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Hot As Indeed Our. World Legends Tell Firings. Ups In Deeds Volcanisms. Vulcan Meets Yore. Mountains. Inners Twice Enduring One Divines. Ordained Lockdown In One. Unmotherly Magma Strewn Mountain. Vulcan So Artily Skills Ups, Moves Ups +  So Out. Meets A Girl, Builds One. Giant Robot Eruptings Our World. Legends On Ones Fire Parted To. Two.


Hot as


Hades Volcanoes mount

part. One thereto. To Two

hazily mounted hereinto. Recaps

reflecteds so hereon: Our


3 Main Volcanic Types.

Strato-Composite/CinderCone/Shield. So


beings Gaps, Holes and/or Ruptures

fissured oft. Of Our Inner

Earth’s Outer. Crust bearings

The Tectonic Plates… some 17. So

bigger than Our dinner. Plates

form from Our. Earths daily


Crust. Crunching



whence, so where around. Abouts they

meet so Tectonically slicings

typically. So atypically


Earthquakes and Volcanoes… can. Enlarge

expandings more do too. Moreovers underlying

Growth… more likely that is. Arounds abouts

closeby. Nearbys inner locales. Local


areas affected as so. Described

aboves so below. Image

so shows


the Crustly approximatings. Connections in

Our non-dinner

Plating Crustals in our world. Legends told





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in crustily so. Understandings under

grounded Knowledge. In Our + Yores

Vulcan Meets Our. Venus. Where

There’s Fire, Smoke


mainly collecting in Our. Main Mothered. Nature

and Generally. Appears so: That


The particular Inner Earth rock. Formations +

These volatile formation of Magma drives. Our

Volcano Locale extent also. So All with mores

moreovers underlying true expansionisms. So


Being heated and thus. More not less dense

than the surrounds. Environ, atmosphere/air of where

of Inner. Earth Rocks and so forth. Forthrightly movingly

left increasings With Inner Pressure. Outing


such much drives… outwards so +

Upward. So




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Heat/Heated Mass froms the Inside

too. To Our side outside putted. Thru’

spaces, caverns, fissures, gaps or simply

creates. Own Spaces


Forming the Volcano… so fill. Fillings

with Lava Flowage

heatedly expandings

usually. Outflowing on soon this after. So that


so parallels Vulcans Ways, Times, Places. Placing

After erupting and. Escaping from his Inner Earth…

Hole hellish oft. Of


Housing + Craft Schooling. So Yores Our lil’

Vulcan too,… greatly moved onto. Thus

Flowing sorta straight back into… Society

Divinity. So


Unpretty… tho’ or not. Yes



so our yores

Vulcan gets. Creatively

artily hammered too. To His Fire Work. One

Blacksmithy oft. Of

Yore Gods. Our



His Talents… All could use. So Yore

Divine… or not. So craftings Our

Thrones, Statuary as well. Objects

well as Art, Jewellery,

Weaponry, Armor… also. All so

fancy fancies

tales, tells tall so. One Vulcan machining


even a Bronze Giant… named as Talus

nomened so in our world. Legends

per se. Sayings so hugely within lil’


Legends oft. Of Jason and the Argonauts

know so this. That heated unleashing

Gigantes One greatly as well. As



well Other well… largely well

known + Legendary. Giants such as Cyclopes

worked. With Vulcan so finely

firings. Ups in


Forging and Crafting

many. Items for the Gods + Goddesses

of these divined. Those Yores so

Ancient Times. Our Yore

Achilles and Mars… The God of War,..

more too did visit quite oft. Oft of quiet

interspersed within. With

chaos cacophonies hammered. Outs

His work was. Unique exemplary



the then. New



Fire then Water. Tempering + Forging

Processes that his Talents… knew so well. Deeply

welled in fact. ALL… Fired Up it seems. Well

impressed From living in. Inner Volcanisms

that Ol’ Greek. Mount


that was on afire motherly. Ordered

Fire. Later


Greek Science Bright. Spark types

would apply such. Much

lateral thinking to their own

Weapons of Mass Destruction…

created that good ol’ Greek Liquid Fire. So


That this Our. Water could not. Douse. Fiery



(Music Link)



Master Blacksmith oft. Of the Gods… Vulcan

become. So early

Accruing rewards, payments, accolades along

the Ways. So meanings so meant

A Wife… also. The

That Girl. The

Venus was her name. Presented as one. To




Gift of the Gods.!?.

So these Legends sayeth. So

From The Zeus… actually. Zeus

impressedly in appreciations. Thanks

For Crafting such fine Fiery Thunderbolts Divine.

Now… yes,.. You read it right. Here left


Irony Themes within and. Herein this

so that our world. Legends it seems well as

Unpretty too. One Yore Vulcan

The Ugly God With. One Now Latent

Limp… got


The Girl. Duetings


The Girl… Vulcan got.?. So…

And not just any Girl. No. Yes



Venus. The Venus. That Girl

indeeds. Indeed so thus this. That


The one. Whoso sleeps in Giant Seashells. So

Sleeps on silken Sea Foam. So

Long Hair. Naked under so etc etc etc. So.?.

Vulcan + Venus. Venus… So


Ugly… is not at all… in her resume.

At All… indeed,.. anyways. Means ways

in deed and in fact… as well. Well as

Venus + ???



So divinely Married… Zeusly

By the gift oft. Of

giving-Divine indeed,.. Thankyous

Basically Divined. Overlords Zeus says

so etc etc overridings

overlording overs all. Overloading


in deed, in fact legendary… too etc. Now…

which was then. So


Vulcan, Venus, Cupid, Mars.


Though… no Their Babies therein… ever

ever do… for Thems so ensue. There. Here

Only the Gods… and Goddesses know…


the reasons why… or why not. As the

heated-case may therein cool be. Nor

for the Legends do. Tho’

state the case… that each, both… so say

sparked. Ups later per se.. So divinely

becomes parents of other’s. Partners

Children. Later. So now…


now then regardings. With regards

Vulcan + Venus

so Yores. Grecian

Times. Placings therein

so Our World Legends do say here. There


All Fired Up.

Flame On.

Hot As

Eternal Flame.?.


Are all not yet divinely so.?. Applicably



absented so arranged

firing fizzedly outs. Upping next on 19/10:

Quirky Quotes #65.