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Oh Well Yore Daze In Our World. Legends Tell Geopolitical Depopulatings Numbers. Games Rackets On. Off Calculatings So Nots. Adding Ups At Alls. All Arounds Abouts Our Numbers Going Viral. Viruses Economy Days Are So. Numbered Herein In Deeds. Indeed Calculators So Turned. On. In Machiavellianism Here Well As. As Well Said So. Yore Writ By So. Ours Days Orwell.


Natural Immunity. Well acknowledged well

Yore in well.


Many Our Medical. Sciences. Largely


masked/ignored by Our ignorant now

Authorities. Political. Media

and so lies mores. On moreovers underlying Natural


so inner lies. Ups + countings ups. Viruses. How Many

Actually Are There.?. There are



Viral Types.



100,939,140. One



Viruses app. calculated in

Our World. Legends ref’d above. Tell below. Well

arounds abouts all you need too. To know here.



100,939,140 Viruses so may well… or not so. Well


infect Known Vertebrates in Our World. Legends well

timed. Placed herein

told approximated. Approx Cov19 is…1… so…

well… so 1 of these. That =


1/100,939,140 = Cov19 =… 1/100,939,140.

One (…


should note here. Our Site here

is not Medical Advice. Advising

You is NOT what i, Shiro do. Tell

Here…) So on



then narrowings nomens in on. Humans named

in Our World. Legends Type Specie specified

ref’d above. Below in

Gaming Our Geopolitics. Yore

Numbers Go Viral


continue telling so = Our Virals =

320,000 of the aboves 100,939,140. One


so finds app.

320,000 Viruses

so may infect. Mammals. Mammals

Typed we are in Our World. Legends

so mayhaps tellingly approximated. Approx.

Cov 19 is… 1. One


1/320,000 = Cov19. So… app. perhaps

0.000003 of Viral Specie Total = Cov19. One



of 320,000. One


may assume some are benign/ugly, some good. Some

not so. So Typed so writ too.To 3 Viral Types. As to move


Good, Bad + Ugly

Virals Type. Viruses


all named things. Beings equal ish… 320,000/3 = 106,666. Viruses

Good/Bad/Ugly-benign eached. Each 106,666 oft. Of

the Bad…???… Now then so


106,666/320,000 = 1/3 Mammal Viruses have potential

too. To

harm… may as per Cov19. One’s Bad Type

totalled speciously Viral =


106,666. One

1/106,666 = Cov19. One


Virus/106,666 = 0.000009 = Cov19. One

scientifically specifically unidentified. Flying




objectively Geopolitically one 1997 George. Magazine

Issue Imaged belows. Issued one Moneyed World Domination

Platform 2020 Plannedemic.

Schemings B. Gates Report vis one World. Dominating Virus. Virally


wanders calculatings so on. Wonderings Machiavellian

perpetuating Profits over. Peoples

that. This… Appears.!. If You so agree with such. Much

mandatings outdatings lockdowned for Cov’s

0.000009. What one thinks


arounds abouts the Rest…???

The .999991

still in the main. Mainly Mainstreamed

so unstreamed + unaccounted for… yet. Still



Do you then so also. All so agree with Your

so nomened. Authorities

if They so name, shame + decree? If so


with One Cov… + 106,665… the Rest…


Our Once Upon Times Places. Yores 1997.



so outs. Our World 106,666 there. Here


Hope Your One Body able too. To withstand One

106,666 totalled app. Bad Typed Virals

barrage oft. Of jabbings births to graves never. Ending Life

jabbed consistently persistently… So one gets NOW



106,666 Vaccines +… their booster. Shots +


Twice-Daily Pilled Tablets in deeds. Indeed

doublings one. Troubling



Our Once Upon Times Places. Yores 2011.


accompanying medical mayhems, deaths,

depop., recording + Big Pharma. Harmings +

Stats manipulations speculations so ever. So


with already dozens Vaccines readily rubbery. Stamped

alternated approved + expected too. To be paid for

by.? You.?. eventually.


Eventfully awaitings countless thoughtless



Shots too. To Your Body

and so forth. Forthrightly

Authori ties/E con omies have Now mores

too. To so yet

call. Upon

the Viral Numberings


economically taxing profiteerings x 106,666. Rackets

ahead per head Pop. in deeds. Indeed in


Our World. Legends Orwellians nomened

One oft. Of so renames our Orwells One. Covid


1984. One


Indeed Numbers Gamed + Gained In. Deeds.


Leading Light Oft. Of The Vaccine Brigade Israel. Israhell Unleashed Jabbered Around Abouts.


even Our Neo, only gave each one oft. Of us

matrixed one’s too. Two. To so Choosing so ‘tween

Pilled Red/Blued. One btw’s

Neo is one rearranged. One

106,666 stepped vacillating


stairway giving One’s too. To Freedom

derailed by one. Runaways Economical

not so comical. Corporacy Pharma Depop. Viral

Medical Tyranny


Elevator. Dropping

106,665. Plandemic


Floors to go. Going

viral so Natural Immunity. Up Yours


Indeed Spoke Well Or Well. Speak In Deeds.


so naturally too. Into flaws mayhaps

perhaps well ask. Well.?.

ups unloadings unmaskings next on 17/11:

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