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Shinsengumi. Team Shogun. Special Weapons + Tactics.

Our World Legends from and of Civil Wars. Are not at All civil. Therein. Herein. Of Yore. Japan. Understanding of Unification of A Nation. A Nation unruly. Unrest abounds along the Main Streets as well. Well as He tries. A Shogun soon faces A Dead-End. Ending such contemplation of A Nation. Pt.1. To try A New Approach. A Shinsengumi. A New Ways in deed. Indeed A Team effort. Shogun Style. Back then.


Too oft’ they sound. Sounds that echo a call. Calls

for those and these. Drums.

Of War.


Civil Wars are not that.

Civil. Civil



Wars are just as hack and heck as any Others that

slash so forth. Forthrightly and wrongly in their Ways. Ways

back in any of the so destructive Times

and thus and then explosive Places of


Our World. Legends

do tell. This still. Still


not as such. Quite yet. Herein. By this and these

below Taiko Drummers. That is. Then. Of


Drums still. Do beat. Did too beat



(Music Link)


at Times and Places. Of Yore. Japan. Of

War. Also.


Then. Of Yore. Herein in deed.

Now. Indeed.




was a need. A need for speed


Team Shogun. Special

Weapons + Tactics.

A Team

Shogun. Per se. To be then and so formed. Formed

then. Say by the

Shogun. A Team for Him. His Team.


His, The A Team. In deed. Per As well. Well as


Herein. Retold Now. Then



’twas War. This

was not and is not a rare event. So. Then. Now. For

this and those

Times and Places. Therein. Of Yore. That is. Then.


At Times of this Tale in such Places of Our World. Legends

too tell of this and these Times 1600-1800’s so as turbulent. Times. In

and of. History. All over Our World. Legends from


Places such and so as. As of

The Thirty Years War. Europe.

The American Independence. America.

The French Revolution. France.

The Napoleonic Wars. Europe.

The Seven Years War.

Maritime Wars. Spain, France, England.

Opium Wars. China, Asia. And more.


Times and Places of and on Lands and Waters. Turbulent.

Black Ships. Trade Wars. Profit over People.


The SlaveryFreedoms of that Times and Places was nomened

oft Feudalism.

So called Medieval. Archaic. In thought and deed. In deed. Which

actually is pretty much. Like. Now. Still. Still not worth slaving over

nor so pretty

in the Real. Also


lotsa lil’ Laws and Petty Punishments for Minor

Misdemeanours. Mishaps perhaps too. To

also find that and the


nomen therein and thereof differs, that’s all. All that to



Ways To Go…

go anyways. Go. Then.

Feudalism slowly obliterated vis Revolution. Wars

too. To also the ponderous burgeoning steps of Finance and Industry. Mining.

Rail-Ways. Sciences Applications thereof. Steam-Ships. Expansionist Doctrines

Treaties and Agreements. Still. Sorta like now. Whereby

Piratical Plundering Gun-Boat


Diplomacy. Empire Building. Drug-Running.



Are still and so. So still loud



Of Wars. Worn and beaten far and wide. To a Beat.

Anyways and anywheres

as well. Well as


Japan at this Times was more akin to Feudalism. Than

this and that Other Ways. Then


Elsewheres. A



Cut Your Ways…

To the Top.?.

Shogun. The Top of their Heap. Therein. Of Yore. Japan

and their Ruling Geo-Political Parties. Warred. Oft. In deed. Indeed

a lot in deed. A propensity for Force. To Kill. In

fact as well. Well as with Swords. Sharp. Cutting


through rumblings and ramblings of such well oiled machinations of

Diplomacy, Politics, Ruling Parties. Party

hard aft’ ’tis seems also. Also thus and so sleep a lot too. To

stop, cease and desist


such and so Parties. Of excess lack. Of Loyalty. To His. He


need to call. Experts. In many Fields. Of

Study. Then Application thereof. In the Real. Teams


Working so and together well as Times and Places go by. By and large

Shogun and by co-extension and co-existence. The Team A. As well. With

Strengths and Weaknesses will and so be soon refined, adjusted to

Work well. Well and too together, to

as well then,

soon enough bond. Bond well


may perhaps more so too. When and If



and wheres Yours and Others Lives are at end so

and that sharply called stake. Tip of Sharp

Sword actually. Then Times and Places. Mostly


Samurai that is. That is very Sharp. Sword. They were. As were

sharp those who as Feudal Rulers

of the Han or Districts and surrounds of these Lands. Then.

Did Rule. Sharply. Precisely. Also. Also


With Shogun.

Heap. Top.

Of the Heap.


Once. The Below Imaged Ways. Done. At

least Once. Once such Ways all within



that above Image actioned and that so dusty dust. Had

settled. Somewhat. Some

One was typically Shogun Be so Come. Come so

too out of that winning


War losing won Ones. To Control. What was left. Right.?.

So. On and to. To


Shogun Iemochi of the Tokugawa. 14th Shogun that is.

徳川 家茂  (1846-1866).


Young and inexperienced Diplomatically. His Court

and Advisors uneasily struggled with early foreign influx. Reflected

as well in the Country and Populace. Popular


Nationalistic and Idealistically Xenophobic Groups

surfaced to wreak havoc in Public and Govt. Places. Public

Places, Community Areas and the Emperor’s Court became



Rightly deciding that Anarchy on His Main Streets. Was

not a right good look for the Regime. The Shogun

got His Team. Together. Together as Team Shogun;


with a bunch of sadly eager



(Music Link)


Samurai Sword savvy wielding Experts

and Users. Efficient, experienced, idealistic.

The Shinsengumi.


Warriors. Swords-Men. Proficient Killers. All. All


this combining War, Security and Police Work. This

Work involved All such Work Duties and

much Sword-Work. Was

thus and so.

To be Applied to THEM. Those


deemed thus and then

Criminal. To Country, Society…


AND KingEmperor. All.



On Whose Head The Crown.?.

With Shogun. As the practical

Head. Thereof. Therein as well. Well as

all this. All this.


Now. Ends.

Till Pt 2. Next. That is. Then



Shinsengumi. SWAT Team Shogun. Rules + Regs. As well. Well as

announcing and introducing the Encyclopedia Enigma Post Series.



Our World Legends.

Enjoy Your Times and Places.

Be One.


Be Savvy. Stay Sharp.

When Called.

When Needed. Tempered.



Live Your Dreams. Too.

Drum. Your Ways.


Till next…


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Archery. Sacred, Ceremonial, Martial + Sports. Japanese Ways.

Archery + Ways of the Bow. Herein. Targeted. Highlighted also. From the Sacred to the Sporty. Ways in and ‘tween as well. Well as Our World Legends of Ancient Japan. The Peoples of the Bow. From A to Z per se. Arrows thru Zen that is. Zeroed in. Ceremonial + Martial Methods, Traditions +other such Legendary… pointed Ways.


Ceremonial and Sacred Archery developed along with

Martial + Sport Forms and Traditions. Of Yore. Of

Ancient Japan that is. Yumi-ya.


YUMI ( ) = the BOW.


YA ( ) = the ARROW.


Whilst Defence and Military Ways were the dominant Themes the

Ancient and Olden Methods also encompassed Social and Cultural aspects

into the associated Traditions. Archery; Ceremonial, Sport or


Sacred Archery thereof;..

was and were displayed at many a Royal, High

Religious and/or Public Occasion. Elsewhere as well. Occasions

that is.



Occasions such as Commemoration Ceremonies in the Early A.D. Years

would of necessity,

Custom and Protocol,..

incorporate such targeted Exhibitions. As well. Attaching to

Archery. Sacred, Ceremonial,

Martial + Sports.

Japanese Ways.

were so and thus;..

linking the Present afixed to the ideals and appreciation

of Our Past. An Ancestral Our World Legends


Thank You it seems indeed. In deed. Also.



(Video Link)



Back of Yore.

The Martial Warriors that Lived and Studied the Early Ways of Japanese Archery

developed Methods and Disciplines to achieve flowing and coordinated

integration of this Weaponry. Martial and Self-defence applications soon

adapted to suit the Others. Though becoming somewhat more


ritualistic in this and that process.


Individual actions though by Heroes of Fame and Renown from

Earliest Times and Places ensured continuing growth and interest

was conveyed allowing long term appreciation…


and participation for future Bow Ways Students.


Legendary Archers such as Tatebito no Sukune. As Archer to Emperor

仁徳天皇 Nintoku (319-99 A.D.) ’twas He. He whose Arrow went straight

true and straight through. Through

a presented and proclaimed Korean Shield of Iron.


To wit and which… Ironically.



The Korean Envoys had thought… and said… ‘Tis. A


Pass not thru. This Shield. Not possible. No Ways. This Iron

will not bend or bow. To Your Bow. Will not.

They could not do. That.



To that. Pronouncement of Statement. To

this and that.


Tatebito… simply politely asked may i so then.?. Then and so

with puckered and guarded

assent well envoyed back, simply too plucked His Bow. Let loose

and fly that which was attached. There. Arrowed.


Tatebito no Sukune, an Ancestor of Omi of Ikuba.

Then did. Just. That.


Straight as Arrow on thru and past… just passing

through it seems. Straight as. Straight through too. To

and through thus their Shield of Iron. Korean. Of Yore.


Straight on through and True. Flew.

With just ease. Causing


some rather guarded and shielded Korean…

confab commentary and…  too some

such targeted dis ease as



well. Therein. Back then. Of Yore. In Korea.

Straight Up it seems indeed. Takebito in deed. Did. That. That

as well as


quality, quantity was neither ignored nor overlooked. Looking

over and back at such who totally targeted Our World.


Legends such as Archer Adept Masatoki is a

nomen high so then upraised. Raised up and loosened

many Times indeed

in deed. Therein. High numbers therein and thereof.


He whilst in Service to the Chief of Sakai ( May 19, 1852). Let

loose so well and over 10,000 Bolts arrowed in less than

just a Day (app. 20 hrs…). At the Archery Hall

of Sanjusangen-do. Of Edo. That was. Then. Masatoki.


That was and is. Then. Also



recorded in such other olden annals of Yore

are many epic Events of Ceremonial and Sacredness strung

together within many hallowed and sacred Temples,

Shrines, Royal/Noble Grounds and Precincts. Also.


The New Year custom of Harai.

Heralding Royal Births. The Hikime.

The Bow Man collecting Witness Statements at the Seppuku.


The Ways of the Bow. Are there.




Other Martial Ways too. To


include such Ancient Ways as a

Dedication One need only to. To

come to grips. Sumo Style that is. Gripping indeed. In deed

do such as the famed


Sumo appreciate these Arrow and Bow. Ways.

The Sacred Bow.

That is. Also. Divine.




The Yumitori-shiki Ceremony.

Ancient and of Yore indeed.


This intricately interesting Ceremonial Closing… Ceremony. A Ceremony

which closes the Sumo Tournament proper is a continuing Legacy

of the Ancient Traditions. Traditions

that still and now Dedicate Thanks and Appreciation to the Archers

Arts and Peoples of the Bow. A Champion is chosen. A Sacred Bow


presented. In thanks and respect thereof and therein.


The Sumo using Martial Style Movements and Actions then proceeds

to show and venerate said Bow to All present in recognition. Thus

and then so.


Ceremoniously… closing that Show.

Of Style

Sumo. That is so. Harmonious


as well.


Ceremony of the Bow… Sumo style in deed. photocredit/Thanks:jppinterest


The Ways of Kyujutsu…

as well have been adapted as a Modern Discipline.

Kyudo that is. Kyudo is that

which so seeks within the Arrowed Arts

Physical, Mental and Spiritual coordination. Thereof. Therein

also. Also


enfolding Philosophy of Buddhism, Taoism and Zen within. Within

were thus developed special Methods and Techniques to aid approach.

Physical Control achieved with stabilising Exercises and Movements.

Mental Control achieved with Motivation, Focus and Integration.


Spiritual ness soon follows. Balanced.

‘Tis Hoped. And Dreamed.


Worked at as well.







This Approach provides a subtle synthesis yet enables each to be emphasised

if the Archer is so willing. And/or as reqd. Each Lesson or piece of Knowledge

from any of the Physical, Mental or Spiritual Disciplines/Approaches…


applies thus and so. In some

and many Ways to the Others. Then on. In


Theory at least… On and to One’s Life in the Real.




The Basic Approach of the Ways of Kyudo.


The Disciplines per se. Are.

As follows. Herein. Below.











(Video Link)



Festive Ways. As well.

Traditional Kyudo is extensively practiced within Archery of the Modern.

Many Schools of thought and action.


Legendary Archers from such and so Ways as the Nihon, Kajima, Soken,

Nichioku, Hioki, Ogasa-wara, Shigo, Takeda also. To

name several nomens therein as well. As well


still. Today there still is. A Festival of the Bow. Arriving…

soon in deed. Indeed.



That is. Soon in fact too. To

appreciate the ongoing contribution of the Arrowed


Bow. A Festival in deed. Is done. In Japan. Still.

Soon enough it seems.


A Modern approach to an Ancient Tradition and Ways.


Many Shrines, Organisations and associated ALL celebrate Yabusame.

This Festival of the Bow is performed by such at various Times and Places.

All over Japan.


Several indeed over the next oncoming few months.


Unlike the somewhat Zen approach mentioned afore this. This

Festival is rather more… fleet of foot.

The thunder of Hooves that is. In deed.


Mounted Horseback Archery.

The Yabusame. As Below that is.


Arrow aflight and fired Festivities at the Festival of the Bow. The Yabusame that is. photocredit/thanks:kyudo


Whistles whilst working as well. As well

as Whistling Arrows the thus and so

Mounted Archer-Horse-Rider has several.



In sight in deed. To target.



Festival Honors are still hotly contested events though Rituals

and the Disciplines are rigorously applied as well. Just as well. Too.


For many of the Festival attractions take up much of the Day. Much

Energy of Rider, Horse and the encouraging Crowd is partaken. Away


by the Action.


(Video Link)


‘Tis good to… so and just take a Break.

From all that and those arrowing in and on things in deed.



Get Zenned.


Herein as well. In deed



gifcredit/thanks:kyudoOur World Legends.


Our World Legends.



Be One.


Stay Balanced. Target and

Live Your Dreams.



Till next…


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To Be So Writ. Herein. It so seems.


Get Off My Bridge. Give Me Your Sword. Giant Commands.

In a Time and Place of Yore. Our World Legends of Ancient Japan that is. An Epic Tale of Friendship and the… Battles therein. When kindred Martial Warriors meet… as Enemies. Epic indeed. The Bridge Giant Guardian meets… a fresh new approach… and more than his match in the Arts and Ways of Japan Martialness. The Gods of War… are Angels. Fallen. Herein. photocredit/thanks:flickr


Within Our World Legends from those of Ancient Japan,..

there is much Martial. Arts as well.

The then Japanese Culture and Society oft encouraged a Martial Life-style and ’twas Geo-Politically important as well. Japan’s His- and Herstory tell of turbulent Times, Wars, Invasions, Expansions and so forth as it struggled towards Unity and then…

to keep that together… too.


This Tale retold herein resonated somewhat with me…

i, Shiro that is.


Due, in part to the partly Anglo-Saxon Heritage bits of me.

From that side i learnt Our World Legends of Robin Hood.


If You know of this also. Also



(Music Link)


Within those epic Tales is an Incident of the Meeting of Robin H.

and the Giant-sized Man.


With the small Title… Lil’ John.


Arrow. Straight Up. Straight As. Well,.. not really. See,.. the Arrow actually flexes on it’s real flight path to target… anyways… Herein. Intel and more pointy stuff. Legends… also.


Such endearing…

and enduring Human Themes relate facets of the…

Human Experience.


Firstly,.. there’s… FEAR………


as you hear that gruff and deep, deep and growl-like…

VOICE… Boom;..

Get Off My Bridge.

Give Me Your Sword.

Giant Commands.

That Echo simply of loudness. For.


A Giant Tale…

… is about… to be

re-Told. Herein. Indeed. As well.


Thus and so. So

i, Shiro do commandsay. So


A Modern View of… The Bridge. photocredit/thanks:tripadvisor


Herein. Whereby;..

Benkei…The Giant,..

Please meet… Yoshitsune…

The Younger.

…is WHAT SHOULD have been said. ‘Twas not…


Not at All.


In any. Ways.


So Our World Legends…

do so and say. Herein.


Benkei the Giant as well. As well

he Boomed Gruff. Therein. Then. At One.


So and Smaller than he. He as in,..

In size that is indeed. In deed that is. Also. For


Flex of the Arrow. Herein. The Slide-show. Overview of Legends of Japan and the Archers Way of the Bow therein and thereof. gifcredit/thanks:gifsoup


Benkei and Yoshitsune… doing some… Bridge Work. Woodcut Print of Hiroshige app. 1830’s. photocredit/thanks:historyoffighting


(…Saito Musashibō Benkei武蔵坊弁慶, app.1155 – Jun 15, 1189.)


Giant Benkei was on a mission. Not… from God. Not He. He

was Sōhei

a Warrior Monk and All then, that,..

that entailed. Therein.


Though under Temple Vows…

no longer. At All. Thereof.



Focus and intent therein and thereof.



A Giant of a man. Literally. Physically. Totally

and so on. On for years.

Maturing… for several Years. That is.


Large and heavily muscled also from years of Weapons and related Training. Real

Life events related as well. Martial… mostly that is. Is also…

his Vow. To Himself…to consider.


And any Others in hearing shot of his deep challenging tones.


A Mountain of a Man… who oft…

lived far from them. Mountains that is. Therein…

and thereof it seems, were not his scene. It seems.


Unable to challenge the Gods…’cos he couldn’t find any.

He… first challenged Himself… won that Duel apparently.


Then Lotsa. Others as well. 1,000

actually. Almost.


A Small Portion of the Many Swords confiscated after WW2… Mainly by so called U.S. Occupational Forces… who showed no Patience… nor Respect of such as these of Our World Legends. photocredit/thanks:forumsgunboards


1,000 Swords… He Vowed to

Con fiscateCollect. Whether the current Owners objected.

Objected Or Not. Not that he needed that many. Many

less He preferred,..

as many Samurai did-then.


Just One. One Thing,.. Thus and just. One thing more… was on and in…

his Mind. Benkei’s that is. Whistling helped. Whilst he waited…


for that One Thing. More.


Which was… 999 Things actually indeed,.. in deed

and in fact also.


Woodcut Print of The Bridge. Benkei… as well. By Utagawa Kuniyoshi… app. late 1830’s. photocredit/thanks:japanesefinearts


Whose Bridge…

can be bridged.?.


Benkei the GIANT whistled as he worked. Well,..

not working really. Walking. Giant steps… per se.


Walking. Along and back.

The Bridge. His Bridge that is. That is…


he called it so anyways. Anyways the nomen GOJO Bridge was ways…

too small and plain for his grandiose…

Plan for… greatness… in his Own Way that is.


He had just One to go. One more…



999 were already marked… gone and done.

999… so and thus,..1… to go.


Just… One Thing. More.




For one thing,..

Benkei’s Decade+Years of intense Training in the

Samurai Martial Arts was going great guns. Thus and so Swords

had accrued at a consistent and persistent pace. Pausing


to pace this Bridge he stared.


Someone… something… was approaching. Thus and so. His voice thus and so.

Boomed Gruff as if in reflex and done 1,000 Times before. Well,..



Anyways. Thus far. Far off this stranger still was. Was…

still approaching… too. Too small… thus and so it seemed.


No real Challenge therein it seemed. Surely.?.

A child.?.


Did they even have…

a Sword.?. Thus and so he say. To Himself.

At first that is.


I Benkei the GIANT ask for just

One. More. Sword.


Boomed Gruff.



Trained by… Tengu.?.

Was Giant Benkei’s first and immature rising thoughts. So…


literally correct… even p.c. esp. for those Times and Places.

Correct and right. Left-field bound though

and so thus and so ,..


wrong in so many. So Legendary Ways. Our World Legends

do so and say. Herein.


For this diminutive figure soon grew. Close. Lil’ larger also. Only

a lil’ though. Though and well.


A figure prepped for War.

Whilst young. Still.

A figure whose Body was a Weapon as well. As well


a figure,.. who had been trained to Defend… rightly


against such

DogsSoldiers of War. Therein. Japan…

Ancient… and also,..


of Yore.

For 6 Years it seems. In deed indeed.


6 Years. Ninja Trained. That is.




‘Tis Not the Size OF the Dog in a Fight that Matters;..
’tis the Size of the Fight IN Each.
Of the Dogs of War.


(…Minamoto no Yoshitsune源 義経, 1159 – June 15, 1189.)


Yoshitsune grunted. The War-Fan + co.

gave vent to the Fury of a Man-Giant. Vented


it off. Off The Bridge. Aways

as well. As well




as Brushing it aside. Balance restored. Done

flapping. Yoshi. Won. Simply. Divinely too. To

and for Benkei.


Benkei… No Sword for. Therein. Still had 999

but. Did not. Win. That is. That One. Just

done then. In Yore. Of as well.


(…As well;.. That is a Giant Friend and fan. Of Yoshi. Became He. He

and Friendship lasted. Lasted well. Till parted. Death

was at least and last due for that. Parting. Then that is. Which was yet later.

After this. Herein.

They parted the same deathly days. Btw… Fighting still. Others though. Then…)


Now a very young Child of the Heiji Rebellion

in which Yoshitsune’s Father and Two Elder Brothers gave their All. All

Family Members of his and this Family. Those still living that is.


Were then Exiled and Escaped therein and thereof.

Soon thereafter. Rebelling that is. Mountains beckoned.


Yoshitsune was just only 9. Then. Then

and for the next 6 years

Weapons + co. rarely left his Hands. Hands, Body and Mind

toughened also. A Lot. Hard Works and

Training. Therein. Thereof. In deed. Indeed


this sorry state of this Family’s State of Affairs

had more than a Personal Safety and bright side. To it. Sharp though

double-edged as well. As well,..

for Those,


who now studied Combat with Yoshi for those and these

last 6 years.


Were THEM.






The Rebel Angels.


Tengu nomen Ancient Japan therein. Ancient

Japanese Martial Mentors

and Training Partners. As well.


Of Ninja, Kunoichi. Shinobi All. Samurai, Priests,..

Wandering Men and Women. Old or young.

Young Yoshitsune,.. too. To


the Mountains this Fam. had fled.


The Mountains.

Their Home for some 6 Years. Now.


Where still now,.. which was…

actually… then.

A Race of Legendary Warriors did still so and Live…


and die as well. As well some of them anyways,..

indeed. In deed too,.. did they teach new and unique

Ways to defend Oneself and Others also.


New Methods of Self-Defence.


Benkei the Giant soon enough was cut down to size.

1000 Swords were not attained. One short. One short




smaller and lesser experienced Yoshitsune,..

He of Training Tengu. Soon.


Soonish did and so,.. prevailed. Against



Giant Benkei odds. 999/1. Prevailed

in deed.



(Music Link)




Tengu Training


actually that is. Now. Back then.


Using Unique Weapons and Approaches The Tengu

taught Self-Defense against many of the Ways

Martial then prevailing.


Rebels indeed.


The Legacy of the Ninja and Kunoichi is that of theirs.


The Rebel Angels are an enigmatic Race…

World-wide. Recorded in many of Our World Legends.


A Mutant Type Race of… Giants and Gods. Their nomen

within the Legends that is.


The Olden Kutha Tablets have a “ LEGEND OF CREATION

which was originally recorded in that Chaldean/Babylonian

city of Kutha within the Temple of Sitlam of the

Sanctuary for the God Nergal:


which does so and tell of a Race of Warrior Demons; of –


“…Men with the bodies of birds of the desert, human beings with the faces of ravens,

these the great gods created, and in the earth the gods created for them a dwelling.

Tiamat gave unto them strength, their life, the mistress of the gods raised.

In the midst of the earth they grew up and became great and increased their number.

Seven kings, brothers of the same family, six thousand were there people…”


Origin details are surprisingly… sparse. An eerie similarity

known of is that;..

of Dinosaurs and Pterodactyls.

Of Giants and Mutant Bird-Men… too.?.


Of Giant and Legendary Creatures.?.

Our Ancestors.?.


Mutants… All.?.

are we.?.

Cause and effect thereof. Therein



This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Does this Race… presumably now extinct.?.

Account for much we find a Mystery now.?.


Huge Monuments and Structures.

Unknown Builders in the main. Ancient Tech.



(Music Link)


Their Graves are known. In Our World. Legends

do so and say. Too. To Their Home as well. As well

Tales thereof


told now. Herein. Above. Below.


The Rebels.

The Fallen.


Angels All.




Till next...


Our World Legends. Be One.


Walk Lightly in All Ways. Giant steps

or small.

Yield Truth as Your Weapon.


Defend Greatly against All odds.

Be One… to Step Up, when the need.


Live Your Dreams…

as well. As well


you can. In deed.



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For The Swift. One.

Behind the Pages and Lines of a Writer lay many inspirations. Using Experience and Mind i, Shiro do Share. Thoughts, Tales, Hopes and Dreams. Beyond that… i give Thanks. To One who inspires in many such Ways. In Prose. Swift Thanks in deed indeed. Herein.


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For The Swift.


Thank You.


For and to the One that oft so Reads. Reads

Swift and sure

‘tween Pages and Lines. Such as so. Herein.


Of Our World Legends. Their Lives. Their Hopes.

Their Mysteries. As well.


Their Dreams.


‘Tween Pages and Lines of so and such Tales.

Tall… and these o so running so True. Herein.


‘Tween Pages and Lines of these Tales Martial.

Much more therein. More than War just in deed.



It is said and so… does seem.


For One.

Towards so and on such.

Do such thoughts just stay and say

and then in Ways do so… too drift. Aways.


Thoughts such that so… i, Shiro. Herein.

Do say and so… now do Share.


Of Legendary Lives. Loves. Dreams. Inspiration.

Hopes and Heartaches. Too. To All.


Written with due care.


Thanks. To and For the One. The


Natalie of Swift.



Thank You.



Live Your Dreams. As well.




Till next...


We so and may

meet again. Herein.



Hell on Earth. Found. Hello, Mr.+Mrs. Death.

Taking Our World Legends… literally. Shiro goes to Hell. Hello is said to Death-both Mr.+Mrs. Btw,.. and other Angels thus Fallen as well. Here. On Earth. Hell… exists. Herein. How i, Shiro found Hell on Earth. Using a Map, Pen… and Cigars. ‘Tis closer than You may think. Was so and same… in Times and Places of Yore also. So and thus… when peeps may tell You to go to Hell. O… yes,.. You can. May require a lil’ Travel Time. Passport… too.


NERGAL… a God of Sumer… Ancient thereof. photocredit/thanks:forumgunsru


Modern and Urban Myths denote and image Death Weaponised with a Scythe.

A somewhat lonely soul… who collects others.


The Soul Reaper. Grim that is.


(Music Link)


The Olden of Our World Legends portrays Death as being ambidextrous and much more adventurous.

A Scythe/Scimitar and a Double-headed Mace are the Weapons at hand.


Sometimes an Miner/Ice-pick… as well.


Sumeria’s God of Death, Plague, Pestilence and War.

Nomen Given;.. ’tis;..


NERGAL,.. therein and thereof.

Of Sumer. Of Yore.


Nergal… and -Pick… Ice or Mining.?. photocredit/thanks:mesopotamiangods


This Site views Our World Legends as Letters from Our Ancestors.

Religious Myths aside.


The Place known as the Underworld,.. or…

Hell on Earth. Found.

Hello, Mr.+Mrs. Death…

for both, have a residence there,..

thus and so. Hell.


a Place… in the Real. Physical World that is.

Where many indeed,.. in deed and in fact also. Did Live.


In Times and Places… gone by. Of Yore.

17+ Times. Places went to… Hell. On Earth.

Some 17 Other, this and that above Researcher…

has eventually found.


We… go to Hell. Quite a lot it seems indeed.



Therein. Hell. On Earth.


Though and technically… Our World Legends do so and say.

Though my Ancient Sumer… be a lil’… outdated. Therein.


Therein ’tis said. Hell. In Earth. Herein. In. And below… also.


Such Legendary… stuff.

The stuff of Ancient Texts…

from the Olden Civilisation of Sumer… looks like…

like below. Actually. ‘Cos… it is. Of Sumer… and textual as well.

All mostly done on lil’ Clay Bricks.


‘Cos they had no Paper.


Writing Style of Ancient Sumer. Nomen given as Cuneiform Type. photocredit/thanks:colclasure



(Video Link)


‘Cos… all the Cedar Trees were used for Building and. And…

cos as well;..

Paper was still a Dream. Real Invention came.

Later. After Sumer that is. That’s why and ‘cos,..

therein and… thereof. Indeed.


In Sumer of Yore… there were quite a few Cities around. Around the mid-Northern Regions also. Was a City called KUTHA or some suchlike ’twas named. Not one of the largest.

Nor smallest of such Cities. Cities such that nonetheless yielded Texts and more to the Spades of Science and Archaeology.


One such set became known and referred to as the (Kutha) Legend of Creation.

Found within the Temple of Sitlam;..

in the Sanctuary of the God of Death-Nergal.


Another form of the God of Death etc. Nergal that is. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


A Creation Legend from the God of Death.

That so caused i, Shiro.

To so chew the crap out of a Cigar.

That so tells the Tales of an Ancient Race that…

whilst Living… Mutated.?. Named within… in these of Kutha Text. Origins.


Is the sudden? appearance of a new.?. Race of MAN…

and Bird.?.


That is,.. such…

Men with the bodies of birds of the desert, Human beings with the faces of ravens, these the GREAT GODS CREATED, and IN THE EARTH the GODS created for them a dwelling. TIAMAT gave unto them strength, their life, the MISTRESS OF THE GODS raised. IN THE MIDST of the EARTH they grew up and became GREAT and increased their number.

Seven KINGS, brothers of the SAME FAMILY, six thousand were there People . (emphasis’s added)




The… Fallen Angels…

Live IN Hell.


Born of Our World. Legends of Yore.

Housed… “…in the Earth…”. Within.

6,000 of them.


Winged Men and Women it seems indeed. In. Hell.


Our World Legends sometimes carry… Opinion along the Ways. This… is called a Fall.?. photocredit/thanks:wikimedia


Inner Earth that is. Underground.

Below… Earth. In and Under… Earth.

The UnderWorld. Hell. Within. In.


The Underground. Of Yore.

Sumer also. Though herein and now.

Our World Legends do so and say. NOT IN SUMER…

per se.


OF… NOT IN. There that is. Thus and so.

Not in Sumer.


Travel Times and Places… to go. To. Hell.


The City of Hell. In the Earth. Modern representation of an Ancient Underground City in the Lands of now… Turkey. photocredit/thanks:moopr


How to Go to…



The Underground imaged above… is Hell. In Earth.

So Our World Legends do say. POV. Herein. Of Yore that is.


Hell on Earth,.. as some so and say. Is actually… in.

Hell in Earth Kutha’s Creation Legends so does say. Therein. In.



For Lands of Ancient Iraq are those of Mesopotamia. Sumer that is. Therein.

Tales therein say as well,.. to Go To Hell…

Go South. A lot. From… not to.?.

Thus and so,..


though my Ancient Sumer be not great. Great to read i think…

Hell thus and so is somewhat… now…

North of Ancient Iraq.?.


from Our World Legends… POV. Now. Herein. Go North.

Therein Iraq of Yore… and Up. North. Then in and Underground.



Still in. Within Our Earth as well. Just North of Sumer. Therein.


…Ancient Turkey that is. Thus and so. Is… Hell. North. Was then.


Hell In Earth… Hell within. IN. In… the Earth… in the ground.?.

Thus also… Underground. Therein. Derinkuyu.

Hell In and on Earth. Therein. To and from… South and North.

Derinkuyu… ’tis named.


Derinkuyu is one of the most enigmatic of Places. An Ancient Underground City that some estimates say could house and hold up to 20,000 with All the necessary… necessities.

A maze of cut rock. A stone Labyrinth that…

amazes as well.


50+ Air shafts, Thousands of Ventilation Ducts.

A Tunnel system that appears to link others in the Region.

Our World Legends above Kutha Text.


Say some 6,000 Fallen Angels lived within. The Earth. In.

Underground. In Hell. On Earth that is.


The builders of Derinkuyu… are unknown to Science + co.,..

though Our World Legends indicates above and therein K. Texts;..


the Goddess so with the nomen. Named in and above that is.

TIAMAT– saved any further fall.

From grace, will or otherwise… of these Peoples. In. Hell.


A Home was built.


A Home… In Hell.

In Earth that is. Underground as well.




Though unlit by Our Sun’s rays the Derinkuyu Underground Complex has access to free flowing water with the lower levels being some 80 mtrs deep in,.. underground.

Currently the Largest of the many underground sites in Turkey. Some 30+ such sites therein and thereof.

As with many such sites All over Our World. Legends tell of mysterious unknown Origins and early uses.


Large Stone Doors would seal off the Complex and sections thereof and therein, which had at least 18 Levels of tunnelled rooms and spaces. For Modern Visitors, only some 8 are currently open for exploration.

Public Disclosure in Modern Terms came about in the Year of 1963.


An Aerial Overview of the Cappadocia Region… Derinkuyu and many other Tunnel or Underground Systems therein. Underground that is.


The stone or rock that lines the area is of Volcanic Origins. Layers of stony ash termed Tuff/Tufa.

Very stable once formed yet also very carveable indeed,..

in deed and in fact also.


Dating such rock very problematical even for the Sciences. Estimates range from 4-9,000+ Years hence.

Excavations, Research and Exploration has found remains of much Societal Life. Wells for the Waters of Life. Many Rooms of different usage. Storage-, Bath-, Bed-, Kitchens and -rooms more.

More rooms too set aside for Manufacturing and Industry,.. with both Oil and Wine Presses therein and thereof also.

Weapon Armories around various sites.


Structures that resembled Churches, Meeting Places, Schools and Stables too. Tombs as well,.. for those who weren’t well at all. In Hell. Underground. All of Yore and on Earth. In…

actually that is.


(Video Link)


Hello Mr+Mrs. Death…

All too… Ruled by the God of Death…

the Goddess too.


Ereshkigal her nomen.

Hells… First Ruler and Queen therein and thereof also.

Sister,.. Elder thereof, of that Divine Beauty Inanna

One of the First… on a Pedestal.


Venus is her other name.


A somewhat forced Marriage. Arranged ’tis said… by the Gods.

Of Sumer. Ancient.

Neither was ecstatic at first… quarrelling, duelling and so on.

Such are the Ways… of these Gods.


As Times and Places went by… bye went their arguments.


A Tengu King. photocredit/thanks:Honolulu Museum of Art


By and by too. This race Of Bird-Men and Women went.

Tantalising references are found within Religious and Secular Texts and Writings over Our History.


Our World Legends as well.


Gods of Sumer. Ancient thereof. Brothers… in and at Arms… length it seems indeed. Divine Families… ‘Tis War. photocredit/thanks:mesopotamiangods


Of Fallen and Rebel Angels… that…

rebelled. Against the Main-stream Ways.


(Music Link)


Divine Disappearance…

An oft forgotten Race or Peoples whose Tech. and such Powers oft misunderstood. A Mutant Race that appears to have died out. Like the Dinosaurs… Pterodactyls also.

Legends indicate some were hunted down, others used for Geo-political gains and intrigues. Likely reasons they first chose… Hell. Underground. In and On Our Earth.



As Mentors of the very early Ninja and Kunoichi…

is how i, Shiro… first met. Them. In Legends.


Oblique and passing mentions and references…

referred Students to their actions and deeds. Indeed they are credited still by both Samurai and Ninja Traditions as being intimately involved in the Origins of Martial Self-Defence. Of Yore. Ancient that is.


Misunderstood and misrepresented…

their Legends still remain. Herein.



(Video Link)


For… Mystery… or not. Therein.

Wings… unclipped.


Fly too. To

let loose Your Dreams Divine.


Our World Legends.

Be One.



Till next…