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Indeed That One Thing. This One With 80+ Friends In Our World. Legends Elemental Tell 100+ Elements, Mineral, Vitamins. So Required Bodily. Yore Sea Salt Is One That Has. 80+ Minerals Ready For. Our Colloidal Mineral Waters How Too. To Make Your Own. Sea Mineral Waters Our Fruited. Yore Himalayan Herein Outed In Deeds.


Not All Salts Are. Equal. Minerals in


Your. Blood is Colloidal.

Your Blood is Salty also. All so

app. 9% v Seawaters 33

too. To


Salt is that nomen Life

in Our World. Legends Tell plays

a big. Part. Partly so


why Mod. Medicine still. Uses a Saline Drip.

Your Body is of Salts, needs, uses Salts.



… Note Salts not (Refined)Salt. Salts of Minerals



herein these ways. Means those Minerals Salts. Get Them

in Colloidal.

Solution then into You + Yours. Colloidal Blood solution.

Naturally Daily.

Non-Toxic Colloidal Minerals. Salts Your Body uses =

many of the known. Vitamins/Minerals/Elements thus

far. Closely


Mineral Salts reflect Their Times, Places, Origins. Great

Salts so do. Thus thereso norm

being of. Seawaters/Cavern type origins,.. basically

of Earth Beings. Salted like You… ‘cept You One 9%.


Btw’s Water begins Salt Saturations Levels at

arounds abouts 27%.

So requires quite some extra energy too. To

get in it’s mores. Moreovers




underlying rightly such Salt’s. Place left truthfullys

just a lil. In Our Diet. Yore,.. + Salts lots

highly respected, much valued now too. To as


pref. otherswise ways. Means good to

foodstuffs so. Seasoned with salted. Characteristics


stuff in. Topped Flavours therein so forth. Forthrightly such

as M. Gandhi so Marched much For Salt. Rights


after left foot. For quite some. Miles, Times, Places

thereto. To long Ways arounds abouts Marched. Salt

rights rightly sought left sourced. Gandhi’s

Choice. Salts as Yore well as Silks, Ambers had a. Road


is salted Rights. Right as well



Salted bordered so ups: e.g. pink himalaya v white.?.

Himalaya’s Origin Yore Border Sea. Our Himalayan

minimal pollution also. All so

… potentially hoards pinked 84+ Minerals salted

aways in this. One

so Cupboard Condiment. A lone

that. This Himalayan Pink Rock Salt a topping.

Choice so


is Yours. Naturally

Minerals Waters Salted are easy too. To make,


  • simply squeeze a few/several drops of Lemon/Orange/Lime

Juice Citrus into. Add

several small flakes/grains Pink Himalaya Salts

Stir Well Well As. As Well Once/Twice Daily = Morn./Night.

Himalaya’s Colloidal Mineral Yore. Sea Waters


Citrus + Salts = 84+ mores Minerals, Vits, Elements in

Your M./Water seen There. Here

see so Cheers In Deeds. Indeed seeing



highly watered so Writ 9/12 next. In

Our A Too. To Z. #Q.