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Greetings Good. Wishes too. To

You. Herein… The i, Shiro Man Cave. There

is joy. Joy a long time Friend, Confidant. Confidently

Speaking. Outs. Abouts, arounds. That beat.

Of Friends old and not so. Olden as well. Well as


Many Thanks. In those particulars. To go too. To

day. To Two very Supportive.

Thoughtful Writers also. Also Writing


on WordPress so is. These of Two. As Belows.

So shows. Herein



So pleased. Am i, Shiro to announce that. That

in Our World. Legends have so Nominated. This

Site and i, Shiro. For The


Versatile Blogger. Award.


so nomened. There. Vis

WordPress: This Award was Created Too. To

Celebrate Bloggers. With Creative Versatility. Unique

Content. That makes Everyones Reading. Content


as well. Well as so Writ. Imaged, Photo. Graphed also. Also


this is. The First Times, Places. Those. These

Two too. In Our World. Legends

have and so. So Nominated me. For. As

Belows. Links. So Shows. That, those

Dual in Numbers. Nominations. For

You. To Read. There.


Award Nomination:


Award Nomination:



Award Rules:

In no Particular. Order. 4 Points.

In order. To receive this Award, each Nominee will have to:

  • Thank the Person who nominated Him/Her.


  • Link to the Blog of the Person Nominating.


  • State 7 Facts. About Self.


  • Nominate others. Bloggers. Versatile. Creatively so.


(…Note: Various Rules Apply concerning Nominations.

7-15 The Range. Therein…)  😎



  • Sid. Humbled i am. Shiro as well. Well as

this. Link to Your Site:



Firstly Congrats. On Your Nomination. Good Lucks. There.

Then. For having the Thoughtfulness. Of Nominating. Others.

Others wise

may go on. On to this. In Mind. Mine…


i, Shiro has enjoyed. Much on Your Site. Your

Long Support, FeedBacks. Chat too. To be

Alls. So Appreciated. Am Honored. Glad

also. Also to have here Met. You. A

Fellow Bro’. Of That Pen. That Flows.


Backwards, Others Ways of Yours. Means

Yours so Writ. So well and done. Well

done indeed in deed. Stay Safe.



  • Allan. A Tip of that i, Shiro. Hat. Top

Link. To Your Site:



Congratulations on another Nomination

as well. Well as so deserved. There. There

is in deed. Indeed many. Much Thanks. To

You. For Your Times, Places, Encouragement.


Long Support. Supportive of the i, Shiro

approach. Content. So Appreciated. By Me. Your


Travel Photos oft shine. Ons. Onto

the Prose. You so oft. Tag alongs.

Arounds, abouts You so pick. Top Spots.

Even so, give. Dodgy Meals. A shot.


Thank You. Much.

P.S. I, Shiro still loves.

Those Church Spires, WaterFalls. Those Most.



Thankful. Humbled too. To and For. Both.

Nominations vis.

Sid, Allan.

Please. Feel Free to Visit. Them.

Check Outs. Their Sites. Chat. Say Hi.


i, Shiro am Honored. For Their Thoughts.

Think also. Also Times, Places. For the next:

The Seven. Facts

of i, Shiro:


  • Shiro or Shirobanryu is a (Martial)

nick-nomen. Of Mind. Mine.


  • An avid Reader. Began Young. Still

going. Am now 55+.


  • Even with IOT FingerTips. The

i, Shiro ManCave still. Has a Library. Mores. Than

1500+ volumes. Many Topics. Mostly non-Fiction

in Our World. Legends too. Read. A lot.


  • Yes. I began Dreaming. Of Ninja. Age 6. One

reason why. Still. Can get to the Site. Site’s

secret address: idreamofninjablog.wordpress.com

or idreamofninja.com as well. Well as


  • Yes. I began Training. With Ninja. Age 22. Aboves

Dreams. Stopped. Then. Then

again ’tis why. Such as ninpolegends.com

also. Also brings You. Home. Herein.


  • No guesses. Needed. Yes.

I like Word. Plays a lot. Lil’

Wordplays makes i, Shiro. Unwell. Lots

well as

in Our World. Legends so Tell. Tales next is…


  • Yes in Deed. The Site is self-funded. By

the Self. Known as i, Shiro that is. That is

drives no Income. At Alls. Deriven. Derived

also. Within, oft referred to Self. Not. As a Writer. As a


Research Author too. To simply enjoy. Enjoy

so writ. Herein



The i, Shiro Nominations mentioned aboves. Belows

And The Nominees. Are

short Listed. Long

Bringers of Joy. Versatility. Therein, thereof too. To

That Listings of Great Blogs/Sites. Nominated. Today.

From i, Shiro. For You.



















Worthy. Mores

of attention too. To Thems. All. Good Wishes.

Versatile, Creative in deed. Indeed Alls.

Take Care. Stay Safe. Be Well.

Thank You.


Till Next…