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In Our World. Legends Tell Countries Such As Australia Much. Fluoridate. Outdated Chemical Filters Thru’ All. Australians. Back To WW2 Too. To Regimes Freely So As Nomened As So Unfree. Free or not i, Shiro Taps Into His Own. Country Taps. Asides Ups ‘n’ Downs. In We Go. Outed Water Has No Water. In. #I. Our A to Z.


Australians have that. This rep

for a laid back attitude i, Shiro. An

Australian. Apathetically Alphabetically


Blame it on Then. There Fluoride Here such F. Word

ways means much Industrial. Fluoride Wastes

so. In Our

Outed Water, Has No Water. In


so chillingly due Australia’s Fluoridation. Policy

thereof. Of other Tales in Our World. Legends Yore

a lil’. Of when Industry met War Machine. Machining


I.G. Farben, WW2. Hitlers

Germany so led thus Ways. Arounds abouts

lining ups. Fluoride concentrating in all those. These

Camps so overrun, invaded. Invasive

Effects of War affecting the War torn. Chemical


Fluoride is much Toxic. A Waste By-Product of Industry.

Such unnatural



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Fluoride effects Brain changes. Effectively

Australians are encouraged yet have too. To drink water…


also steeped in Fluorides. All so amongst many other.



not usually mentioned. Then. Hereto


We are apathetic. By force. Of Water

added too. To

be so Fluoridated by Decree. Bound dumbed down. Full

ups with + Pineal Gland exposed too. To underlying


by Chemical Narcolepsy. We struggle truthfully

every day. To understand


Tapped In Deeds. Indeed Outed.




Largely Why in Deeds. Freedom of Choice

filtered indeed. So filterings downed

chosen by others. Choices. Why

without poor there would be. No rich.

Why Profit over People. Profits so over


in Our World. Legends underlined

so few. People Why

… no Lives Matter. Why


Police police unjust Laws. Enforcers

Arms of the Law in lieu of Armies. Law

written by/for the few who can. Lobby

lobbing bribes under guise. So Political

Treaty Donations. Controlling Lives. Bound


as collateral licenced, taxed, fined

too. To an uncaring Geopolitical Two Party

System. Systematically



Indeed Waters. Life Therein Thereof In Deeds.


i Shiro want another. Choice glassy eyed

over underlying. Outright absolute

lying also. All so

such destroying much Humanities. For profit

overs. People under



Lil’ do They. Know

what largely awaits. Them when now There. Their

Time over Here. So deathly done also. When done

We are All… so… then


… rebalanced. So There.






brings cheers on next 30/12:

Arise New Year. Happy

Phoenix Arose Too. You.