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Our Flowers have long been Yores. Symbolic. Symbols of many Cultures, Times, Places. Of Yore. In Ancient Egypt there is One. Flower that stands. Outings One Flower within so. Many Places and Times. Ways also. All so a Flower with Ancient Power. Picked so all fresh Herein. Therein Yore Lily of the Valley. Our Nile Blue Parted Two. To You.


One Yore Flower


ingested powered so. So

allows easy entry into

these and those States/Dimensions oft. Of


Our Inner Mind. Parted One‘s

Famed Rebirth of the Ancient. Natural

Philosophies and Arts. Hereto Two Parted

Yore Flower Power. Hi

Two Our Nile. Blue


so that. So recaps:

This so called ecstatic State. Lily Blue. Takes

You there. With Care. Too. To


looking at and thru the Ancient. Ancestors

Egyptian Images, there can also be iD’d

MANDRAKE, POPPY. Amongst the Hieroglyphs

and Symbolic Offerings. Nomened Sciencewise


Nymphaea nouchali var. caerula,

Mandraga Officinarum, Papaver Somniferum.

One Tea of Three. Divine Planted Trio named

otherswise indeed


Nectar of The Gods. It seems. Seems in

deed. Also


Our Blue Water Lily grows. Naturally



along the Nile,.. +

sections oft. Of the Indian subContinent,

Thailand, Eastern Africa, so on. On and

arounds abouts. Naturally


one stunningly formed Flower, it’s

Plant. Beauty obvious. In

our world legends oft. Of Yores



Nefertum, a Grandson of Ra is. Our God

of Nature’s concern so

Yore Ways. Egypt one

Lord of Perfume, Cosmetics and


Healing. Incl. With Yore Flowers. Budding





Many Versions of The. Origin

and Creation Legends oft. Of Yore

Egypt consistently incorporate Nefertum

at The. Begins. Of Things First Times


Of Everything. So placings


‘Twas and is He. Nefertum who emerges

with the Giant. Lotus emerging

to thus and so Float. Float so

alone. Alone then, now

with a Flower. Flowers too. To

which opened, reveal. A Baby. Baby


Nefertum. That is. Within Flowery. In

the midst of The Lotus. So flowerings


From the Begins. Beginning



Born Anew… Nefertum

of being ReBorne. One


Of Life (return) from Death. From

The Void;.. Cycles,

was/is one. Variety of that fiery,

mystical Phoenix. Returns from this and

those. Ashes

Reborn. Anew… Each Day alikes. Like

Our World Sun. Does. So as


Shamanic Traditions and Healing

are aspected oft. Overlooked

circumspect of the Ancient. Yores


Egyptian Culture. Yores



Our use oft. Of Plants and in

particular Psychoactive. Plants

is not One that. This Our World

Modern Society

has really. Well come to Terms. With

thus. So


This+that of course makes. Sense for

a Society and Culture

as. Protection against misuse. Thus+ so

the need, necessity necessary. Knowledge

of the Ancient Approach.


Via the Shamanic Traditions and Practices.


Which thus allow the Individual under somewhat

controlled. Conditions to

see and mind. What

Ones Mind does. See and do in response. To Learn,

grow and assimilate. Such Mind full


Knowledge. Knowledge



such and that. This from


Noblewoman of Thebes, Luxor, a Priestess

so. One Yore

Chantress for Khonsu, our

Moon-God 2700 B.C. approx. Times places

was/is. The First Mummy too. To undergo Modern

Mass Spectroscopy: Revealings


No evidence of Painkillers. Howevers

Researchers found Phytosterols, Bioflavonoids,

Phosphodiastrates… So

All available from Our Lily Blue. (Schuster 2001) Yore


Wine fortified with Nymphaea caerula Tincture. She

so bore alongs as well. Baring well as



such as the Healing. Arts currently + historically

Yores. So have eased, aided Pain. Relief,

Anesthesia with the judicious application oft. Of

Substances derived from many such Plant-Life.

A whole Genus of Plants whose qualities

can. Enhance certain Qualities of Life.


Ancient Egypt found Ways too. To

incorporate Two. So both

that Medical and Spiritual Aspects

oft. Of this Symbolic Flower.

The Lily. Blue.


A Symbolic Lesson.


Of Natural Beauty. Within Life. Totally



One Symbol. Of those interestings

Times. These placed

Yores. Now Flowerings


Our next so. On 23/11:

Quirky Quotes #70.