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Prose and Satire combine, mix. Herein. A mix, a combo of Thoughts and Dream Wishes. Wishes that come and those That Turn. All overs. Turns. In All sorts of Ways. Ways that Our World Legends do so and say have. Have and with, least, Two sides to every Tale. Taking sides. Your Choices. Therein. Tales of go… then woe. Pt.1. One Side. 12 Plays. A Ditty of Dirty Dozen. Now. Go.


Working with Words as a Researcher into Our World Legends exposes One

to many. POV’s.

Even as the Mind of i, Shiro works through the Data, it plays. Wordplay,

twisting, manipulating and moving Thems arounds. The Data goes into Others

already there, checking to see the Light of connection. Connecting they stay,

if not… They Play.


As Belows. Herein.

A fun Way of Words overturning.

Simply Enjoy.


In a

World Over and

Turnings. Turnings

Words To Play. Balls,


That thus and so say; That. Pt.1. Herein.

One Side.


A Ditty of Dirty Dozen.

Now go. Like so and thus; Wherebys,




(Music Link)


Once. ‘Tween Us. No Words needed to be said.

Now. ‘Tween us. Words. Everything, better left unsaid.


Once. You only. Had Eyes for Me.

Now. Your Eyes cannot even meet. Mine.


Once. You asked Would i be gone long.?.

Now. Only wishing, would be. Long gone.


Once. We had not a care in the World.

Now. We sit Alone. Our World uncaring.


Once. Wild Horses could not separate us.

Now. We ride alone.


Once. We made Vows on Rainbows, Colors of light.

Now. Silently We vow. Everything just black, white.



Once. You gave me Butterflies in the stomach.

Now. All. Just. Lumps in the throat.


Once. You vowed to carry Me over every threshold.

Now. On the threshold of carrying every burden.


Once. You used to kiss me quick.

Now. We so quickly kiss.


Once. We took on the World. Battling ups n downs.

Now. Smoothly evading. Giving runarounds.


Once. Our Plans and Dreams were the same.

Now. Planning and Dreaming. Of any change. At all.


Once. You said you would Love me Forever.

Now. You ask-


Loved Me.?.

Have You so Ever.?.



Words, Lives so strung, every and which.

In other ways. In the ends. Begins,


We Walk. Play.




In those.

Chilly breezes that so. So sweep Thy Soul.


Feel free enough to let loose those Quotes

You mish and mash Ups. Herein. Misquotes.


Laugh in or cry on.

Strung Ups or Tied Downs.


Share Any and All You so wish. To. Herein.

Chains, Balls. Balls, Chains.





Pt. 2-

World Over and Turnings. Turnings

Words To Play. Chains, Balls.

Another Ditty Dozen Dishing Dirt.


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Turn Your World. Over.

Live Your Dreams.


Just Play.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…