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In Our World. Legends now, of the U.S.A. so and say President in Modern Times, Places. A Place, Times afore… San Francisco, 1850’s. Emperor Be Thy Name. The First. Then. Of Yore. A Lil’.


In 1880. On January the 8th. The City of San Francisco

went into mourning. Some 30,000 of it’s Citizenry slowly,

respectfully, filed past a Coffin over the next several Days.

The Emperor was dead. Theirs.




of The

United States. Who

was seemingly

The First. There. Was


gone. Gone



whilst His Legacy continued. Held strong

in the Minds of those Citizens. San Francisco.

There. Then

By 1934,

a Marble Slab now. So adorned this Emperors Grave.

Simply and so. Inscribed…


“…Norton 1, Emperor of The United States

and Protector of Mexico, 1819-1880…”.



Joshua Abraham Norton that is. Is that

Honorary Titled, thus

so nomened. Thereupon. Belows.

Image herein. Thereof




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J.A. Norton. A

Self-made Man.

Whose Man-Self, when made,

was appreciated too. To and by The

San Franciscans. Of Yore.


The Editor of the San Francisco Bulletin newspaper, one

of the First. The First to print One of

Emperor Norton’s 1… First Edicts, Decrees.

Sept. 1859 that was. That was firstly.?.


…when… Imperialistic Rule… One

Ruled the United States.?.

San Francisco… anyways, it seems. Seemingly


too, not averse to such Rulers. The Emperor

soon enough. Adopted in their folds. Unfolded

Arms soon followed. That.



London Born.


Entrepreneur… Bankrupt… Entrepreneur… etc…

as many were at these Times, Places. Of

Yore. A lil’.


A well worn Army Uniform preferred Fashion.

Cap too.


From all accounts a Man. Who so thought deeply

on the then. Issues, facing America.

Even sending Advice/Edicts to Politicians. Of note.


A noted Character with Lots. Of Character. So

noted, noticed as well. Well as




A Land of Those…

empirically Brave.

Where and bys This Emperor. Began.


Holding Sessions in a plain room adorned

with paintings of Napoleon, Queen Victoria.

His… Pin-Ups Idols so seems. Seemingly


Afternoon Walks. His Two Dogs

so along. Soon enough became the norm.


Made a point of attending Church

every Sunday also. Every Sunday,

a different Church too. To avoid Sectarian

jealousies to rise. Divining no Calls of

Favouritism. There in Deed. Indeed


even therein Local Theaters. So reserved

a Seat.


When attending… the Audience

would so respectfully. Rise. Ups.



An eager… over-eager and new

Cop on the Beat. Arrested Him…

for Vagrancy. Once. Once


Towns-Folk and Papers realised.

Hubris so grew. A state of the City

so aroused. The Police Chief… knew exactly

what to do.


Attending the matter personally, profuse

apologies… so imperially then. So due. Due

soon too,

The City Council. so paid a Official visit. Visiting

the Emperor, calling for. Agreeing then to


“… Blot the Incident from Memory…” Memories



in Our World. Legends go on. On

and to Begins. Civil War, 1861 that is. That is


Deep and biding concerns

He summoned.


USA’s Abe Lincoln and

Confederacy Jefferson Davis.

Presidents both. Both to meet, mediate

and sort those Issues. Therein and of. Off

put, so not was He.


When neither showed. Ups.

He simply Decreed. Imperially. One.


The End. To such


Hostility. Hostile


Emperor Norton. A Proclamation that one, every. Every Government. So should. Heed. Government is not. A Place To Profit by, of. To and from as well. Well as Public Service. Is so and Simply. That. Service. To The Public… e.g. NOT Self-Service…



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and such feelings, emotions, thoughts

and Alls. That. There,

Given no Place, Times. In

San Francisco. Then. Then


with full support. All agreed.

Free Board, Meals, Travel…

donated, freely given by Citizenry.


Shop-Keepers, even Banks.!. then. Donated

Imperial “…Tax…” for upkeep of Man

and Empirical Station. Stations

of the Central Pacific Railroad. So


honored His Gold Pass. Passing



Him in the City Streets,

greetings, bows. Ensued. Ensuing


Times, Places ensured His Uniform. Got old, worn.

Shabby so become. Becoming aware too. To

which the City Council. An…

Emperor’s New Clothes… Outfit. Outfitted,


Paid, renewed anew. A New

Look in Deed. Indeed



early founding San Francisco Peoples

Took to Heart.

Such a Man.

Supporting, understanding His Cause. Causing

lil’, no Harm. Mores.


A Man more than willing too. To

follow His American Dream. Dreams,


Life-Styled approaches summed so aptly.

On and in His Obituary. Reads. So as Belows

it seems: Seemingly


“… The Emperor Norton killed nobody, robbed nobody

and deprived nobody of His Country-

which is more than can be Said,


For most Fellows in His Trade.” Trade in deed,



in Your Silence. So

Freely. Share. Herein,


Those Tales True.

Accomplishments, Deeds indeed.

Of such Citizenry. Who,


should Be. So

Honored. Too. To



Next… So is be: Those

Words. Weaponised.


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i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


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