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Featured Image Of A Griffin Sand Sculpture.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ. Outs Herein Letter #G. Yore Extinct. Our Griffin.


As Yore Dawn. Rose

Our Last Gryphon so. Basked, still

Wings down, settled.


Afore Stretched Legs as well. Well as

Griffin so alt. nomened. This

Day would end with. Extinction. Distinctive


A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth

Yore Extinct. Our Griffin So


Image Of A Heraldric Rampant Griffin Badge/Shield.


Image Of A Young Girl And Griffin Together Running Away.


alongs with The Swan, Phoenix, Eagle perhaps… was

renowned of Yore in. Our

Symbology, Divine Consecration. Duty, Beneficient


Sacrifice. The Gryphon Howevers is ALL so. No

Griffin no more so. So moreovers


unlike Swans. So Far so in Our World. Legends


Image Of A Green Colored Metal Craft Griffin.


Tell of Grecian Griffin Dedicatings too. To Nemesis, Apollo

those of Yore. Our Gods Divined. Gryphon so.

A Blend of powerful Creature. Comforts,..


of Upper Winged as per Eagle with the Hind

of That Lion. Legged below,


Strong in Deed. Indeed Solar Symbols

ALL aboves so be. Be So


Rare these Times, Places. Now Extinct too. Two

Stuffed Specimens known of


in Our World. Legends

noted by noted Filmaker Alan Lansburgh,

who with Leonard Nimoy presented The In Search Of…

Series Doco’s/Books: Which


Image Of A Griffin Statue At A Building Entrance.


Tell Somewheres Displayed in That Stuff of

The. British

Museum of Two Large Stuffed Bird Sized. Hybrid

Reptilian-Bird. Creatures per se. Sayings


Grffin/Gryphon so Alike Looks in Deed. Indeed

One rather well preserved too. To

turn backs Times, Places with Yore. Our

Grecian Legends also. Mention a long ago


Nest/infestation in Their Neighbouring Lands there. Enforcing


Image Close Up Of Front Of A Griffin Statue With One Leg Raised.


forced Migrations. Aways froms so crowded

NestLands. Lands surrounds arounds abouts

so forth go. Forthrightly

Symbolically Gryphons


moreovers repped well also in Art

and other. Arts, as well Heraldry, Literature, Religion, Film.

Bestiary Emblems/Motifs, Craft, Sculpture mores


in Deed. Indeed so


Close Up Image Of A Griffin Sand Sculpture.


Image Of A Pair Of Griffin Statues Outside An Entrance Way.


The Griffin that. Energy + Force combo Elemental

of varying proportioned. Strengths. Concepts

generally major

akin too. To Sphinxes/Dragons/Dogs That is. Is that


so oft

used As Paired Guardians. Guardians of Entrance Ways. Means

Pillar Protectors, Door Keepers, Tree of Life Reps. Salvation


Roads, Cross. Roads


Fantasy Image Of A Griffin Wings Spread In A Sunset/rise Scene.


so writ down next. So be upscomings

with Quote Quirky #60.