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The Classics in Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Of Yore. A New Ongoing Series. Daily. One. On those ‘tween Days of the Usual every 3rd Day Post Schedule. Short n Sharp Info Bytes. Sweets or Others Wise. Classics. All. #24 One. Castle Coral. Reefed.


Summery Days. On The Beach. Fresh

Air, Faces. Facing those Salted Waters. Waters

rising as i, Shiro. Watched. Thems.

Destroy. Creation, mine.




Ons those Sands. Castles

washed aways. By that Sands. Of Time.

Tidal SeaWaters tidily as well. Well as


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in Our World. Legends so Tell Tales

of One. Herein.

One. Castle Coral. Reefed,

beached. Built. On Lands well aboves.

The Almost. Daily

Random Classic #24.

As Belows. Now shows. Showing


such heroic StoneMasonic. Capabilities

is One. Ed Leedskalnin.


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The Coral Castle.

His. So built.

By One. Him.


Alone He endeavoured. Dared too. To

build. His Dream Home.



Of Yore. A Lil’. Ed

gathered Huge. Blocks of Coral LimeStone.

Of and from Florida Usa.

Btw’s… Arounds, abouts that Corner. Of


those strange. Ways, means. Therein.

Bermuda’s. Triangle.


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Many many. Tons of Stone. Was so. Gathered then.

Then with Truck loaded. Transported. Home. Alone

by Ed. Masonry Marvels. Awaited. That Gathering.


Telling Tales too. To Local Folks.

He understood. Leverages.


The Ancient Buildings. Were so built.

Put Ups.


So He did in deed. Indeed

ups and build. His Own

Castle. Coral Stoned.

Overs. 1100 Tons of Stone.

Levered. Ups. So went.


Gathered. Set in Place. The Bulk

Movings Stone

of The Works done.

Overs. A 5 Year. Period. Periodically


then. Then

Ed. L. Worked Overs. His Castle. The

Times. Of The 1920’s-50’s.


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A Castle. Of Stone.

Alone. So built. There


in deed. Indeed Usages. Of those. Laws

of Leverages. Of Archimedes. Known Famed

mention. He, Ed. Then. Adapted concepts. Of

Mechanical/Electric Engineerings


well as too. As well to

simply create. Efficient Energy. Electrics.

For His Lifts.


Lifting involved several. Combos of Platforms, Chains.

Hoists, Ratchets, Pulleys and such. Like Machinery too. To

His Truck. As well adapted too.


To Castle so build. There. Ups.


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One Mans Castle. Is

His Dream Home there. Then. So


What Dream.?. Are You. You



Building now.