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Featured Image Displaying A Night View Of Row Of Lit Chinese Styled Lanterns.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Outs Herein Letter #L. Yore Night Yore. Lamp Light.


Let’s be light. There

abouts, arounds The Lamp. Lit


Wisdoms Elemental of Yore. Our

Mod. Torch so too. To

Times, Places Yore. Our Gods


only allowed/havings the usage. Of such. Much

can be gleaned that is. Is that app. 2000 years ago


Mechanical Tech. per se so Invented

by Yore Hero. Hero


Night Image Of A Hand Held Lit Offered Censer.


Quotes And Portrait About Hero Of Alexandria.

A Hero. In Our World Yore.


aka nomened/named as Heron

so used Weights, Leverages, Springs, Gravity, Warmth

Fiery so forth. Forthrightly Grecian of Yore Hero

left. Our Temples and later Lighthouses

so beings Elemental. Elementary

adoptions of adaptations to move mores. Moreovers

Doors, Keystones, FirePlaces channeled, Statues, Waters,

Temples. Yore

Light Ways means rather Hero heroically


so lit. Yore moving Nights in Deed. Indeed Our Hero

left People amazed with His. Amazing Devices



(Music Link)


Split Image Showing A Drawing And Model Of One Of Hero Of Alexandria's Inventions.

Indeed A Hero’s Works Are. Done. Fired Ups In Deed.


that so moved, worked clockswise liking

in Our World. Legends statued

Tell of The First Coin-op Machina well as. As well

there is more Heroic Inventions tinkerings

therein. Of Them. These


so begins. Herein

A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth

#L. Wherebys ins


Yore Night Yore Lamp Light,..


Animated Gif Showing Ancient Egypt Lights.

Light. Of The Gods Of Yore. Our Egypt.


meant One Thing. Those Our Gods Divined

were there too. To much Miraculous,



such was Their Yore Tech. Our

Promethean inspired

Knowledge boosted when in Mod. Iraq

Ancient Batterys so were archaeologically

surfaced. Winged

Gods, Sumer, Assyria, Egypt, Tengu, Fallen Angels

ONLY accessed this Tech. Look carefully

at pics/gifs yore ” Gods ” herein. Elsewheres

well as. As well


Carrying Bags/Pouches/Keys/Lge. Acorned

Like Objects each and all. Globes, Wires,


so in the backgrounds. Grounded


in Templed Elemental Battery Science. These Gods


Animated Gif Explaining Battery Technology Of Ancient Egypt.

Batterys. Power Ups Divine.


Night Image Of Lightly Snow Covered Lit Street Lamps.


so grew. Ups, some miraculously

screw ups well as. As well

some Otherswise Later Peoples practices

Arcane Arts of

Lampadomancy. Divining Omens,

Prophecies Off. Of Lamp Fired Flames


in Deed. Indeed Templed

Luminaries nomened so carryings

large Light. Knowledge, Secrets, Tips

Guidance. Guides haloed

of Yore Gods oft Carried. Our Load


of Tech. Equip. Globes, Batteries so there. Their


Animated Gif Showing Giants With Giant Torches In Ancient Egypt.

Giant Gods. Big Torch.


Image Showing Ancient Winged God Holding Egg And Bag.

In Thy Hands.?. Divine. Tree Of Circuitry.?.


Symbols eternal beacons

in many. Fine Arts,..

The Arts, Motifs, TradeMarks, Designs

of Lamps profane, religious, funereal, divine


suiting Natures Of Theme/Gods much concerned. So


Such leading Grecian lights as Yore Diogenes, Psyche, Venus,

Tarot-Hermit etcs,.. Our Zodiac Wheel, Perpetual Alights,

Candles. Grails, Sainted Haloed mores. Moreovers deftly

underlying Symbology of Seeking. Wisdom Lights


of Power, Gods long kept from. Mankinds,


Close Up Image Of A Unconnected Light Bulb Reflecting Light On Its Glass.


Animated Gif Of An Ancient Lighthouse Flashing It's Light.

These Ways Need Light. Waves.


Womankinds, History, Herstory


also. All so for very long. Yore,

Our Giants and Gods extincted each. Others. Then

Ways Promethean means Battery

Basic Sciences so lit Our Ways. Means forwards on

All could so then. So Light ups


Our world mores. Here moreovers

in Our World. Legends Tell

White Light Newton

knows, so shows can so. Be


split One into. To 7 Colorings freely


Close Up Image Of Ancient Winged God Holding An Egg.

Winged, WristWatched, MailHelmeted.?. Mutant, BirdMan With Knives.?. Tucked In Belt Holding A Bejewelled Pine-Coney-Apple-Egg Thingy.?. Batteried.?.


Image Showing Isaac Newton Displaying The Rainbow Through White Spectrum.

Let The Newton Light White. Rainbowed Shine. 7.


that Nature woven ROYGBIV so Rainbowed there. Our

Outer White Light in

Our World. Legends


simply Shine. So on. So


Out There.


Gif Of A Light Being High Kicked Out.

Lighting Ups Quote Quirked #61 So Next.