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Much Such In Deeds In Our World. Legends Tell Too. To See In Our Japan Connected So. Yores So Forth. Forthrightly Left Ours In That. This Rain In. Nikko Travel + Sights So Seen. Here See Such Gorges, Mountains. Gorgeous Mountains + Muchmores. Scenery More So Abounds Arounds. Abouts Indeed Their Nikko. There.


Nikkō is so


simply unforgettable. Stunning. Comprising

One Sight Too. To See Nikkō


One oft. Of

Our Japan’s World. Legends + World Heritage

Sites. Sited in a unique locale this. That

provides direct accessible links with. Both

Urbanisation + Nature. Naturally Gorges,


Nikko In Deeds Mapped Indeed.


Mountains so surround Waters that. Then run

thru’, feeding Lands beyond. So these

Rivers + those

meandering Gorges, Mountains. Gorgeous

Mountains so playing their part. There

exiting at


Waterfalls jagged rock walled. Mountains

ranging + mounting

various Volcanic. Actions over Yores. Shaping

Natural features as with. Hot


Natural Mineral Springs emerging. Alongside


Waterfalls linking. One natural wonderland Nikkō




Nikko Pictorialised.


Close Too. To Nikko.


Legendary Landscapes afore i, Shiro so

ensured one. Mouthful oft. Of


Our World rainwaters in deeds. Indeed


Tokyo/Ueno To Utsunomiya.


Utsunomiya to Nikko.


shrouded in mist, fog +

rain. Simply

Stunning. One


Stunned + stared. Staring


in fact as well. Well as starring



Futarasan-Jinja Shrine.



combinations oft. Of two Shinto Shrines + One

Buddhist Temple. Templed + much such

environs/complex incl. 100+ Japanese. 17th Cent. Edo

Styled Design + Architecture. Buildings.


Sites well maintained + cared for. After

the Our earlier 8th Cent. this. That Nikko

began too. To

integrate Buildings into. To the Mountains +

surrounds. Shrines


of Futarasan-Jinja + Tôshô-Gû.

Rinnôji Temple.


Toshogu Shrine.


Rinnoji Temple.




The Complex Maintenance and Trusteeship applied

steadfastly. Retains

a high level oft. Of authenticity especially

in terms of Building form/design. Materials/substance,

traditions/techniques, location/setting/function +


so on. Onto




and under the Red

Gate. Over


Red Gate.


Times, Places The Red. Coloring used here +

thereon. Our Nikko’s Temples +

yore otherwise. Structures


so is symbolic + representative. One

Sacred color per se. Sayings

when included with Gold. Divinity prevails. Prevailing


techniques include liberal amounts oft.  Of Lacquer

for that alluring sheen. Shine.



stunning indeed. In deed

especially when rainy wet. Dry


Indeed Templed Ways. Entranced In Deeds.


Daiya Waters crossing ensured. Over



Our Nikko’s Sacred Bridge of

Shinkyō. One


Red Bridge. Our Yore


Serpently In Deeds. Indeed Certainly Red. Bridge.


Shinkyō… 神橋


For some Times, Places fit only for. Emperors

feet to bear. Upon


one Red +

Lacquered Structure this. That

spans Our Daiya. River in Our World. Legends

tell Sacred Serpents paired ups forming. Bridging

so aboves

Our belows waters the Mystic. Hermit could

walk. Upon


a Sacred Serpent Bridge. Red. One

it seems so serpently two to. Certainly


Shinkyo Bridge.


falling so sayeth i, Shiro herein. Go. Get

stunned in.


Nikko. In


In Deeds Kegon Falls. Nikko Indeed.


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