Russia, Syria and Iran Have Just DECIMATED TURKEY & Co;ISRAEL’s Playmate ISIS.

ISIS–SPECIAL WAR ON TERROR UPDATE. Guest Blogs with some news from the war-front it seems.








Amidst the deafening silence from the WESTERN ELITES MASS MEDIA outlets there is THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE from EVERYONE ELSE.



The countries named, along with CHINA supporting in the background HAVE DONE A GREAT SERVICE TO ALL PEOPLES. In a small number of days a TARGET is accomplished that certain WESTERN ELITES have “somehow” not been able to do for years. They have STRUCK TERROR IN TO THE HEART and LAND OF THE TERRORISTS. IMO if these countries stay “together” and keep applying their STRATEGIES ‘TURKEY& IS ra el ‘etc and its lil playmate ISis…(=Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) days are indeed numbered as are the TERROR SUPPORTING ELITES FROM others in  USA,UK,ISra el,ISis, SAUDI ARABIA and TURKEY etc.




(Video Link)



A COALITION OF COUNTRIES NOT BEHOLDEN TO WEAPONS DEALERS AND BANKERS; with access to modern Cruise Missile tech. has laid waste to many of the strongholds, bases,storage depots & so on of the IS ra el/ISis et al. network.


(Video Link)





The genocidal Geopolitical expansion of such as IS ra el HAS BEEN HALTED. IS ra el has been forced to admit that ISis is on IS ra el’s so called soil.

The conquering forces may find they have a need to continue STRIKING AT TERROR–so bombing IS ra el  like with SYRIA should be looked at as a very serious and needed option imo…


then do what u can to stop it too.simple.



(Video Link)




Till next…


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