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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #U. 2 Part thereof. DUMB. Under Your. Feet too. To Last Dig.


First. A Recaps.

D.U.M.B. be that. These, this







So there. Underground ins

Our World. Legends so

told. Herein this

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. DUMB. Under

Your Feet too. To

Last Dig.

So within

The Letter. #U. 2 Part Thereof Herein

now. There’s


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Boring. DUMB Styled.


Legends told. Of That

Underground. Deep

a Hole so Mined. Whole.


In Our World. Legends

of Juggernaut. Like Machinery

eating ups. Whole chunks. So

of Our World.


Legends dug. Dig arounds, abouts.

Turning Soils too. To, into Tunnels, Caverns

Ways. Means


Alls under. Ground. Tunnel Borers of



well Rounded. Size such Keys too. To Natures.

Indoors. Diamond Tipped, Edged Cutters. Mores

so seems. Seemingly


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A DUMB Borer. Boring Machina.


not Mindings. Our Aussie Ways. Means


Builders. Non-Publicly at least. Secretly

Built Heres


in Deed. Indeed

Empire U.S.A. digs deep, drills. Every


So goes. Using such Ways, means. Oft

in Places. So not. Theirs there. As


Mapped Outs. Image. So shows.There

as well. Well as

Belows. Below


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Empire Expansionisms. Goings Ons. Thousands


Public. Scrutiny. Scrutinising so then. Their

U.S.A. Records Publicly. So reveals: That


Ins 1957. U.S. Army Reports of

Works. By the American Machine and Foundry

Company, The Redstone Arsenal, Army Ballistic

Missile Agency.



Army Missile Plant/Factory. HeadQuarters, Living

Quarters. Mores so colored, collared inside/under. Green



Series of obscure Real Estate Transactions “…


secured The Land. So required. There. Therein


Military-Industrial Complex

Arrangements. Goings

ons. There


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Ins. 1959 The Air Force Times Reported

of Works. Mores. At Kennesaw. Mountain.


The RAND Corporation so Established. Ins 1946.

To carry Outs. Long-range Research. Projects

of Interest too. To The U.S. Air Force in


deed. Indeed

mores. Much Mores digging. To do. For They



bys. 1960… Had already ID’ed. Many of Interest

there. Under. Incl...


♦ Keweena Peninsula; Michigan.

♦ Cornwall; Pennsylvania. An abandoned. Mine there.

♦ Mohave, Coconino Counties; Arizona.

♦ Barberton; Ohio. Another. Mine of ol’. There.

♦ Book Cliffs; Rifle, Colorado.

♦Morgantown; West Virginia.

♦ McConnelsville; Ohio agains.

♦ Logan County; Illinois.

♦ A South-Western Minnesota Site.

♦ Santa Barbara County; California.

♦ Oakville Grade; as aboves. So below.


♦ Kenai Peninsula; Alaska.

Underground… and Unders. Glacial

Ice. So there too. To

♦ Albuquerque; New Mexico seems too. To have

Two. Others well as. As well

♦ The Los Alamos National Labs. Unders also. Also Mores

from such:


Ins 1968 The United States Department of

Transportation made Plans. Underground

Tunnel Systems.


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Ins 1981 The U.S. National Committee. On

Tunneling Technology. Another Report.

Notes that “…as much as 20 Million Cubic Meters…

most of which would be constructed between 1985

and 1995…”


Bys 1982 The aboves. Belows of such interest.

Workshops ons.

“…Technology for the Design

and Construction of Deep Underground Facilities…”


Many, many Others. Gov’t Agencies. So

involved. Airforce, Mining, Defense, Nuclear,

Navy, Energy, Science, Highway


and so ons. Alls so INterested ins. Unders

our World. Legends so Tell. Tales

of their 1980 Air Force Report/Study

on Tunnelling Tech. There


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Ins 1984 The New York Times Reported

Ons. Inner

Earth Workings in the western U.S.A.


Ins 1985 Air Force Geophysics Laboratory

discusses pertinent. Ground Motion Effects

of Underground Bases.

Same Year. So too Report vis Army

Corps of Engineers

of similar Construction and Planning

Studies. Undergrounds


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Deputy Director.

Lloyd.A. Duscha, 1987 Speech. Ons

“…Underground Facilities for Defense- Experience

and Lessons…”



In 1988 another

Committee on Tunneling Tech. Report

mentions fathomless depths. Of ‘tween 3-8,000

Feets. Under. Diggings. So dug. So deep. Deep

Belows aboves in Our World. Legends

so retell. Expanding Empires Ways. Means

Oft. Too


oft. Means War. So brings alongs,

arounds. Abouts


Your Truths. Empires

dumb. Or nots so. Those

so oppressive

that rise. Then


So Fall.