. As Our

Goddess of The Rainbow well as. This Yore named

Messenger Of The Gods,


Iliads so Styled delivered as well. Btw’s,..

Hermes so fulfils. Fills

This essential

Gods Work Function in Deed. Indeed within


that Yore Our Grecian Odyssey. Oddly Iris


Image Of Family Tree Of Iris And Other Yore Greek Gods And Goddesses.

See Indeed Our Iris Tree. Yore Family In Deed.


Image Of The Yore Classical Greek Goddess Iris.

In Deed Centrally. Iris Infinitely Captures Winged. Attention Indeed.


or nots, Iris

so becomes that ideals Center. Of attention

at these idyllic odd Times, Places herein

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth

#I anyways


Our Iris. Eyeing Yore Winged Messenger

Of Gods. Symbolic Powered bys Infinity/Caduceus Type

Staff with Urn/Pitcher/Jar also. All so 2 Ways

family Divine so powered ups too. Two

of Sea + Sky Elemental Divined

so Hers. Parents,

Thaumas + Electra


means. Now herein so begins. Iris

in Our World. Legends tell Sciences

nomen for a part thereof. Since Yore

of Our Eyes,


these two windows too. Two To One

Soul per se per norm. Sayings



(Video Link)


Image Chart Showing How Eyes See Colors.

Color In Thy. Eyes In Deed.


asides straightly Iris captures the centre.

Of attention in The Real


also. All so such Sciences centred on

Lenses. Sense extensions so in. Our World

Legends therein. Theirs much


so tell. When Our Eyes Iris so proficiently.

Strongly regulated The Light. Dilatings


or Contractings for max or min effects. Effectively


Image Closeup Of A Baby Squinting.

In Deed. Them Eyes Have. It Indeed.


well as gettings Visions of Iris colored. As well


by overlayings. Melanin pigmentation of Cells

mores. Moreovers

underlying Colors so. More pigment so more

so darkly deep. Colored


Eyes. Eyes


Image Fantasy Of A Key And Lock Opening An Eye.

Soul In Deed. Keyed Within.


Image Of A Chart Showing The Eyes Light Receptor Bandwidth.

Indeed Eyes Receptive. Receptors Charted In Deed.


alike Our Brains contain some of. The

most complex Organ structures. Eyes

contain 256 unique characteristics. Fingerprints

use 40+.


Sciences Eyed so nomened Iridology. Iris

Color can vary with Surgery or

a genetic type Condition/Issue

named as Heterochromia.



Research eyeing in Our World Legends

so continues. Next Ups In Outings #69

Quote so Quirked.


Image Of A Giant Eyeball Model/Statue On Park Grass.

Eye On. Dew.