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Indeed Yore Of Our World. Legends Tell Mind Size. Matters When Gigantism So. Divined Below Our Aboves. Minded So Larger Than Life. Larger In Life Also. All So Dinosaurs + Whales Not Only. The Lonely Ones Well As. As Well All Then. This Genius Reads All Overs Our World. Legends In Deeds.


Can You remember

and retell EVERY word of. Every book so read.?.


Our Reading Minds. Matters

so does Size/Shape. Of

Minds Matter.?. Therein i, Shiro’s 1


Skull. Numbed. Brain Size


Begins ending-

Is Yore/Our I.Q. related too. To Our Brain



Shape, Size.?. or.?. Perhaps Not.?. Has not sizing Our


Sciences. Shaped by Yore Research.?.

Is MOREs the merrier Mind space mayhaps.?. Perhaps

in Our World. Legends

go on too. To


reveal Yore great forgotten + unknown. Our Geniuses

so amongst Then also. All so of Us so. Then there

that is. Is that




this One. Inspired Case with Rain-Man Type Savant

Personas. Within Persons


of Genius. Within Focusing Mind

with Recall/Skills of Memory mores.

Moreovers over powered such afflicted much include. One


Kim Peek. (1951-2009).

I.Q. 87.

Walked sideways gaited. Buttons

Could not do in Deed. Indeed nor Maths problems yet

app. 12,000 Books Reading too. Two at a Time. Placed


Once in His Mind. Mindfully fully

Memorized EVERY word. Knew answer to any query



of/from these. Those 12,000 Books. Read. Pages

Read in app. 10 Seconds. Perfectly recited

when/if req.


Memorized Maps, Area + Zip Codes of any City

he so knew of. From Phone Books/Directories. Directly

Recall + Provide Detailed Info./Intel on All

Historical Events he so knew of. Travel Directions also. All so


Practically 100% Photographic Memory/Recall. Simply

Due too. To a due difference. Different

Mind/Brain duly setup. Kim Peek’s

Mind has no connection. Connective

tissues so norm so ‘tween Brain

Hemispheres. Neurological


Sectioned Was not. There. There


Yore Trio In Deeds. Indeed Egyptian Head Shapes.


As Well Yore Skulls In Deeds. Indeed Our Shapes So. Differ Well As.


was no connections of Corpus Callosum, Anterior Commissure +

Hippocampal Commissure. None. Connecting

individually. His Eyes thus could separately See. See so

Read Two Pages/Books ats. Once. Once


Maturity reached. Kim’s Skull slightly larger also. All so

a Savant in Deeds. Indeed


One recalls in Our World. Legends

Told Yore primeval Times, Places In Deeds. Indeed named

Gods.?. were so.!. Larger than Life. Elsewheres, nomened

be simply Our Giants. Largely simple


diggin thru’ huge shaped. Reports Yore

Archaeologically Finds. Large Skeletons firstly were. Deeply

so mainly buried. First Once upon a Times, Places. Placing deep

Layers of First Early Civilised. Use. Using Imaged herein

Aboves as well. Well belows as let Your Mind so. See freely


Yore Skull/Brain/Mind Shapes ‘n’ Sizes

in. Yore Our World Legends so forth. Forthrightly



left largely focus this small. Mind

next within outing 23/12 Time

Is It.