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Indeed Make No Mistake In Our World. Legends Tell Precious Is Our World. Soil Is Our Foundations ‘n’ Foodbank. Banking On Safe Nutritous Minerals + Vitamins. Maxxing Outs In Vital Fruits ‘n’ Veggies. Seasonal Regeneratings Need Too. To Be Generated In Top Layers Where So. Plants Live. Live Plants Live In. Live Soil. Get That. This 15 Pointed Scoop Dug In Deeds. Get Out.


Get OUT.


Get Out.

But First. Read This. That

done.?. Then help +

Get Out. Give In

Your Soil Our Fresh-

How-To Hands On. Get Out Guide

herein Begins. Ending when You start too. To

Get out


… in Your Garden. So Create.

  • Build a Foundation. For Your Soils. Ain’t Soils so till



Yore World. Mineralises tilled Soil in now Ours.

Land + Sea. Outing fertile Foodstuffs. Stuffing Fertilised

Mineral rich. A Variety oft. Of

Nutrients under then into. To Plant + Animal + Our

Forms. Forming

overall basis/basics of. Nutrition, Dietary Health. Healthy


  • Soils pass on such side-effects. Max. Healthy

Minerals, Vitamins, Elements. Colloidal properties,

effective Anti-oxidatives powered.

Properly assimilated so inside. Us. We


  • know within. Natural Biodiversity a natural

necessity IN. Soils naturally encouraged with/from these

into. Those moves ALL so

Sustainable involves onto. Attention also thus too. To


  • Local Conditions, Water Supply,

Soil Type(s), Suitability, Preferences, Ecosytem considerations,



encouragements. Pest + Plant dis ease avoided/minimalised

in Deeds. Indeed Our





aged Ones… Our World Legends nomened Children…

so go well as. As well, well Play in named aka dirt,

clays. Muds, muck so much forth. Forthrightly left such

Soil of Mothers Earth. Our World.


Legends tell planting Researched Tales of Healthy.

Interactions growing so ‘tween. Us + Them. There


in rich. Soils


  • cheaply improve resistance, resilience. All Allergies,

Asthma, Autoimmune dis ease, Depression eased

also. All so

those green thumbed with/in these that. Pots

so. Use so know long termed oft. Of Soils Depletion =


  • necessity too. To addon/in new fresh organic soils. So to. To

refresh Seasonally in Our. World Soils in Pots. Our World


Legends tell following Natures. Example of Cycles,

Seasons. Wet

‘n’ Dry ‘n’ so on in ‘tween. Cycles ways means Times, Places

for. Soil R+R afore/after Their Work there. Working here



with Our World. Maintaining above + below. Ground. Soils

can only give. Our Plants WHAT is there. Therein

  • Microorganisms will process the variety of Elements, Minerals

so forth. Forthrightly left there then for. Plants to uptake +

Process Colloidally for. You.


Keep in Mind the stats. For content of Vegies/Fruits

may oft be. Different than oft. Quoted. Plants

do not create. Vits/Minerals etc; only transform them for. You.

To assimilate early + late in Life. Yours.

Plants grown Locally may be more. Suitable also. All so

  • Food Safety/Health starts in. The Soil

must be fed too. To feed the Plants. Then



  • Cycles. Rotative Choices no Monopoly. Prosperity

thru’ Seasonal adaptive changes.

Pests, Disease Awareness + Basic Remedies.


  • Attract helpful Species. Insects, Birds +

Bees well as. As well Natured




spread Knowledge to get the Soil to work. For You.



Spread not concentrate. Variety. Diversity

  •   Adding Companion Plants. Create

an Environ… a Home for Plants. Ground Up +

In. Out


  • Doors + Indoors Soil Holidays/Rests + Bonuses. Create


Composts, Natural Shelters, Hedges, Tree Stands,

Moats/Channels, strewn Leaf Litter. Protects

prevent/divert Soils Erosion + other Water, Wind Effects.

Disturb Soil gently as Life micro-organised within deeps.


  • Rarely dig so Deep. Dig back in Plants whens

no longer req. Unless dis eased etc. Soils



are Our World. Foundation


for Plants… Homes… + Yours. Body, Ours

Minerals in partic. in Deeds. Indeed outing

  • Soil Depletion manageable if ongoing. Copy Nature.

Usually Rest + Feeds + Prep. so req’d. Then Work.

Extremely difficult to regenerate, recharge. Recover


from when well advanced. Which is not advancing well

States actually. Precisely so,.. One of Our Worlds

precious Bio Life Systems that. Our Legendary Soils

  • must be. Creatively Sustained, cycling Maintained. One


A-one Priority for People in Our World.

Legends Tell anyways means Ones…



Eat. Digesting



so next on 16/12. In

Our #U In. Our A Too.

To Z.