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Walls Are Being Trumpeted In Our World. Legends of Yore Build A Picture Of The Past… Much The Same. Same Felt By The Emperor. Hadrian. Of Yore. Roman. Mores. Wall, Tomb, Pantheon. Herein. Building. Ups. Crowding Outs. Nature.


Roman Emperor Hadrian. Built a Wall.

Trumpeted much, extolling.

Of it’s merits.


The Wall.

Defensive Ways. Means.


Offensive to Use.


over and soon reached. By Tech

Modern. Simple. Birds too. To


Green Fields. Britain. A Wall. Hadrian’s.


find a justifiable Reason in History. In

Our World. Legends

Of Yore. So needed. Reasons


From raging Hordes. Simply and per se. There.

Raging, rapine pillagers raiding so

raucously proscribed. Thereabouts. Simply


More Wall. Hadrians. Still.



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So This Leader. Others too. Did Say. Of Yore.

Some 70+ Miles of Wall. Went Ups.

The Wall.


Tomb. Also

The Pantheon

built. By this same. Leader. Then. There, Rome.

Of Yore. His


Empire meant building Buildings. Hadrian

was in a Class all His own. Military


A Close Ups. That Wall. Hadrians.


Manoeuvres at a minimum. Maximising

Times, Places.

He built. Things. Like

a Tomb, That Wall. The Pantheon as well. Well as


being made of Stone. Pumice that is. That is

the Pantheon.

Pumice. A soapy relic. Of Yore.




Modern Repo. The Pantheon. Rome.


Frontal Fantasy Pic.


That still retains impact, grandeur. Grandiose

coffered Dome. Collecting, diffusing

incoming Light. Lighting

the building interior. The Pantheon is a Classic.



example of those. Renaissance. Glory Days

of Roman Architecture.


Frontal Blued. Pic. The Real Pantheon.


The Dome of Ground Pumice. Weighs

approx. 5,000 Tons.


The Dome Glass Oculus approx. 30 Ft. Dia.

Area surrounds Honey-Combed. Cavities

to reduce weight. Weight supported…


The Dome. Lit.


Intricately Carved and Stone Worked.


cleverly in Two Directions. Both. Inside,



Several Internal AND External

relieving. Arches/Formations help

maintain, disperse. Thus evenly bear weight.


The actual Building Methods, Techniques.

Of this Stone-works. Alls. But, Lost. Losing


A View of The Dome. Atop.


The Dome. Art Styled.


The Pantheon’s Purpose… In The Real.?.

As well. Well as

Alike many Others

in Our World Legends… Usage is also…



The Pantheon. Housing lined Statuary. Deified Heroes,

Emperors, Gods. Within.


Such Institutions were not. Public Religiousosity

nor participation. Participating in cleanliness does

The Pumice howevers. Sourced from Igneous

Rock and the

after-effects of Fiery Volcanism. Pumice is abrasive,


lightweight, floats. Stone that Cleans.

Just Add Water. Thereon. Thereupon. Therein


too. The Roman Empire. Hadrian Built. Mores.

Cleaning up other Areas. Then and so.


To build. More.


More Dome. Interior.


Stone Works Are Detailed.


More. Of Stone and so forth. Forthrightly



or Otherswise. Hadrian kept Ons. Persisting.

Building. Mores. Ons


A View. Of The Dome and Rome…



The Roman Empire…

oft stretched.


With Military. Boots. Swords and so ons. On

from Persian Gulf to English Shores. Mores.



An estimated 80,000 Kilometres. Of

Roman Roads. Mostly straight. Sorta’.


Millions of Local Roads… fed off. Roman Mains.

The Roman Mains carried Their


Decrees, Laws, Postal

and Commercial Traffic. Official Post

from Rome to England


A Modern Repo In Miniature. Cutaways Styled.


Cylinder Structure Alongsides Squareish.


for example. Under 5 Days. Of Yore. Back

then The Roman Legions, Military

Surveyors. Were responsible.


For overseeing, directing Road

Upkeeps. Straightness

also. Also,


Pillars, Dome. Light. Pantheonistic Styled.


an earlier Roman General Agricola

was a Wall Builder. Building in 90 A.D.

a great and long

Wall in Britain’s North. To slow


and stop. Raids from Scotlands.

Hadrian rebuilt. Added Ons a bit too.

More Walls. Ups.

Hadrian’s Wall. Great. Only

some 30 Years later. Approx. 120 A.D.


History in Our World. Legends later so Tell. Tales.



More Stoned. Works. Works Well.


A Pantheon. Roman Styled.


Another Btw’s, was added during the Times, Places

of 140 A.D. From Firth to the Clyde. River.


Septimius Severus also. Later- 207 A.D.

did some mores. Wall works. Britains North. Up


and above the River banks. The Tiber.

Of Rome. Hadrian did decree. Build

as well. Well as a Mausoleum. The


Hadrian’s Tomb. So nomened.


The Tomb. Hadrian’s and Others. Emperors etc etc…



An immense cylinder. Atop

an even larger boxlike Base. A

massive Structural Bulk. Covered


in Parian fine Marble. Faced with

Corinthian Colonnades. Connecting


the upper cylinder Wall surrounds. Thus

provides/is the Base. For a Circle

of Statuary. Encompassing a veritable

Night Garden. Centred thereupon


a Large Cupola Construct. More Statuary.

Therein. Hadrian’s. Also.


Tomb. Hadrian’s… aka… In Papal Speak: The Castle of The Holy Angel.


In addition structurally. The actual

Mausoleum/Tomb Area

Burial Chamber is so Centred. Basement Level.


Belows. The Aboves. Constructions. Belows

Image. Herein. So shows. That. The


Spiral StairWays/PassageWays. Lead the Ways. Ups, Downs, Arounds. About. An Unholy Number. Of Steps that is. Unknown also.


Access Point vis the Gardens via a Spirallings

PassageWay. Ways, means also vagaries. Of History.

Spiralled. Otherswise. Ups n Downs ensued.


Ensured Hadrian. Was not the First. Therein.


To access. That.

Hadrian’s Tomb.


His son. Intended successor encountered

Death. Earlier. Than did He. Hadrian’s


Renaissance Romantic Styled. Castle. Tomb. Prison. Thingy.


Tomb as well. Well as

burying. His Son. Therein. This Structure.


Known to the Papacy in

Our World. Legends of Papal

Rome that cry. Of a

Castle of the Holy Angel. The

Castel Sant’Angelo.


Hadrian’s Tomb aka.

So nomened by later. Papacy as Dedication.

To a somewhat impregnable Fortress.


They. Could hide Ups. In.


Night. Castle. Angels. With Weapons. Mores.


In Towering over all others in the Area.

These Roman Times, Places. Of Yore,

the Tomb oft became a Sanctuary.

Or a Prison.

A place to Retreat.

Or be chucked. Into. To


and for. A Recluse. Hide-a-Ways. Means

that even by Times of Pope Gregory…

Approx. 530 A.D.


greatly enhanced Survival. Theirs. Papal.

Whilst their version of Religion. Pounded Outs.


So re- and -nomened. Renamed.

To suit. That Agenda.


Night. Still. Still Waters. Runs Deep. Alongsides.


The Castle of the Holy Angel. Entombed

Tomb within. Several noted Roman Politicians.


Still. Still and within. Whilst Papacy. Still

re-writing, -righting. Wrongs. Still.


RoofTops. Rome. A View. There.



When Nature is stilled.?. By still



Though lightly so writ. Aboves. Belows. A



RoofTop. Dome Interior Part. Thereof.


For Thought. In Mind. Mine.


If and so. Then i, Shiro ask. What Happens. When

So Natural Environs and Eco-Systems.

Meet Wall.?.


What Other Changes will Walls. So Then.

Bring.?. Bring Nature there,..

back and to.?.


Onto some. In Our World. Legends of the Sciences

that Tell Tales. True. Therein too. To Speak Ups


of this and these Cause, Effects. To come.

Walled up inside Minds, Pencils. Finger Tips. Tips


Night. Again. Interior. Again.


from these. Branches of Science. Need

to Grow. Now.

Not Then.


Walls have the potential to still…



Of many kinds. Unkindly,


Good Guy,.. Bad Guy.?. Again.?. Who’s Which.?.


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What’s That Name.?. Atlantis.


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To Be So Writ. Herein.


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