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That Night. Sam Hains Did Run. The Ode.

Holy Days. Holidays. Hallowed Times and Places. As One of those Special Days approaches, a special Twist. Herein. A Fictional Ode to usher in that Celebrated Day. Night, actually. A Night that brings up… and out… the Best and not-so. In Our World. Legends In and of… All of Us. A rambling running commentary on that Night. That Night Sam Hains… did run.


The writing of Fiction akin to an Art. An Art i, Shiro know lil’ of. Off

and now aways from My comforts zones. I am. Here. To writ. Write so

downs, Fictionise whatever comes up. In Mind. Mine. With this and that in mind

and Our World Legends Themed still therein and thereof. There is this. This

Fictitious Legend Combo + Dedication to those high and low


Emotions that such ‘tween Days do so bring. Out.

Fear, Excitement.

All in ‘tween. Also.


Holy Days. Holidays.

The Hallow Days.

All Hallows Day.

The Hallows in ‘tween.


The Halloween.

Tonight. So,


I ate The Pumpkin. Soup.


Most of IT.

Here’s a Taste of what. IT left. Right



and Then. A Night.

That Night.

Sam Hains Did Run.

The Ode

in Mind. Mine. Herein. Begins. Belows.



(Music Link)


The Run

of Sam Hains.


She had to go.

She had to run.




Night was coming. Rains too.


Tonight. Was THAT Night.

That Night was Here. Now.

That Night.


Closing in quick, Deep upon Her.

Tonight. Was THEIR NIGHT.


The Night That Devils Dance. Openly.

Tonight. Here.


Grabbing, tucking, pinning Skirt in one smooth motion.

She Ran.


Already near full speed when the Rains misted down.

A New Moon. Though Clouds had closed that in.


Shivering, inside and out. She ran on.

Recalling those horrid Tales of This Night.

How those caught out.

Were so mis-treated.


Things so shamefully done.

Only trickled whispers were so passed down.


‘Twas then, just as She thought of.

She Felt. IT. Close.


Behind Her. Close.

Almost, not quite Soundless. IT. Was There.


Though the Night Cooling.

She could already Feel IT’s Heat as IT so Neared.


Strong. With Power.

Everybody Knew. Everybody Said.


IT Was Their Night, Their Might.



She moved This Way. Then That.

Stealing a quick glance.

Over and around the Shoulder.

Eyes drawn, catching,


holding in Sight.

A Single Eye. IT.

Balefully, beaming. Her Way.


Wind whistled in Her Ears as She now so frantically raced.

Whipping, biting. Ankles, Shins with Wind-spray, Sand, Shore.

Not too far ahead. Just a lil’ more.

She ran. On.


As She slowed, Turning, following the Path. IT almost Touched Her.

She accelerated those Few, Last Steps.


A Grab, then Turn.

A Slam and Click.


Leaning back against the Door, allowing Mind and Body to Relax.

Letting what had run, run it’s course. Settled.

Patting and Wiping at Her Clothes and Self. Till,..




The Door Chimed. Did so Ring. Then.


Ready Now. She was NOT going to be caught out.

Not Tonight.

On Their Night.


She So Knew.

What was to be next and done.

She Knew What She Had To Do. Now.


Reaching for, then so taking hold of what She had prepped early.

The Wood went warm in Her Hands.

Just Right. For Such a Night.

That Night.

Their Night.


She had so just Run.


In One Hand, with the Other.

She so,

ever so, slowly.


The Door.


To so Hear a Howl erupt,

a chilling soulful, yet now plaintive rhetorical cry.


Childish, Pleading. Persistent.




She looked Up.

Straight at IT.

That Eye.




As many Hands made Light Work of the Sweet Contents.

In The Wood-Bowl She so Handed over and down.

One Shiny, Moving Direct Lens. Up there.

Stared Back.


She wondered as She so Watched.

That Night.

Out There still.

Baring All.



That Leading Light.

That did and so.

Light Her and Others Ways.




For the Twists and Turns of a Life are many.

A Life of a Light-House Keeper’s Daughter.

On such a Night.


Late from School.

The Run Home.

On such a Night.


Their Night.



She Knew.


The Night of Halloween.


Took Many Steps.

Ups n Downs.

Ins + Outs.



Many Steps.


She Smiled. Now.

She had run.


She Was Home.

Time to Change.


Sam Hains…

the Nomen thereof:



is the Gaelic derived Term for that Olden Festival and Tradition of Celebrating

the Mid-Point of the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. This usually

marked the End of the Harvesting Season, A Change of Seasons

and Times. A Times and Places

of Death. Celebrations thereof. The Celtic Day begins and ends at Sunset. A

Peoples and Community


following the Lunar Calendar System. The Twilight Times Begins the Day. There.


The onset of Seasonal Winter akin to a New Year. The “… Fall…”

clean up done and dusted by,

on, before and during the Daytime of the 31st.


Celebrations at the Sunset onset in deed. Spoken of as a GREAT SABBAT. Oft

considered Pagan though this Term problematical. POV Mine.


Herein. Communal Ceremonies invariably utilise Fire. Bon-Fires the norm. Sacred

Fire used to Cleanse and as Divine Offerings. Other Activities, such as;




(Music Link)



Circular-, Wheel-, Cycles-, Poles-…

-Dancings, Story-telling, Mimes, Songs sung, Prose posed, Play Acts,


Sacrifices, Offerings. Festivities. Ancient Ancestors…

ALL THE DEAD… were Honored, Recalled in Our World, Legends

and Tales… re-Told. Many


left Food, Sweets and Drinks on Graves, Places of Memoriam or Power. Fancy

Clothes, Costumes, Parades, Dressing as Angels or Devils,

Giving and Taking. Life Shared. Communally.


For those who included such as the Roman Goddess

in Their Celebrations;

(…or equivalent…)

POMPONA… Apples were Bobbed. For. As well.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Work through those Fears.

Live Your Dreams. As well, well as.


Angel, Devil.

Trickster, Treatster.

Or in’Tween.


Stay Safe.

Take Care.

Holy Days. Are Here.




Simply Enjoy. That.



A Change. Halloween’s Samhain of the Heart.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


The Mother of All. Hallowed. Natures.

The Pulses and Cycles of Mother Nature. Naturally and Elementally mix and combine. The raw and inner Beauty of Nature. Is Creativity. Yet and so. In Diversity. The Hallowed Wonders of Our World. Legends of Mother Nature are Unique in that ALL of Us. That She so Mothers. Humans, Creatures, Plants and so on. ALL. Don’t even look like Her. ‘Tis so. ‘Tis True. Check those Mirrors. The Natures… of Mother Nature too. Pt.2 Herein.


Festivities and Traditions that are upon Us. Are of Yore.

Highlighting Changes, Cross-over Points. Begins. Ends.


Whilst We now perceive and utilise Seasonal Changes in perhaps smaller Ways, Many

of Our World Ancient Ancestors Celebrated these Times

as of a New Year (Samhain). A Times and Places between Cycles. An

End+Start. Of Seasons.


A Celebration of Natural, Nature’s Changes. Cyclical.

This Post, The Previous and the Next Up n coming, impending doom laden Ode

witchwhich follows. This. One. A l’l later. Next. Are a Trio Dedicated to continuing

the Our World Legends that relate to Mother Nature. Her Natures as well. Well as


How such Effects snowball, amplify, expand and link into that We call Life. In

Our World. Legends

do so and say that Term… PULSEs

may be suitable as an indicator of these Life changing effects.


A Times and Places of Change.

Within the Natures of Our World.

Earth’s Mother Nature. At Works, Plays also. Also… Enjoy Your Holiday. An Ancient


HolyDay. Celebrate. Simply Enjoy. Hallowed Life. Enjoy

the New Season. Of Change. Hallowed Times in’tween in deed.



With that and those Pulses of Mother Nature. Continuing and going on

from that and those in Pt.1. Therein. Our Earth does so. On. Go.

Back to Our World Rivers. Which.


Go and goes. Naturally… emitting

and re-Feeding and enriching Soils and Creatures

associated alike. Therein. Ph Levels begin to Cycle as the various

Processes. Are processed. Nutrients and any other Particles washed down and

through Soils around. Around and in the Waters. All this is so hopefully and


Balanced before Life

Cycles can get that tragically interrupted…

thus the Drought type looms and so

on. Or Acid Rains that shock this System. Cycles of Pulses. Tweaked


to suit. Natures therein.

The Mother Of ALL.






Our Sun too play a bright, big part. Shine On. When

can that is in deed. Indeed. Weather and factors. Have to be. Factored in. In

fact as well. As well those Elemental, Earthy and Natural.


Temperature, Humidity, Atmos. Pressure.

Biotic and Abiotic. Living and non-Living interactions.

Upstream and downstream these go.


The amount of Light and Heat a Trigger.

For Feeding, Reproduction, Growth, Decay.



Our Sun is a major Force and Power.

Any changes usually immediately reacted to. To and for those.

Sunspots and Flares send huge amounts and pulsed bursts

of a Electro-Magnetic kind. Which may not be kind

to some Life-Forms. At All.



Life. Decay.




Referred to as an Eco-System within Our World Sciences.


Of many. Yet and so. One.


There are literally hundreds of interactions which so cumulate

into such a System. Long- and Short-Term effects and results.

Which add to those next.



Changes in the Environ, Landscape, Hydrology Factors all

impact, disturb, distribute, enhance or degrade the Powers

of these ELEMENTS.


Elemental Powers Of Fire, Waters, Winds, Earth and Void.

Fires of (Inner) Earth.

Waters so thereupon.

Our World Atmosphere. To breathe in upon.

Our World Earth. Home. That then so.

Mix. Fill that VOID.


That be. Bee Us. Busy Being. We are Btw the


‘Cept We not Void anymores. Cos we be


Full. Of it.

Nature Mother Now Filled it. With. Life. That


is. Therein. You.i, Shiro. Still. For nows. Now

and then



these above Concepts are All Pulses. Natural per se. Not necessarily

Rhythmicic or TUneD to perfection. A Balance. A Balance

never-the-less so strived, aimed for. Life matching Elementally


of The Powers thus available. For That Life. Each of the Long Hard

Rains will up Our Worlds River water levels. A Lotic System. A System

that Flows. Into a Lentic System. Flowing into Stillness. That Flows then


into Stillness. Still,

each will add to the above in corresponding oft complementary

Ways. Along those Ways.


The design and thus shape of a River is NEVER LINEAR STRAIGHT.

Nature. Energy gathering/dispersion prefers… curves.

Natural Energy moves and spins and so on.



(Music Link)


Toroidal. Poloidal.

Simply so see

the shape of a Tornado or the Universe that so spirals. To see


as the River turns, winds. Winds do. Too blow. For Powers. Two. To

Powers of Waters, then

Winds… that wind. Phew. Also. These

Waters so wound and the



Winds so blown pushing same Waters on and into. The winds of the River

so twist, snake and curve, dip and shift for several Natural Causes also. Also

Reasons thereof. The Depths and Widths sorted not straight

tho’ True. Balanced so. So

therein. Thereof. As well. As well


as Soils deposition and thus cleansing of Litter remains, snags and so on, the Water

oft too creates tunnels or chutes. In it’s Body per se. Toroidal. Following set of Triple

Treated Toroid Images will and do. Clearly show. Not


necessarily moving as One perfect Circle per se. Spirals. Also. At certain


A Nautilus Shell. Local Level per se Toroidal Use…


Temps, Speeds and Angles of Momentum it can almost implode upon itself.

Winds and Waters. Alike. Both.


Tornado Toroid. Global Level…


As Above, So Below.


Elemental Principles and Processes.

Applied at differing Levels.

Applied to and within the many diverse.


Different Ways.


THE SAGITTARIUS WAYs. Universal Spin. Universal Level…


Waters that. Spiral, Twist And Circle. Cycles. So

simultaneously crushing and refining further particles that it leaves and

as it moves turning and spiralling on as if washing and cleansing


of Others Minerals and more

not needed at the mo’. Yet and also spreading the Seeds

for next Gen and so on. These and such energetic movements take Times and

the twists and turns of the River Banks can and also then

slow downs such and so rushing Waters…

to a

Life Pace.

That is. Why. It does. All That.


The Energy picked up along the Ways drives

form with natural intent and tendencies to add Life.


By doing so. Rivers…

come then and thus and so, be… Alive. With





Like Below. For Example.

Swan… swanning. That


be in deed.

A Live.



They attract. More. Then. Life that is. That is for,


As these Waters begin and so rise, Larger Creatures so attracted, Larger Plants too. To

then seasonally later, be recycled and later recomposed during the Dry(s).

Cycles. Pulsed. Life. Goes On. Nurtured. Growing. Again as afore. For…

the next Gen.


As we do in Our World and Ways. POV. Herein.

Whereby Our World Children. Lil’ Legends.

Our least, who with Care, Love, Attention, Education,

minimal exposure to things Unsafe. Yet slowly with

Support and Guidance…


Our least… who become Our Most.

Nurtured. Over Times and Places. Not

Just. Once.


The Dry and Wet Seasons are One of the Best Elemental

Examples of Our World. Legends In action. POV. Herein. Alive.


Our Earth is a Mother. She.

Creative, Innovative, Mix n Matchher.

Creating Life Elementally and with TOTAL inherent diversity.


Each Pulse usual result of MANY Co-Factors. Sharing

Of Power(s).


A Diversity provided as par for course. The many

Elemental Variations/Tweaks. The many Reasons. Thereof.


The Mother Of All.



Naturally so.


Our World. Our Earth.

Our Home.


Following such Ways.

Shared. Diverse.

Where Life shared. Not Religion, Race or this and that

Type. Just.


A Shared-Life.


Where. Eventually. Just. Together then.

Wait. Then.


For that PULSE. When and Then.

Just. Add.

Some Life. Some. More. Balance.


Life. Creatively Nurtured.


So these of Our World Legends. Do

say. Herein. Now and at hand to end. Too.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Be Elemental.

Be Balanced.

Be. You.


Use those and Yours. Powers. That Be.

Natural. The Fiery;.. Windswept, Water sodden, Earthy. Void. You Are.

Use those and Yours. Powers. That Be. Within.

Natural. The Heart;. Mind Alive, Body element, Human. Soul. You Are.


Powers. Yours. Now.

Ready to use. Then and When.

‘Tis and so.


Elemental My Dear… Reader.





Live those Dreams. As well.




That Night Sam Hains Did Run. The Ode.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein. It so seems.


Till next…


The Mother Of All. Our World Legends. Hallowed.

Whilst some may naysay. Say nay to Her Mysterious Ways. Ways within Our World Legends are clear. Clearly Mother Nature Nurtures. A Planet pulsing with Her Powers. Of Life. Is… also Alive.?. The Mother of All Our World. Legends brimming with the Waters of Life. Pulsing… too. Pt.1. Hallowed. A Pulse you can see as well. Well as much as i can show you. With Words. Couple pics also. Herein.


The approaching Holidays aka HolyDays of Halloween carry an Ancient

Ancestors message. Of

Change. Change out of Chaos. That is. Is that series of Changes that Mother Nature

undergoes to change Our World Seasons. Whilst Mother Nature,


the Mother of All can AND will Balance

that We such and so call Life and Death. Her Ways. Her

very nomen describes more aptly the Greatest Elemental

Power. Creativity.



(Music Link)


A Mother.

A Life-Giver.

The Mother Of All.

Our World Legends


show Nature as a Primal Power that naturally so Nurtures. Life


in a myriad of Forms.

Such and this Diversity ebbs and flows with the capacity of Our World,


Our Planet. Our Earth.



Our Home.


Her Ways are indeed full of chaotic and ordered

Mystery. In deed. Times and Places

to check for a…



For indeed within Nature.

Truly lies there that ol’ Mystery. Is

One who gives Life…


also not Alive.?.


Thus and so.

Finding… a Pulse.?.

May help explain. This. And that. Our World Legends.

As well. Well as



this look. This seek and search. Now. Begins. Herein. Within


Our Earth is a lot of earth. Dirt, rocks, stones and so on. On

and in Inner Earth is also Pressure. Pressure

released releases a lot of that.

Usually in Volcanic Forms.


Due in main to its very possible momentarily

Destructive Ways and effects.

The Powers of Fire.


From Our POV at least… we see. It not. This act IS a Pulse. Is

Creative. Does and so Brings Life. Anew… POV.

Herein. i, Shiro. That is.


Take that Step. Get an Over View.

For back on Our World, Our Earth


Cycles so too. To Pulse is such and so. A



fresh start. Anew.


Fresh and rich organic Soils will result.

From the Fire Powers. Within.

The Powers of Earth.

On. Then.


Thus and so form. Join IN.


Fresh, revitalised, rich, organic. Earth.

The uses thereof obvious. Eventually.


In Time.



A Pulse.


Such Natural Pulses do not in any Ways Create Life

in an Instant. Coffee

Machinery ’tis not. Our Natural Mother is. Not like that. That

approach also is. NOT how We bring Life. 9 Months… at least for

that which starts least. Which then ends up being… Our Most.


The Elements must mix and complement. Alchemical. That

Approach and Ways is. More like.


Being Creative… thus and so… Our Mother Nature

Times and Places takes. Life… grows as We All so.



With care, time to Experience and with that so and such

property that oft innately Mothers so do carry. Within.


That which so Aids Life. Growth. In Ways even i, Shiro call



Mysterious. Herein. Just then i did. That. That


is this.

The Ability to Nurture.

How Mother Nature.

carrying along her Forms myriad. Fresh Soils

carried through.


The Powers of Wind

soon dust

and so cover. Top-Soil. That be. Be mixed in and up next. Around

and down as well. Well as


for Now ’tis. Unseen in the main yet and still. Still. Another

Pulse so Begins. Begins…


For this One. Is


a slow, steady

Mix of Powers.

That be. Slow. In

deed indeed.



For now. We wait. Till and still. Till still

no longer

The Powers of Water

so churn. Turn


Our Ways anyways. Our Earth Ways. That be.


The quick and heavy influx of Rains akin to a Trigger. Triggering

Plants in a number many of Ways. The Water-Ways fill. Trees around thirst

so quenched. Soil cover, Leaf Litter and the accrual of Minerals and Salts

over those so Hotter Periods in the dry and dusty Soils are washed, leached,


dispersed. Freshens soil top to toes per se. If Wet enough that is. Winds too

carry Seed, Pollens, Smells and the fresh Volcanic Soils or Others around. In

Wet turn the Riverbank, Flood-Plains, Wetlands, Marshes and so forth fill


brimming with the INFLUX of Water AND fresh soils and such mixes carried along.



This reconnecting then of Lands via Water allows such as the semi-amphibs;.. Frogs,

Insects, Fish and their Cycles and cohabitants to then enjoy a fresh and improved

food source. Eventually too… Food Source then… They Become. Cycles.

So On. Nurtured.


With Larger Creatures too. Such things SLOWLY BUILD then and so ongoing

nurtured MAINTENANCE and Tweaks along Ways…

on and onto also with Marine/Land Life…


Larger fish, Turtles, Yabbies, Crabs and on…

Cycles. All Pulsed. Then Nurtured. Alongs


these Water Ways too a Symbiosis thus and so forms.

Plants and Creatures All Work together. Together in Life. A Myriad


of Approaches and Ways. For Growth.



Systematic, Systemic Systems…

For this is Vis the Roots

Feding and intertwining thereof and therein. In Inner Earth. That is.

Up and On Top too. So to. Do so some Plants can Attract and so

Others do in deed Repel. Some entice indeed even so


and excite. Whilst so and yet. Yet do Others that exile Work. Work

(…Two-gather…)… 4 Life.

To-Get-Her (Nature Power). To gather 2Together. That is.


A Pulse of AND for Life.

That Togetherness so

is then in deed, indeed. Symbiotic. Life. Results… Multipliesss…


This and so improvements in these Soils surely attracting

improvements in Others


Ways and Life Forms. Quantity mainly. Size

lil’ slower in rate per se. Therein. As and so



the Season progresses then and so on. On

and into the next. The Waters Level


will accordingly drop and lower. Lower and Inner Earth thirst first.

Then far peripheral and outlying Areas will next and soon so dry out. Extends

usually back aways and into. To that Riverbank. There. To varying degrees. Soil Retention

Rates. Initial Water Levels etc. Structure, Wild-Lifes. Our Earth


drying out along the Ways. Slowly. Slowly

enough to and yet still. Still and so. Give Life



(Music Link)


and encourage new Plant Growth

that tolerates so

then the lesser Waters. To set up and try a Stays. Around

these Ways. Perhaps Live. Here. Which is there. That there

River and Banks. Banks

of Waters of Life that is. Thus and then.


The Water-based rich Plants usually if in over-abundance. So dry out easily. Decompose,

forming Litter and then thus and gradually degrade into this. Natural

Compost. Compost this and such that so


attracts Insects, Bugs,

Worms and so on. Birds, Bees attracted to this now.

Birds Preying Creatures…



attracted to that then now too.

Bees still doing the Bee-ing. Thing. Sweet.


Pulses. Cycles. On.

A Life-Support System. Now. Out of Chaos per se.


On the Go. Go

too i, Shiro. To Pt.2


The Mother of All. Hallowed. Natures.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


Our World Legends.

Be One. Naturally.



Live those Dreams. Also.