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Our World Legends of Places and Times of Yore place Dinosaurs and Dragons… before Our Time. Time indeed to look up and relook at such… attitudes. Altitudes reached by Modern Tech. bring us close to the the edge of Space. Herein. A something Olden yet Civil and someone Expert. New approach to those fanciful Flights. Tales of Ptero Tails and Jet Wings. JetMan as well. Indeed and in fact it seems. Gotta go.?. go Fly. High.


Do i, Shiro,.. believe in the Dinosaurs.?.

Giant Mutant Creatures of Our Past Times,

Places. Placed



Our World History.?. Our World Legends.?.




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Tbh… never a Living Specimen seen have i, Shiro.

Models, Pics and Modern Reproduction Skeletons

therein and thereof. Therefore. Not so in the Real that is.


As for example with the Plants of Summer fed

Woolly Mammoths somehow snap frozen

and the Pterodactyl/Pteradon. Ways Below. Herein. A Photo.


The closest i’ve been. Seen

as well. As well


and same too with those Giant Skeletons of

Our World’s distant Ancestors.


So and thus. To begin civilly. Herein


Learning to Fly

With Jetman.


Pterodactyl Poop.


may be Skill-sets, i thus so and need-

to so and thus…


acquire. Herein.



Herein… and elsewheres as well. Rocket Science

is oft…

above me. Literally and the other one…



Physical and Mind that is.

Times indeed to question capabilities. Thus and so;..


Will a REAL High Flier.?.


Fly Straight up.

Straight Up… in the Real that is. Up indeed. In deed

and in fact also. Straight Up. Tis been done. Done. In

deed. Indeed

as and by.



Nomen: Yves Rossy.

Occupations: Air Force Pilot; Airbus Captain.

Nick-nomen: aka The JETMAN.


Below: Here’s the Why, How and so forth. Forth

and rightly or not.

In the Real. Man


does Fly. In deed indeed. As Below.

Straight Up. Fly more


and other directions and Ways as well.

As well




the Tech. and thus… Specs of the above Jet-Wing-

is constantly being Up dated.

Some 20+ Years of innovative Experimentation.

Including a range of Aerodynamic Studies and so on.


Lightweight Alloy mixes for the Thruster Engines. 4 usually.

Carbon Fiber and Fiber-glass in the Wings.

Bullet-proof Engine Covers. Kevlar therein and thereof.


Powered with a Fuel Mix of Turbine Oils and Kerosene.


All steered by… Body Movements.

For as Capt. Yves Rossy so sayeth therein:



” …the machine is on your low back and we don’t pilot it

or steer it — we are the fuselage, we are the steering.

That means it’s completely intuitive…

When you turn your body a little, it follows your moves. It’s

really different because it’s the machine that follows us, it’s

not that we are following the machine. Birds

are not piloting their wings, they are the wings.


We are the fuselage with the wings we’ve built

I wanted to fly like a bird, and that’s a big difference

between gliding or sustained flight…”


“…fly Like a Bird…” or Pterodactyl perhaps Dragon

like.?. Alike

Flying High it seems indeed,..

indeed and in fact… flights of fancy


also. Also



becoming known as The Jetman. The Jetman can go

as high as some 12,000 feet

at the moment reaching almost 200mph.

Staging stunts with other Craft as well in Skies above…

above imaged herein. Up.


The Legends hint too that HE Himself… is… an Aeroplane.

Well… Registered as such…


When in Britain that is. The English… Fly high

ways it seems. Therein.


Rules and Regs there indicate he had to Register HIMSELF…


his Self… his Body… IS THE PLANE.


Bureaucrats and Red Tape syndrome theirs Ways

it seems, flying

ways high. Above…

grounded and common sense that is indeed. Those



Though the Seat-Belt Rule… was waived. Goodbye

as well.

Indeed. In deed those Brits did… done. That. Also.


To that. Adieu. Farewell and now.


grounded thus no more and … Fareyewell


also. To Yves.

Rossy. One and same. Fly well


in deed. As well.



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As well as falling. Even in Times and Places of War.

Civil as such…

can such be found as;..


The Selfie and the Ptero.

Herein. Below. Still a lil’ ways. To go


Learning to Fly with… my Wings thus clipped.

An Angel i am…


not. Thus and so.


Fallen. Oft. Somewhat indeed,..

in deed and in fact as well. Well

tired of falling…


even with grace and verve. Will not allow i, Shiro

to soar. Saw indeed during Times of War. Civil that is. Herein.


‘Tis War.


Of Man… and… Dinosaur.?.



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That Event of turbulent Times and Places known as the American Civil War…

was not that… civil really. People of the same Family…

could end up. Being less civil that is. Anyways. War…

is oft like that.


Bullets too flew in those days. Other things with Wings.?. as well.


Like Below.


Pterodactyl… or Dragon.?. Depends on the saintly questions so gorgeously posed. Our World Legends too.


No Time-Warp required either. Just a Photo.

A Legendary Ways was done. Undone

actually it seems.?.

As what crashed around their Booten feet.?.

A Dragon of no simple Nightmares and Dreams.?.


A Selfie by a group of Civil War Soldiers. Their…

Bird of Prey also.?. Does now show.?.


As and like herein. Below.





In 1864, near the City of Vicksburg in the State of Mississippi

during Events of the U.S. Civil War. Bird shot.

By bullets. Which were used to down this Altitude Creature.?.




Very akin to a Pterodactyl. Pteranodon,..

the Larger Varietal nomen therein. Civilly that is. Indeed.


Akin also to the feelings that flow.

Of  Our World Legends that do and thus distinctly show.


Of Dinosaurs. On Land. In Air and more.


Whence apart from such as Elemental Fired Breathe. Dragons are Ptero look-a-likes it seems. Act a lil’ alike as well.


Though some in Science may decry foul. Extinction has done Dino.

Long afore such Yore.

They say. Say and ask yet i, Shiro.


Did such Species… at least for a while…


Our World Legends;..

find Living a Ways.?.


So these of Our World Legends.

Do seem so and say. Herein.


Dragons Fly All over Our World. Legends of such as the Sciences say Pterosaurs Flew pretty much… the same Ways.



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Is the Core of Our World Legends… based on and in the Real. Did Dragons drag their Feet in Ptero padded claws per se in All those Times and Places Knightly known.?.


In such other afore Places and Times. Of



Did Live and die… amongst Us All.?.

Were there.?. Are there…

Times and Places… when Dino met…

Humans.?. Dragons there be.?.



no guns. Civil or… otherwise.?.

Spears and Swords. Shields too. To

be chivalrous in deed. Indeed. Of


Yore that is…

pre-gunnery Times and Places in deed.?.


Armored up. Dragon Claws are known to render flesh… asunder and aside that is.


Were the Dragon Knights of Yore… simply and in the Real… Pterosaur Paladins.?.


East and West, North and South… All over Our World. Legends there Dragons be. Be flying around as with Pterosaurs. In and of that pre-History of Dinosaur Lore. Can it mean.?.


Of interactions with a supposedly extinct species.

Were these the fading remnants.?.

Do these of Our World Legends. Tell


such a Tale. Tailed and Winged Creatures.

Who menaced from the Heavens…

Our World Skies that is. Wreaking havoc below.


Making Heroes, Knights and Saints

out of those with the Skills to Defend. Dragon Slayers

therein and thereof that be.


The last Tale told thereof.?. Till.?.


Dragon Disposal Unit… at Work. Of Yore.



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1864 War of Civil that was not… civil. Therein.


Are the Our World Legends of Dragons. Legendary

Creatures and Mythical Beasts and so forth just variants


on this Theme.?.


Dragons may be dismissed as Myth. Simply… close the Mind You have. Our World Legends. The Letters from Our Ancestors… say otherwise,.. ’tis plain to See. Dragons… there be. Call them Pterosaurs if thou please. To do so that is. In the Real. And or as well …In Your Dreams.





Our World Legends.

Be One.


Dream Big… Fly High.


Don’t just drag Your stuff around.

Live Your Dreams.


In All that You…

so do.



Till next…



Unicorn and Pterodactyl. Priestess and Knight. Goodnight.