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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #N. God. Drink Ups Divine.


The Elixir. Of Life, Lives

so changed. By that. This

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. God. Drink

Ups Divine


for this it seems. Seemingly


The Letter. #N. Nectar. Of

those The Gods,

Goddesses too. To


be arounds, abouts in. Many Forms.


Formed from many. Ingredients

well as. As well

Divine Drunks partakings. Thereof. As



so. From Odin who never. Eats too.


To the legless… eventually Headless

also. Also Giant

Shutendoji who never Stopped.

Drinking. Drinks


such as Nectar, Holy Wine, Ambrosia, Elixir,


Stone. Soma, Amrita. Kykeon. Mores


so Ancient. Glasses, Cups, Bowls. Mugs,

Tankards well as. As well


Cauldrons, Grails. Night

Times Journeys most. Times, Places

so involved. Involving content imbibing


within. Ins these, those Holders. Liquids

elixed. Extracted, mixed so Golden. Of Dreams

that is. Is that



in Our World. Legends

so Tell. Tales of Elixirs so sought. Afters.

Life, Longevity, Knowledge,

Immortality, Invisibility. Mores. More well as


after imbibings much. So such

happens. Happily

divining. Brewing such heady. Brews

such within

Times, Places so. Nomened


withins those. Named so Thems,

The Mysteries. Of Yore. Those. There then.


Still of Yore. Still more were

so named. Divine Honey, Mothers Nature Milk

in Our World. Legends well as. As well

Tales from England/Britain once. So called


“… The Honey Isle of Beli…” Others

as well. Well as


Manna from Heavens. From Lands of

“… Milk and Honey…” too. To

Others Times, Places

in Deeds. Indeed



in England still. Others Places as well. Well as

Stands. A

Milk Wood. Forest

nears. Melsome so seems. Seemingly


Star-Fire Moon Fluid. Ancient

Civilisations such. Much forms Sumer,

Egypt, Indus

Valleys. Grecian. Of Yore with Gilgamesh,



Cauldrons. Headless. Fit

foe Empressed. El

of Yore.

Elixirs, Cups, Wines. Plants. Of Life

Divine. Mores too. Backs


Odins. Originally. Heavenly Mead. Whence


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wherebys this. That

Ambrosia liberated, released bys. The Phoenix,


and so ons. So on

to those. So Georgian in Our World.

Legends of Mindia. The


Snake/Poison Eater. Legends also.

Of Dragons, Beasts, Magic…

Guarding Treasures unfathomed

with Poison, Treacheries. Alongs these

Ways. Means


There Therein. Mind mine.

Alls Yours so these. Is this



whereins. The Hero. Gets a Prize

So Life Serpently


Divinely. Divine Catolgues

continue countless. Sagas Told of

Princes in The Indus Valleys. Of Yore

in Deeds. Indeed

Relentless pursuits of amorosity. Amor

so found. Their Tales in Our World. Legends


so Tell. Tales with charmings. Princesses

Naga. The Serpent Priestesses. Of Yore. Your


Ancient Indian.?. How. Is that

comings. Alongs, arounds mine.

Not so much. Such unders stood


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yet so. Still a Lil’… Rusty…

Likes that Pillar. There. Here


’twas so. Prince Arjun of the Mahabarata. Marries

Princess Nag Ulupi.

Serpent Lineage. Royale. Royally


encased withins such. As Hinduism, Jainism.

Buddhism, Christianity. Mores. Serpents

Divine. Advising



well as. Well as so Nagas so norms

Nomened. Thereins. That

Sacred Sciptural. Works. Workings of those-

Serpents, Snakes so be. Wisdoms

Retolds. Retelling


much in such Holy Lands, Eleusis,

Asia. OthersWise Places.


also. Also of Times ins. Vietnams. Of Their Cham

Peoples so there. There

Their First Empress. Po Nagar. Poisons


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that give. Life. SnakesBlood

Medicines, Elixirs. Mores still. Till


and thru’ Lore of Soma alike. Natural

Philosophy Stone. Mushroom these

so be. Be Tales Told. Of No Leaves,

Branches, Roots. Not a real Stone also. Also


found so. Ons Dung. That low

piled. There. Everywhere

Tribes/Peoples as with in Deed. Indeed


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The Essenes. Connections with those

Christed, Grailed too. To


Their Ophitic Medicine. Ophites

this, Theirs. The Serpent. Lineage

PriestHoods there. Thereons


thereins Biblically also. Also

Solomon. Wise



Kingly. Solomon in discourse. With

The Heavenly Sophia of Knowledge:

“… Honey and Milk under Thy Tongue...

Serpents Rainbowed


Serpently.?. Under Thy Tongue.?.

in Our World. Legends Tell. So Science

Tales of that. Their Poison Sac. Lies

there. ‘Tween ‘n’ snakily under. Their...


Tongue therein. Ins. So

forked fulfilling

a Choice. That in Our World.

Legends tellingly ask:


What is Your.?.




Poisons elixed. Brewed. So Divine too. Two

…Both Path

Ways. Means Body + Soul

Drunk too. To



in Our World. Legends so be

Quite oft. So seems.