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Featured Image Ninjas On A Jungle Mission.

The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends Of The Dark So. Kunoichi Seen Herein Told To i, Shiro, You Too. The Letter. #N. So Good. Night Visioned.


The Kunoichi grinned. Wide One-

eyed i, Shiro, patched so lightly let. The Night,

The Patch overs. Her Eye,

Her Voice. Words, so soak in. Night


Training so tames much The Mind. Teaching


purposeful Actions even amongst such Dark.


Fears The Night

can so brings. Fears

mainly on, in Mind. Mine

Not Seen,


not In The Real


A Kunoichi. Female Ninja.

A Kunoichi. The Fem. Ninja.


is soon. So realised

Our Eyes

in Our World. Legends of those


Windows too. To Your Soul. Our



so bring. Our View of Our World. A View


Featured Topic Theme Image Eye Statue Outside Hi Rise Complex.


i Shiro was so still. Trying to see


Night Training wise that is. Is that

Pirate Patching so Kunoichi. So

in Our World. Legends Told

good prior Practice there. Their


covered Eye accustomed to, bys. Otherwise Darkly

one, one Other exposed to the Light

to so then be. Herein

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. So


Doubly Good Night Visioned. Simply

switch Patch so forth. Forthrightly

left suiting too. To See


Clearly. Happily


Featured Topic Image Eye Inner Schematics.

Eye. Parts Thereof Therein. Eye.


The Aim. Aiming

The i, Shiro

Green Eyes no chore. As Eye

Components/Muscles are One. Of

few Body Parts. That


require no Sleep. Rest ‘n’ Recovery

well as. As well

working at Alls Times, Places

In Deed. Indeed Our


most actives Body. Part. Partly

rinsed ins, fed ons. Eyebright,

bys those

Carrots,.. AND every/any Others Veg/Fruit

in Our World. Legends misTold


Btw’s as well arounds, abouts. That


Featured Topic Image How Color Is Seen Eye Schematics.

A How-To Too. To Seeings Science Speak Ons Eyes. Seeing.


When Color Blind We Alls are. At

Birth well as. As well

impossible too. To Sneeze

Eyes Wide Open also. Also


speedier than any. Camera Lens

so far. Thus far

The Kunoichi much quicker acclimatised too. To

so nightly rightly such.

See any One. Or Alls Of


those many. A Million of Shades/Tints/Colors. Our Eyes

can perhaps so let One see. Seeing much

clearer during Night can take. Ups

to 18-27 mins dependent

on Conditions and those just. Prior


too. To


Featured Secondary Theme Image A Kunoichi. Putting On The Head-Gear.


realise. Mind Yours, Mine. With



works so together too. To

combine Powers. Centrally, frontally present


Image even those possibly so

tilted/mis-align Eye angulars. Evens

Pictures Peripheral in Deed. Indeed

a Whole

clear. View so presented. To

makes Sense of Our World. Using this


Sense. Of Ours. Your


Mind deciphers/interprets/rolls over

the seen Eye upside-downs

Lens lit Info


and data. So presented. This gift

of Sight can track Multiple Targets

per se. Whilst Targeting by Focus quick as. As

so needed in Deed. Indeed

Your Mind/Brain can involve/devote high %’s


of Activities to this. Sense of Yours. Our Sight


Featured Topic Theme Image Eye Light Receptors Schematics Chart.

Color. Our World Legends We. Like.


gained vis the high overs 200 Million

photosensitive/receptive Eye Cells. Eyes

so havings a Length. Long Capable

to seeing Flaming Candles Nightly

ups too. To arounds, abouts


14 Miles/22Kms aways. Means

Conditions, Environs such allowings. Sightings

Btw’s so seen, tracked, espied onlys bys 1/6th. Of

Your Eyeball. Eyes


so can be different. Ins Color

whilst Blindspots. Usually Adjusted too. To

Blinking a nod Great well as. As well Lens Moisture

Rejuvenation, Repair. Cleanliness, Maintenance

so forth. Forthrightly




A Kunoichi. Hand Posturing.

Seen So. Next Quotes Quirked #44.


of i, Shiro The Kunoichi grinned. It was Time

Training overs. Moreovers


Lessons learnt. Experienced

so felt ‘n’ seen. So


Eyes wide. Shut, Open


too. To That Night

had so soaked. In


Your Eyes. So