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Featured Image Old Photo Of Goji Bridge Kyoto Japan.

In a Time and Place of Yore. Our World Legends of Ancient Japan that is. An Epic Tale of Friendship and the… Battles therein. When kindred Martial Warriors meet… as Enemies. Epic indeed. The Bridge Giant Guardian meets… a fresh new approach… and more than his match in the Arts and Ways of Japan Martialness. The Gods of War… are Angels. Fallen. Herein.


Within Our World Legends from those of Ancient Japan,..

there is much Martial. Arts as well.

The then Japanese Culture and Society oft encouraged

a Martial Life-style and ’twas Geo-Politically important

as well. Japan’s His- and Herstory tell of turbulent

Times, Wars, Invasions, Expansions


and so forth as it struggled towards Unity and then…

to keep that together… too.


This Tale retold herein resonated somewhat with me…

i, Shiro that is.


Due, in part to the partly Anglo-Saxon Heritage bits of me.

From that side i learnt Our World Legends of Robin Hood.


If You know of this also. Also



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Within those epic Tales is an Incident of the Meeting of Robin H.

and the Giant-sized Man.


With the small Title… Lil’ John.


Image Of A Female Robin Hood Standing In Front Of A Target.

Arrow. Straight Up. Straight As. Well,.. not really. See,.. the Arrow actually flexes on it’s real flight path to target… anyways… Herein. Intel and more pointy stuff. Legends… also.


Such endearing…

and enduring Human Themes relate facets of the…

Human Experience.


Firstly,.. there’s… FEAR………


as you hear that gruff and deep, deep and growl-like…

VOICE… Boom;..

Get Off My Bridge.

Give Me Your Sword.

Giant Commands.

That Echo simply of loudness. For.


A Giant Tale…

… is about… to be

re-Told. Herein. Indeed. As well.


Thus and so. So

i, Shiro do commandsay. So


Image Of Modern Goji Bridge.

A Modern View of… The Bridge.


Herein. Whereby;..

Benkei…The Giant,..

Please meet… Yoshitsune…

The Younger.

…is WHAT SHOULD have been said. ‘Twas not…


Not at All.


In any. Ways.


So Our World Legends…

do so and say. Herein.


Benkei the Giant as well. As well

he Boomed Gruff. Therein. Then. At One.


So and Smaller than he. He as in,..

In size that is indeed. In deed that is. Also. For


Gif Of Slow Motion Film Of An Arrow.

Flex of the Arrow. Herein. The Slide-show. Overview of Legends of Japan and the Archers Way of the Bow therein and thereof.


Woodcut Print Of The Goji Bridge Incident.

Benkei and Yoshitsune… doing some… Bridge Work. Woodcut Print of Hiroshige app. 1830’s.


(…Saito Musashibō Benkei武蔵坊弁慶, app.1155 – Jun 15, 1189.)


Giant Benkei was on a mission. Not… from God. Not He. He

was Sōhei

a Warrior Monk and All then, that,..

that entailed. Therein.


Though under Temple Vows…

no longer. At All. Thereof.



Focus and intent therein and thereof.



A Giant of a man. Literally. Physically. Totally

and so on. On for years.

Maturing… for several Years. That is.


Large and heavily muscled also from years of Weapons and related Training. Real

Life events related as well. Martial… mostly that is. Is also…

his Vow. To Himself…to consider.


And any Others in hearing shot of his deep challenging tones.


A Mountain of a Man… who oft…

lived far from them. Mountains that is. Therein…

and thereof it seems, were not his scene. It seems.


Unable to challenge the Gods…’cos he couldn’t find any.

He… first challenged Himself… won that Duel apparently.


Then Lotsa. Others as well. 1,000

actually. Almost.


Image Of A Roomful Of Samurai Swords Confiscated By American Forces After WW2.

A Small Portion of the Many Swords confiscated after WW2… Mainly by so called U.S. Occupational Forces… who showed no Patience… nor Respect of such as these of Our World Legends.


1,000 Swords… He Vowed to

Con fiscateCollect. Whether the current Owners objected.

Objected Or Not. Not that he needed that many. Many

less He preferred,..

as many Samurai did-then.


Just One. One Thing,.. Thus and just. One thing more… was on and in…

his Mind. Benkei’s that is. Whistling helped. Whilst he waited…


for that One Thing. More.


Which was… 999 Things actually indeed,.. in deed

and in fact also.


Woodcut Print Of Benkei On Goji Bridge.

Woodcut Print of The Bridge. Benkei… as well. By Utagawa Kuniyoshi… app. late 1830’s.


Whose Bridge…

can be bridged.?.


Benkei the GIANT whistled as he worked. Well,..

not working really. Walking. Giant steps… per se.


Walking. Along and back.

The Bridge. His Bridge that is. That is…


he called it so anyways. Anyways the nomen GOJO Bridge was ways…

too small and plain for his grandiose…

Plan for… greatness… in his Own Way that is.


He had just One to go. One more…



999 were already marked… gone and done.

999… so and thus,..1… to go.


Just… One Thing. More.


Gif Of Several Samurai Swordsmen Training.

Samurai Rote Sword Training.


For one thing,..

Benkei’s Decade+Years of intense Training in the

Samurai Martial Arts was going great guns. Thus and so Swords

had accrued at a consistent and persistent pace. Pausing


to pace this Bridge he stared.


Someone… something… was approaching. Thus and so. His voice thus and so.

Boomed Gruff as if in reflex and done 1,000 Times before. Well,..



Anyways. Thus far. Far off this stranger still was. Was…

still approaching… too. Too small… thus and so it seemed.


No real Challenge therein it seemed. Surely.?.

A child.?.


Did they even have…

a Sword.?. Thus and so he say. To Himself.

At first that is.


I Benkei the GIANT ask for just

One. More. Sword.


Boomed Gruff.



Trained by… Tengu.?.

Was Giant Benkei’s first and immature rising thoughts. So…


literally correct… even p.c. esp. for those Times and Places.

Correct and right. Left-field bound though

and so thus and so ,..


wrong in so many. So Legendary Ways. Our World Legends

do so and say. Herein.


For this diminutive figure soon grew. Close. Lil’ larger also. Only

a lil’ though. Though and well.


A figure prepped for War.

Whilst young. Still.

A figure whose Body was a Weapon as well. As well


a figure,.. who had been trained to Defend… rightly


against such

DogsSoldiers of War. Therein. Japan…

Ancient… and also,..


of Yore.

For 6 Years it seems. In deed indeed.


6 Years. Ninja Trained. That is.


Woodcut Print Of The Battle On Goji Bridge.

The Bridge. Battled On.


‘Tis Not the Size OF the Dog in a Fight that Matters;..
’tis the Size of the Fight IN Each.
Of the Dogs of War.


(…Minamoto no Yoshitsune源 義経, 1159 – June 15, 1189.)


Yoshitsune grunted. The War-Fan + co.

gave vent to the Fury of a Man-Giant. Vented


it off. Off The Bridge. Aways

as well. As well


Image Of A Traditional Japanese Warfan.

WarFanned Out.


as Brushing it aside. Balance restored. Done

flapping. Yoshi. Won. Simply. Divinely too. To

and for Benkei.


Benkei… No Sword for. Therein. Still had 999

but. Did not. Win. That is. That One. Just

done then. In Yore. Of as well.


(…As well;.. That is a Giant Friend and fan. Of Yoshi. Became He. He

and Friendship lasted. Lasted well. Till parted. Death

was at least and last due for that. Parting. Then that is. Which was yet later.

After this. Herein.

They parted the same deathly days. Btw… Fighting still. Others though. Then…)


Now a very young Child of the Heiji Rebellion

in which Yoshitsune’s Father and Two Elder Brothers gave their All. All

Family Members of his and this Family. Those still living that is.


Were then Exiled and Escaped therein and thereof.

Soon thereafter. Rebelling that is. Mountains beckoned.


Yoshitsune was just only 9. Then. Then

and for the next 6 years

Weapons + co. rarely left his Hands. Hands, Body and Mind

toughened also. A Lot. Hard Works and

Training. Therein. Thereof. In deed. Indeed


this sorry state of this Family’s State of Affairs

had more than a Personal Safety and bright side. To it. Sharp though

double-edged as well. As well,..

for Those,


who now studied Combat with Yoshi for those and these

last 6 years.


Were THEM.





Image Of A Traditional Warrior Tengu Of Japan.

Tengu. Time.


The Rebel Angels.


Tengu nomen Ancient Japan therein. Ancient

Japanese Martial Mentors

and Training Partners. As well.


Of Ninja, Kunoichi. Shinobi All. Samurai, Priests,..

Wandering Men and Women. Old or young.

Young Yoshitsune,.. too. To


the Mountains this Fam. had fled.


The Mountains.

Their Home for some 6 Years. Now.


Where still now,.. which was…

actually… then.

A Race of Legendary Warriors did still so and Live…


and die as well. As well some of them anyways,..

indeed. In deed too,.. did they teach new and unique

Ways to defend Oneself and Others also.


New Methods of Self-Defence.


Benkei the Giant soon enough was cut down to size.

1000 Swords were not attained. One short. One short




smaller and lesser experienced Yoshitsune,..

He of Training Tengu. Soon.


Soonish did and so,.. prevailed. Against



Giant Benkei odds. 999/1. Prevailed

in deed.



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Image Of A Model Tengu Warrior Monk.

Typically. Tengu.


Tengu Training


actually that is. Now. Back then.


Using Unique Weapons and Approaches The Tengu

taught Self-Defense against many of the Ways

Martial then prevailing.


Rebels indeed.


The Legacy of the Ninja and Kunoichi is that of theirs.


The Rebel Angels are an enigmatic Race…

World-wide. Recorded in many of Our World Legends.


A Mutant Type Race of… Giants and Gods. Their nomen

within the Legends that is.


The Olden Kutha Tablets have a “ LEGEND OF CREATION

which was originally recorded in that Chaldean/Babylonian

city of Kutha within the Temple of Sitlam of the

Sanctuary for the God Nergal:


which does so and tell of a Race of Warrior Demons; of –


“…Men with the bodies of birds of the desert, human beings with the faces of ravens,

these the great gods created, and in the earth the gods created for them a dwelling.

Tiamat gave unto them strength, their life, the mistress of the gods raised.

In the midst of the earth they grew up and became great and increased their number.

Seven kings, brothers of the same family, six thousand were there people…”


Origin details are surprisingly… sparse. An eerie similarity

known of is that;..

of Dinosaurs and Pterodactyls.

Of Giants and Mutant Bird-Men… too.?.


Of Giant and Legendary Creatures.?.

Our Ancestors.?.


Mutants… All.?.

are we.?.

Cause and effect thereof. Therein



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Does this Race… presumably now extinct.?.

Account for much we find a Mystery now.?.


Huge Monuments and Structures.

Unknown Builders in the main. Ancient Tech.



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Their Graves are known. In Our World. Legends

do so and say. Too. To Their Home as well. As well

Tales thereof


told now. Herein. Above. Below.


The Rebels.

The Fallen.


Angels All.


Statues Of The Goji Bridge Incident.

A Memorial So Bridged.


Till next...


Our World Legends. Be One.


Walk Lightly in All Ways. Giant steps

or small.

Yield Truth as Your Weapon.


Defend Greatly against All odds.

Be One… to Step Up, when the need.


Live Your Dreams…

as well. As well


you can. In deed.